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Date night is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


It can be found at the campsite near Toxic Larry's Meat 'n Go, during A Perfect Getaway.


Cindy: Wow... It's a really nice night, isn't it? The stars are beautiful here. Not like at home.

Michael: Yeah, um, definitely. It's good to be out in the wilderness. Um, lots of stuff that you can't find in the suburbs. Hey, did you hear something?

Cindy: What? No... Stop trying to scare me! You're so silly, Michael. Brrr... It got really cold outside. And I'm only wearing this flimsy sundress...

Michael: Why'd you wear something so thin to a camping trip?

Cindy: Well... You know, I... Michael, I was hoping you would... *distant howl*

Michael: No way. You heard that, right? That must be it. That must be the Sheepsquatch.

Cindy: What? Michael? Where are you going? Michael! Wait up!