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What're you... Hmm. You found the tape. Fine. I did it. And I'd do it again. Because Maggie was going to get us all killed. She wanted us to stand up to those thugs. To take them on all by ourselves. There are four of us! You know how many times we're outnumbered by that gang? Three to one? Four to one? I have a daughter. And she's alive now because we all were willing to make a deal. Maggie was going to throw that away because she didn't like being pushed around. Was bound to happen sooner or later.

Daniel is a man living at Anchor Farm in Appalachia.


Daniel migrated into Appalachia with his family, seeking to rebuild there. He has no interest in "The Treasure of Appalachia," and simply wants a peaceful place to live in privacy.

When arriving, Daniel and his group were accosted by the Free Radicals to provide food and supplies to them every month. A woman in Daniel's group, Maggie, stood up to the raiders, refusing to cooperate, and Daniel killed her on the spot to preserve the peace. With the offer of being given protection by the gang, Daniel agreed to personally deliver monthly shipment supplies to Roper's gang at their base of operations at the WV Lumber Co.[1] Once a month, Daniel goes with Murray to deliver food, ammo and scrap.

Currently, he resides at the Anchor Farm with his child Hannah, a man named Xavier, a man named Murray, and a woman named Ursala.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Hunter for Hire: The Vault Dweller is referred to visit the Anchor farm by Mordecai McCoy who mentions Daniel's family has had to deal with the Free Radicals already. Daniel may be questioned and he will only give the password to their hideout if the Vault Dweller passes a Perception 3+, Charisma 3+, or Strength 3+ check. Alternatively, the Agreement with Radicals holotape may be found to confront Daniel instead.

Other interactions[]

  • Once the holotape Agreement with Radicals is found, Daniel can be confronted with the revelation that he killed Maggie. Daniel shows no regret and doubles down on his actions. He further justifies the murder explaining that Maggie was going to get the rest of the Anchor settlers killed by opposing the Free Radicals. He felt she would not listen and views his actions as being pragmatic and doing what he had to in order to keep his daughter safe in a nasty situation.
  • If Roper has been killed, Daniel can be spoken to and he mentions he already knows. A grateful Daniel will give some supplies, potentially Recipe: Brain bombs or Recipe: Blackberry honey crisp. He may also give Recipe: Cutting fluid, known for being a rare plan which has a 20% chance to be given.
    • However, Roper must be killed before The Elusive Crane if the player chose not to join the gang, otherwise he will not appear in the lumber mill, locking the player out of the rewards. If the player joins the gang, Roper can be killed anytime and Daniel will give the rewards.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Fisherman's overalls


Daniel appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.