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FO76 Atomic shop logo.pngThe following is based on Atomic Shop content and is not considered canonical.
By day, she's Daphne, but by night, she's the Inspector!— Description

Daphne is a potential ally in Appalachia. She is unlocked at rank 25 of The Unstoppables vs The Diabolicals season.[Non-canon 1]


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Interactions overview

FoS ghost costume.png
This character is a ghost. Ghost characters cannot be damaged, and will ignore combat.
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This character is a permanent C.A.M.P. ally. Their associated object is Daphne's toy box
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This character is a vendor.
  • Accepts Bottle cap
  • Sells:
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This character offers miscellaneous services.



Apparel Weapon Other items
Child tattered clothes
The Inspector's top hat
Walking cane
Smoke bomb


Unlike most other allies, Daphne's outfit cannot be changed via the customization menu. It is still an option, but the menu will always appear empty.




  1. Fallout 76: Inside the Vault – Team Up with The Unstoppables in Season 6!: "* Daphne – By day, Daphne is a child of the Wasteland. At night, she transforms into her alter ego, The Inspector! In exchange for some Caps, she’ll sell you toys, snacks, and drinks. She’ll also offer two different buffs, depending on what time of day you speak with her. During the day, Daphne will grant you some bonus Luck and the ability to identify magazines and comics more easily. As The Inspector, she’ll cast a spell to increase your Perception, help you find more food from containers, and extra caps from caps stashes."