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We can do so much to help. Maybe, just maybe, we can rebuild enough to be okay. And in the meantime, I will continue to record stories of survivors when I can. We are your history. This is Dassa Ben-Ami, signing off for now.

Dassa Ben-Ami is a deceased member of the Responders found in Flatwoods, Appalachia.


Dassa was an anthropology student at Vault-Tec University studying for her Ph.D. in anthropology. While printing her thesis, the Great War broke out and she rushed to Vault 76. However, her father, a Vault-Tec employee, was only able to get two reservations into the vault. Dassa refused to go, insisting that he and her younger brother go to the vault instead of her.

Returning home to Charleston, Dassa survived on her own before enlisting with the Responders. Throughout her years as a Responder, she specialized in leadership, assisting with the recovery after the Christmas Flood and created the Survivor Stories, a series of holotapes recorded by survivors of the War that wanted to preserve their stories.[1]

Dassa's last check-in was on November 5, 2096.[2] She died sometime after that but prior to 2102, and her body was left on a stretcher in the Flatwoods church. In 2103, it was moved to the cemetery behind the church, where it can be found next to the corpse of "Buzz" Yates.

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Survivor story: Dassa Ben-Ami
Pre-War money

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Dassa Ben-Ami appears only in Fallout 76.