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Everything I do is for the good of humanity. I want to create a safe society again... to live and work side by side, as it should be. But those ideals are for nothing if I can't protect the people who believe in me. I have to do right by them.— Knight Daniel Shin

Daniel Shin is a knight of the Brotherhood of Steel and the second-in-command to Paladin Rahmani of the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force.


Knight Shin has been a driven and dedicated member of the Brotherhood for nearly 20 years.[2] As a child, Shin grew up in a very rigidly structured household on the west coast as the only son of a school principal.[Non-canon 1] He was recruited from the Mojave Wasteland around 2083, when a Brotherhood force under Knight Connors saved his home town from a raider attack.[3] Shin's uncommon valor during the defense earned him Connors' notice, a place within the Brotherhood's ranks, and a lifelong hatred of raiders and their ilk. His focus and commitment to the Brotherhood have drawn praise from the Council of Elders up to and including High Elder Roger Maxson.[4] Connors would save Shin once again during the expedition, during a raider attack on a settlement, at the cost of his life.[5]

Shin's fierce devotion to the Brotherhood's ideals makes him an effective officer whose performance is exemplary. He is also single-minded with little patience for distractions or disagreements, especially from subordinates or non-members. He is particularly resistant to change and any challenges to the Brotherhood's authority or tenets, which is a point of contention between him and his superior, Paladin Rahmani. However, Shin will give credit where credit is due, appreciating a job well done and saying so, regardless of his personal opinion. Despite his cold exterior, Shin truly cares for the future of humanity, hoping that the Brotherhood can create a safe society going forward. Ultimately though, Shin says those ideals mean nothing if he cannot protect the people who believe in him.[6]

On a day-to-day basis at Fort Atlas, Shin is in charge of the armory and its equipment. He also leads various combat operations, due to the low amount of senior officers at the fort. His occasionally unwelcoming attitude is a result of his steadfast commitment to both his responsibilities and the values of the Brotherhood, stating that his duties "do not include human resources."[7]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Forging Trust: Knight Shin represents the first step towards service in the Brotherhood for the Vault 76 dwellers, and asks them to handle several requests from "civilian" visitors at Fort Atlas.
  • Property Rights: After completing their initiation, the dwellers assist Shin in recovering Brotherhood property from the Crater raiders.
  • Over and Out: Shin and Rahmani appear at the end of the quest at the Enclave research facility, where their conflict boils over and the dwellers must choose to side with one of the two.
  • The Best Defense: Immediately after the previous quest, Shin and Rahmani are temporarily united against a common enemy, defending Fort Atlas against a super mutant attack alongside the dwellers.

Other interactions

  • Shin serves as a secondary narrator, gradually revealing the disastrous events that occurred on the way to Appalachia.


Notable quotes

  • "Rahmani was a reckless commander, a stubborn diplomat, and a traitor. She was also my closest ally. For all we disagreed upon, no one else shared my dedication to a brighter future. Not like Rahmani did. Though she's not with us now, I will forever carry the valor and determination she impressed upon me."
  • "I... For those I failed then, and those I've failed since... For them, I have to do better. The raiders on the expedition route. Rahmani decided we would stay and fight them. But giving the order to distribute the weapons to the settlers there... It was my idea. I wanted to give them a chance, but I got them killed instead."
  • "Rahmani put her personal morals above the cornerstone of duty time and time again. Her irresponsibility threatened to shake apart the foundation of order that allows us to be an effective force of action. But however misguided her decisions were, Rahmani always acted with the intent to help humanity. If we are to retain anything from her leadership, let it be that. The Brotherhood of Steel seeks to forge a lasting future. We must be humanity's strength. Strength to eliminate threats, overt and covert. Strength to keep dangerous technology safe. Strength to make the decisions that no one else wants to make. We are humanity's rock, standing against the harsh enemies of war, disease, and time. We must not falter. Ad victoriam!"
  • "That comment was unprofessional. Though... I think I'll choose not to reprimand you for it just yet. Just don't get too affectionate near the Initiates. I can't have them thinking I'm playing favorites." – Shin's response to being flirted with


Daniel Shin appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update and expanded upon in the Steel Reign update.

Behind the scenes

Daniel Shin was based upon the concept of an attractive Brotherhood of Steel knight with a tsundere character arc.[Non-canon 2]




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    (Daniel Shin's dialogue)


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