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The DataPlex 2000 SmarTerminal, with a full 64k of RAM, is the very latest in computer technology.[1] These terminals are located throughout the Enclave Oil Rig and can be used to access PoseidoNet.


Appearing as a standard terminal port, the DataPlex 2000 SmarTerminal finds its primary functions being directed towards everything from movies, games, personnel filings, private messages, and most importantly, as an access port to the Enclave oil rig's primary systems such as turret controls, alarm systems, and local research and security computers.[2]


With a high Science skill, one can download a few holodisks of data from PoseidoNet using the terminal:

Behind the scenes

  • The dialogue branch about the help system is a reference to crippleware.[3][4]
  • The hacking procedure requires Science checks with modifiers from -75 to -150 to continue operation and with Science 125%, the player is trapped in the dialogue subtree until they fail.
  • After shutting down a terminal and interacting with it again, one of several messages can be read:
    • Labeled as an Apricot-brand terminal running Fallout 2, which appears to be both multiplayer and 3D.[5]
    • Show messages "Loading Fenestra '98" or "It is now safe to turn off your computer.".[6][7] "Fenestra" means "window" in Latin, making it a cultural reference to Microsoft and their operating system.
    • Show a rather boring Indian movie.[8]


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