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Why'd you do it? Why'd you turn your back on us. On your family?— Daniel Finch to his brother, Jake Finch

Daniel Finch is a merchant at Finch farm in 2287.


Daniel lives on Finch farm with his father Abraham, his mother Abigail, and prior to the events of Out of the Fire, his brother Jake. Daniel is judgmental of his father, feeling his collection of junk is down to an inability to get over the past.[1] He is also resistant to his mother's attempts to set him up with a woman from other farms - stating that Lucy Abernathy is attracted to Hawthorne and Janey Warwick is too young. Daniel believes not many women in the Commonwealth are interested in farmers.[2]

Depending on the choices of the Sole Survivor following Out of the Fire, Daniel will be relieved his that brother has returned to the farm.[3] However, he expresses it will take a long time for things to return to normal.[4]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a merchant. Sells: Charge card, miscellaneous



An unused voice type for Daniel exists in the game's files, "NPCMDanielFinch," though the NPC actually uses the "MaleRough" voice type.


Daniel Finch appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Sole Survivor: "That's one way to put it."
    Daniel Finch: "He says he collects all the scrap because he likes to tinker, but I think it's more than that." "I think he's curious about the past, and he wants to hold on to it."
    Sole Survivor: "It's hard enough just dealing with the present."
    Daniel Finch: "That's part of it, sure, but it's also true that things were pretty bad for awhile out here." "We've got it pretty good compared to those days."
    Sole Survivor: "I'm glad to hear that things are better for you."
    (Daniel Finch's dialogue)
  2. Abigail Finch: "One of these days, we need to find you a good woman, Daniel."
    Daniel Finch: "Even if I had time for something like that, which I don't, who'd be interested?" " The women of the Commonwealth ain't exactly lining up to be farmer's wives."
    Abigail Finch: "Then you need a farm girl. There's plenty out there, you know." "That Abernathy girl is nice enough, even if her mother's a witch. And there's that girl at Warwick... What's her name? Joanie?"
    Daniel Finch: "Janey. And she's too young for me. And Lucy Abernathy's only got eyes for Hawthorne in Diamond City."
    Daniel Finch: "Even if I had time for something like that, which I don't, who'd be interested?"
    Abigail Finch: "Well don't you worry, son. There's someone out there for you"
    Daniel Finch: "You're the one who's worried. I can't think past all the weeds I got to pull."
    (Abigail Finch's and Dainel Finch's dialogue)
  3. Abigail Finch: "Abraham, what's going on? Is that my boy come home?"
    Daniel Finch: "What? Jake's back? Oh thank god."
    Jake Finch: "Papa, please. I- I know I screwed up pretty big."
    (Abigail Finch's, Daniel Finch's and Jake Finch's dialogue)
  4. Daniel Finch: "There's something I've been wanting to ask you."
    Jake Finch: "Yeah, well, I've kind of been expecting that." "Go on, then."
    Daniel Finch: "Why'd you do it? Why'd you turn your back on us. on your family?"
    Jake Finch: "I guess it was because I was angry." "I was angry at this life, at the idea that I might never amount to anything more than just a farmer scraping by." "I blamed dad, for that and a lot of other things." " It was wrong. I know that now, and I'm sorry."
    Daniel Finch: "Yeah, well, don't expect everything to be the same as it was. I can't forget what you did. None of us can."
    Jake Finch: "I know. One way or another, I'll earn your trust again. I swear it."
    Daniel Finch: "Yeah, well... we'll see."
    (Daniel Finch's and Jake Finch's dialogue)