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Danvers was a pre-War city in Massachusetts.


Sal Barsconi, the mob boss of one of the Italian families in Boston, ordered a shooting in a theater in Danvers, resulting in the deaths of many civilians. Under the guise of an invitation to meet and talk it out, Eddie Winter's holotape implicates Barsconi in the Danvers murders.[1]

Danvers is also mentioned by Pinky Thompson, the former leader of the the Railroad. They mention that one of their runners almost lost a "package," or an escaped synth, near the town.[2]


The cell name for the coastal hideout is "DanversHideout."


Danvers is mentioned only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Danvers was originally going to appear in Fallout 4, but as the game's world became more and more compressed, Danvers was eventually merged into Salem, as the two were right next to each other. The two towns have a rivalry in real life, and developers initially wanted to reflect that in the game. A cut questline involved mutated children from Salem being given strange powers, to which Danvers residents reacted by persecuting them and accusing them of being witches.[3]