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Paladin Rahmani's actions are unbecoming of her station. She carelessly shares resources, takes unnecessary risks and doles out her trust to anyone who takes an interest in joining us, regardless of merit. The Brotherhood she's building is not the one I believe in.

Daniel Shin is a knight of the Brotherhood of Steel and the second-in-command to Paladin Rahmani of the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force. He is found at Fort Atlas, usually on the main floor.

Shin's Brotherhood group was sent on a mission from Lost Hills, California to re-establish contact with Elizabeth Taggerdy's Appalachian Brotherhood. Being a believer in the Chain That Binds, Shin holds the elders in high regard and is loyal to them. While he respects Rahmani's altruism, he dislikes her for not following the standards of the Brotherhood's strict codes and laws, and the two enter frequent arguments. Shin is respected among some Brotherhood members like Erika Hewsen and Norland, although he is viewed as a "militant asshat" by Marcia Leone.



Shin grew up in a very rigidly structured household on the West Coast as the only son of a school principal.[Non-game 1]


He was recruited from the Mojave Wasteland around 2083, when a Brotherhood force under Knight Alan Connors saved his home town from a raider attack.[2] Shin's uncommon valor during the defense earned him Connors' notice, a place within the Brotherhood's ranks, and a lifelong hatred of raiders and their ilk. His focus and commitment to the Brotherhood have drawn praise from the Council of Elders up to and including High Elder Roger Maxson.[3] He has been a driven and dedicated member of the Brotherhood for nearly 20 years.[4]

Shin's fierce devotion to the Brotherhood's ideals makes him an effective officer whose performance is exemplary. He is also single-minded with little patience for distractions or disagreements, especially from subordinates or non-members. He is particularly resistant to change and any challenges to the Brotherhood's authority or tenets, which is a point of contention between him and his superior, Paladin Rahmani. However, Shin will give credit where credit is due, appreciating a job well done and saying so, regardless of his personal opinion. Despite his cold exterior, Shin truly cares for the future of humanity, hoping that the Brotherhood can create a safe society going forward. Ultimately though, Shin says those ideals mean nothing if he cannot protect the people who believe in him.[5]

The expedition to Appalachia[]

On the Brotherhood's expedition, they came across a town that was being threatened with massacre by raiders who were stealing their supplies. Rahmani decided to stay and fight the raiders, while Shin decided to arm ordinary civilians with weapons they found for protection against the raiders, which violated the Brotherhood's protocol to safeguard them instead of distribute them. The raiders were able to steal their weapons and slaughtered everyone in the town except for Marcia and Max Leone. Connors would save Shin once again at the cost of his life.[6] Since this incident, Shin has harbored great guilt and vowed to never let his emotions hamper his judgement, although Rahmani believed he needed to forgive himself as he was ultimately trying to help. This incident would set off a division between Rahmani and Shin, with Shin wanting himself and Rahmani to stand trial with the Council of Elders. Marcia blamed both Rahmani's and Shin's actions for the tragedy, feeling no one should have retaliated against the raiders in the first place.[7] Rahmani began to believe that Shin would never forgive for her part in Connors' death.

Settling into Fort ATLAS[]

FO76 Atlas arrival

Valdez, Rahmani and Shin arrive at Fort ATLAS

The First Expeditionary Force arrived in Appalachia by 2103. On a day-to-day basis at Fort Atlas, Shin is in charge of the armory and its equipment. He also leads various combat operations, due to the low amount of senior officers at the fort. His occasionally unwelcoming attitude is a result of his steadfast commitment to both his responsibilities and the values of the Brotherhood, stating that his duties "do not include human resources."[8] He was very restrictive and strict about who may receive the Brotherhood's assistance.

Over the course of their reinforcing of Fort Atlas and establishing themselves in the region, Shin and Rahmani came into multiple conflicts of personality through various matters, such as the resurgence of government rocket launchers and other weaponry, used in the same incident that Shin believes he and Rahmani should be taken back to Lost Hills and tried for.

During a mission to re-establish contact with the Brotherhood in California by using a long-range transmitter, Rahmani tries to persuade the Vault Dweller to her side, asking them to destroy the transmitter with her to help create a Brotherhood she strives for, free from the control of the elders. She reveals her intentions of severing ties with the main body of the Brotherhood of Steel and seeking to form her own, independent Appalachian Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.[9][10] Whether or not the Vault Dweller participates, Rahmani destroys it regardless, angering Shin who no longer deems her part of the Brotherhood. However, before they can continue debating any further, they receive word of a super mutant attack at Fort Atlas, which caused temporary need of unity from both Rahmani and Shin.[11] Back at the base, Rahmani's actions also shock Valdez, who is annoyed another issue has arose between Rahmani and Shin. The super mutant attack is dealt with.

The super mutant attacks[]

Nevertheless, by 2104, Shin and Rahmani are still at odds over their Brotherhood's primary mission: Protect the people in Appalachia, or secure all manner of pre-War tech to prevent it from causing another apocalypse like the Great War. They soon discover that the super mutant attack on Fort Atlas was not coincidental. Dr. Edgar Blackburn, one of the people who came to Fort Atlas earlier looking for help from the Brotherhood, only to be turned away by Shin, had been kidnapping people from all over Appalachia to use as test subjects in his research to improve the Forced Evolutionary Virus.

FO76 steelreign chronicsonictonic 02

Shin being treated by Hewsen after he is injured by a mine blast

Shin, along with initiates Erika Hewsen and Norland, decide to investigate the Uncanny Caverns after hearing the super mutants may be originating from there. Norland ends up being killed after the group separates and Shin blames himself for the death of someone else again. As they venture further into the cavern, Hewsen ends up becoming caught in an explosive trap and Shin tries to rescue her in his power armor, injuring himself. With Hewsen's aid, they eventually return to Fort Atlas.

