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Oh. Ah. Of course. How stupid of me. They probably also think Mary is the mother and Jesus is the child.

Daniel is a Mormon missionary in Zion Canyon in the year 2281.


Originally hailing from New Canaan, Daniel used to help the Sorrows with various medical problems and general difficulties, but was sent to Zion as a missionary by Bishop Mordecai to convert those who were willing to the path of God.[1] After witnessing the destruction of New Canaan, caring for the tribals became the focus of Daniel's attention.[2][3]

He is haunted by the death of his bishop, Mordecai, and focuses this energy on making sure the White Legs, or anyone else for that matter, does not bring harm to anyone else.[4][5][6] He especially feels that the Sorrows would not have been subject to the wrath of the White Legs in the first place were it not for the interference of the Mormons.[7] To this effect, he has taught them of God, because without His love they would have nothing.[8] However, Daniel's preaching mixed with the Sorrows' spiritual heritage and the Sorrows' Father in the Cave and the Mormon God became one and the same.[9]

Having witnessed tribes like the Crazy Horns and Tar Walkers suffer and be completely wiped out at the hands of slavers, raiders and exploitative prospectors, he has dedicated himself to protecting them and tending to their needs.[10] He intends to accomplish this by helping the Sorrows evacuate Zion to the safety of the Grand Staircase out of a desire to both remove them from harm's way and prevent them from falling into militancy to defeat the White Legs.[11] Nevertheless, if the White Legs force his hand, Daniel will spill blood to prevent the Sorrows blood from being spilled.[12][13] He fears war with the White Legs would change the Sorrows from what he views as a life of simple innocence into a more warlike culture - the same way of thinking that led the world to ruin, led Joshua Graham to become the Malpais Legate and created men like Salt-Upon-Wounds.[14]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character starts quests.
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Other interactions[]

  • With a Barter check of 50 or a Speech of 65, one can convince Daniel to trade medical supplies.
  • Daniel is always looking for more medicine to tend to the Sorrows. The Courier can give him healing powder in return for good Karma.
  • A Speech check of 50 is required for him to tell them what happened to his bishop, Mordecai.


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# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Nvdlc02 endingslide daniel
In the shadow of Daniel's death, those Sorrows who survived the assault on Zion Valley mourned his loss, as was their custom. Word of Daniel's passing reached the New Canaanites several weeks later. They prayed that their brother would be well-received by their Lord. Kill Daniel.
Nvdlc02 endingslide daniel
After leading the Sorrows from their home in Zion to safety in Grand Staircase, Daniel continued to wonder if he'd made the right choice. He spent his life evangelizing the beliefs of his people to a new generation of young men and women, as his ancestors had for centuries before him. He was happy with his family, but for the rest of his life there were nights when he awoke with sadness to find he had been dreaming of Zion. Lead the Sorrows out of Zion.
Nvdlc02 endingslide daniel
For years after the defeat of the White Legs, Daniel did his best to minister to the Sorrows' spiritual needs. Try as he might, he could not hold back the tribe's increasing militancy and reverence of Joshua Graham. Demoralized, he returned to his family at Dead Horse Point. His failures haunted him for the rest of his days. Exterminate the White Legs with Joshua Graham.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Daniel's hat
Daniel's outfit
.45 Auto submachine gun


Daniel can only be pickpocketed while he's sleeping.

Notable quotes[]


Daniel appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenes[]

Daniel was supposed to be Asian, but for whatever weird reason, somehow his data was switched over to Caucasian (which, in that engine, automatically flips a bunch of face and skin data). This was again done to avoid having it be “two white guys saving Native Americans”. But that’s exactly what it looked like in execution.J.E. Sawyer on Tumblr
  • Daniel was written by Joshua Sawyer.[15]
  • According to Sawyer, Daniel was actually intended to be Asian (and was in data for most of the game's development) but for an unknown reason shipped with his ethnicity switched to Caucasian.[16]



