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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lana Danvers.


GREETING GREETING Anger 50 Maybe you don't know who you're talking to. I'm Commander Danvers, assistant chief of security. 1
GREETING Anger 50 Maybe you don't know who you're talking to. I'm Chief Danvers, head of Rivet City security. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 This better be good. 3
Could I ask you about Rivet City's history?
Can you tell me about Rivet City's history? Anger 20 Sorry, but I don't really know much about it. More worried about what's going wrong with the here and now, see? 4
MS14TedFind Where can I find Ted Strayer? Neutral 50 Have you tried the common room? That's where he sleeps. 5
Neutral 50 Otherwise...hmmm. You can probably find him on the flight deck some days, if it isn't raining. 6
Neutral 50 He usually goes to the Muddy Rudder on Sundays. Beyond that, who knows. 7
RCDanversAppologize Whoa! I just wanted to ask you something. Anger 50 Yeah, well I don't have time for newbies like you. You got something on your mind, spill it. 8
RCDanversBannonBlackmail Bannon is trying to blackmail Seagraves Holmes. Surprise 50 That's pretty underhanded, even for Bannon. 9
Neutral 50 Once word gets out, I bet the market vendors won't want him to represent them anymore. 10
Happy 50 Thank you for your help, citizen. 11
RCDanversReportTo So, you report to Chief Harkness? Neutral 50 I'm his second in command. I run the night shift and he runs the day shift. 12
Disgust 50 Is this conversation going somewhere? Because I've got things to do. 13
What happened to Chief Harkness? Anger 50 He's gone. I'm in charge now. 14
Surprise 50 Did you want something, or are you just wasting my time? 15
RCDanversSeagraveLetter I found this letter in Seagrave's room. I thought you should see it. Surprise 50 This is bad. Seagrave Holmes was angling for a seat on the council. 16
Sad 50 He can forget about that now. Once the market vendors get wind of his past, they'll never trust him. Too bad. 17
RCTopicCJYoungMissing Have you seen C.J. Young lately? Neutral 50 Christie told me they were missing. I'll alert the rest of the security guards. 18
Have you seen C.J. Young lately? Neutral 50 I heard she and James were missing. I'll have security keep an eye out for them. 19
Where can I get a stiff drink?
Can I get a drink around here? Preferably somewhere clean. Happy 50 The Weatherly Hotel is a good choice. It's on the upper deck. 20
I've met your mother. No wonder you're such a brat.
What's up with that James Hargrave kid? He acts like such a brat. Disgust 50 He's trouble, that's what he is. 21
Neutral 50 I don't trust him, and neither should you. 22
Disgust 50 His mother is a drunk. Spends all her time in the Muddy Rudder. 23
Did you know that Paulie Cantelli is an addict?
Is Paulie really addicted to chems? Disgust 50 Oh, yeah. He's a mess. I'm glad I'm not in Cindy's shoes. 24


I have to go now.
You've been very helpful. Neutral 50 Duty calls. 25
HELLO HELLO Anger 50 Rivet City doesn't need any more deaths. The Council says I gotta let you be here, but one false move and you're gone. 26
HELLO Disgust 50 I remember what you did. This time you'd better respect other people's property, or I'll have to keel haul you. 27
HELLO Neutral 50 Chief Harkness, we should go over those reports. 28
HELLO Neutral 50 Report, officer. 29
HELLO Disgust 50 Hello, Seagrave. You shouldn't waste your time with Vera. You can do better than her. 30
HELLO Disgust 50 Hello, Diego. I'd be careful with that jailbait if I were you. 31
HELLO Happy 50 Hello, Garza. Everything okay down in Doctor Li's lab? 32
HELLO Anger 50 You better be minding yourself, Sister. One more screw up and I'm tossing your ass overboard. 33
HELLO Happy 50 Hello, Father Clifford. 34
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, Flak. I've got a couple of pistols that need repair. I'll bring them by tomorrow. 35
HELLO Disgust 50 Guns and liquor don't mix, Shrapnel. Leave the ordnance at home when you're in the Muddy Rudder. 36
HELLO Disgust 50 Hello Miss Weatherly. Still letting that bucket of bolts do all your work for you? 37
HELLO Disgust 50 How am I supposed to manage security at a wedding? It's impossible I tell you. 38
HELLO Neutral 50 If you see anything suspicious, be sure to tell a security officer. 39
RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Disgust 50 Just keeping the deck safe for all you Upper Deck types. 40
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 Paulie, you're wasted. Just do me a favor and don't fall off the deck. 41
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 I suppose that's true. Doesn't mean I have to like it though. 42
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 I'll send someone down to change the locks. 43
RCGoodbye Anger 100 Bitch. 44
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 Everything is quiet, sir. 45
RCGoodbye02 RCGoodbye02 Neutral 50 This week doesn't look good either, Father. 46
RCPackageEnd RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 <burp> Time to go on patrol. 47
RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 I think I'll get some air out on the Flight Deck. 48
RCPackageEnd Happy 50 I'm full. Time for a nap. 49