Later, Rahmani learns that Blackburn was among several of the Blue Ridge's caravans, especially one that holed up in the Harpers Ferry tunnel due to a radstorm. After Blackburn was captured during his work inside Vault 96, Rahmani and Shin take him to the West Tek research center, where his fellow scientists Farha, Jain and Nellie Wright were putting the final touches on the FEV to release into the water and air, which would lead to more people being turned into super mutants once exposed, a worst-case scenario even worse than Huntersville. In a bid to prove their research is for the betterment of humanity in the wasteland, Blackburn willingly volunteers to be exposed to the virus himself, but a miscalculation or malfunction in the process causes Blackburn to be turned into a violent super mutant behemoth, forcing Rahmani and Shin to kill him.

After, Shin erupts at Rahmani, scolding her that something like this was just what the elders wanted to prevent: People trying to play God with science. Though Rahmani agrees with him on that, when they confront Farha, Jain and Nellie, they plead for mercy and ask that their lives be spared, considering that their research is invaluable to the wasteland with the loss of schools and universities because of the Great War and the decay that followed. Though Rahmani wants to spare them because of how valuable human life is nowadays, Shin is adamant that they be slain after seeing firsthand just how dangerous their knowledge is should it fall into the wrong hands if they are allowed to live. In the end, the conflict over Blackburn's associates results in Rahmani and Shin parting ways, unable to reach an agreement, with one either being killed or allowed to return to Maxson, while the other takes command of the Brotherhood to lead them on their new duty to Appalachia.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character cannot be killed. Status expires when The Catalyst begins.
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This character is a temporary companion.
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This character is involved in quests.


  • Forging Trust: Knight Shin represents the first step towards service in the Brotherhood for the Vault 76 dwellers, and asks them to handle several requests from "civilian" visitors at Fort Atlas.
  • Property Rights: After completing their initiation, the dwellers assist Shin in recovering Brotherhood property from the Crater raiders.
  • Over and Out: Shin and Rahmani appear at the end of the quest at the Enclave research facility, where their conflict boils over and the dwellers must choose to side with one of the two.
  • The Best Defense: Immediately after the previous quest, Shin and Rahmani are temporarily united against a common enemy, defending Fort Atlas against a super mutant attack alongside the dwellers.
  • A Knight's Penance: The Vault Dweller, Shin, Norland and Erika Hewsen investigate the Uncanny Caverns after learning that the super mutants may be originating from within.
  • The Catalyst: Shin becomes involved with the source of the chaos.

Other interactions[]

  • If the player has allied with the raiders, Shin can be informed during Property Rights during the questioning with Pierce. Once Pierce is dealt with, Shin will confront the Vault Dweller, interrogating them about their relationship with Crater. The responses result in a stern talking to from Shin or Shin thinking the Vault Dweller is just trying to be humorous. At Fort Atlas, there is another raider option while talking to Shin in which the Vault Dweller calls the raiders pretty cool. Shin calls them foul, violent and shameless and says it is not a funny joke.
  • The player may miss out on new dialogue from Shin if they do not talk to him between missions. Here are some examples:
    • After Property Rights, Shin calls Pierce a "vile" man and says Pierce's "family" are a criminal mob. Shin then says that the way Pierce tries to "twist his words" to justify himself is repulsive.
    • After Rahmani breaks the transmitter, if the player sided with her choice, Shin will be annoyed at the Vault Dweller, although he blames Rahmani far more. If the Vault Dweller asks when they can become a Knight, Shin tells the Vault Dweller to not have high expectations due to their decision, and when asked about finding another transmitter, Shin replies, "So that you and Rahmani can have your way with it again? Even if we did pick up another lead on a transmitter, you would not be included in the conversation."
    • After Norland dies, Shin opens up about how putting Norland and Hewsen together was a bad choice, and admits he must try to meet the Initiates where they are. Shin also says he will carry the guilt of Norland's death with him for the rest of his life.
    • If Vernon Dodge has rejoined the Brotherhood at Fort Atlas, Shin comments calls Dodge "slovenly" (disorganized) and says he must help with bathroom duty.
  • If the player sides with Rahmani, Shin can be killed in combat by Rahmani and the Vault Dweller. If he is not attacked, Shin plans on walking across the country back to California with the initiates he can trust in order to tell the elders all the events that have transpired. He disappears from the game's world afterward.
  • Shin may comment it feels nice to have someone to confide in, and the script note claims he is flirting awkwardly but is genuine about his feelings. This can happen to a Vault Dweller regardless of gender, suggesting Shin is LGBT+. The same applies to Rahmani and Valdez.


Notable quotes[]


Daniel Shin appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update and expanded upon in the Steel Reign update.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Senior quest designer Ellys Tan was the "character owner" for Shin, meaning they were the primary writer for his content. Regarding Shin, Tan said that they "enjoyed seeing Shin’s strict and standoffish personality invoke such a strong reaction from players" and that they would "much rather have a character make an impression than be mediocre or forgettable."[Non-game 2]
  • In localized versions of the game, Shin's voice is dubbed by José Meco (Spanish).
  • Shin looks quite a bit older in promotional art with more pronounced nasal folds and thicker upper lips. His in-game model also looks considerably less Asian than his promotional art, as Shin is a Korean family name.
  • Bethesda revealed that the majority of players side with Rahmani over Shin, showing results where 82% of players chose Rahmani and 18% chose Shin.[Non-game 3]




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