  1. The Courier: "What do you do here?"
    Daniel: "I used to help the Sorrows with various medical problems and general issues they were having, but my bishop sent me here as a missionary. We New Canaanites believe that there is a path to salvation for everyone and it's important that we set people on that path if they are willing."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "You said you "used to" help the Sorrows with problems. What do you do now?"
    Daniel: "I'm trying to make amends for allowing our problem to become their problem. The New Canaanites, I mean. The White Legs have always fought with us, and with Joshua returning, Caesar has motivated the White Legs to stamp out the New Canaanites entirely. That means the tribes we work with, too. It's already hap- I just want to prevent something terrible from happening to the Sorrows."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "If you don't acknowledge your past now, it'll come back to you later."
    Daniel: "[SUCCEEDED] True enough. We can't escape it no matter how hard we try. Best we can do is own up, trust in the Lord to forgive. Joshua was gone, so were a lot of the other New Canaanites. White Legs must have been watching for a long while, counting who remained. We didn't think the White Legs were a real threat. Maybe it was overconfidence. Maybe sloth. Either way, we didn't see them coming. They attacked at night. They killed without regard to age or infirmity. Armed or unarmed. They beat children to- Beat them to death in their beds while they were sleeping. And now we're all that's left. Maybe thirty of us. Pride goeth before destruction."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "Were you close to Mordecai?"
    Daniel: "Look, I've got a lot to do here. My personal relationship... it's not important right now. Can't see how it concerns you, anyway."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  5. The Courier: "I'd like to talk to you about Mordecai."
    Daniel: "I'd like you to drop it. It's a private matter."
    The Courier: "You're the man in charge. If something's troubling you, it could affect all of us."
    Daniel: "[SUCCEEDED] I never thought I'd be in charge of anything. Don't know why. Bishop Mordecai was old. He had been sick for years. He couldn't walk anymore. It wasn't a problem for the rest of us. He made it out to be more trouble than it really was. Just his way, I guess. When the White Legs came... he was upstairs. We couldn't get him out in time. The house caught fire at the base and worked its way up. Fast. He didn't die of smoke. I wish he had. Sometimes I wake up and for a minute or two, I think all of it was a dream. But it's not. It wasn't. I wish all of this were some fevered vision of what could have been. Instead of what is, what we let happen."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  6. The Courier: "Come on. I got you everything you needed. Just give me the damned map."
    Daniel: "Okay. You better listen close because I'm not going to repeat myself. You were not invited here. This is not your home. We have what you might call a compulsion to help you on account of our beliefs, but if you continue to spit in our eye with insults and profanity... You'll find out what happens when our patience wears out. People died at New Canaan because we bickered and debated about what to do. That was a mistake. Complaining to me now, also a mistake. I'm not going to add sin upon sin by listening to your grumbling. You want the map? Get out in that valley. Help us. One of the Sorrows, Waking Cloud, will go with you. She knows how to get around the valley unseen. She's also a midwife and has three kids of her own, so she'll be more tolerant of your whining."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  7. The Courier: "That's an awful lot of responsibility to take on."
    Daniel: "The New Canaanites interfered in their lives. We did that. And we've done it before, with others. Always with good intentions, but things go wrong. When that happens, we can't just abandon them, let them die at the hands of New Canaan's enemies."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  8. The Courier: "Why don't you teach them something useful instead of filling their heads with nonsense?"
    Daniel: "We teach them practical skills for this life and we prepare them for what's to come. The Sorrows could master all the wonders of the Old World, conquer the Great Basin north to south. But without God's love, they would have nothing. It is shelter in the storm, food in times of hunger, warmth and light in the cold and darkness. What can compare to that in value and versatility? You don't agree. That's your choice. It can be their choice, too. No one is forced to follow the narrow path."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  9. The Courier: "Uh... you might want to have a chat with them. They think your "Lord" and the "Father" are the same."
    Daniel: "Oh. Ah. Of course. How stupid of me. They probably also think Mary is the mother and Jesus is the child. No wonder they picked up on things so easily. I guess it just goes to show how difficult it is to communicate sometimes."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  10. The Courier: "Has this happened before, the White Legs attacking other tribes?"
    Daniel: "Yes. But not just White Legs. Raiders too. Prospectors. Slavers. Anyone who thinks they can exploit the ignorant and the innocent. We lost the Tar Walkers. And the Crazy Horns. We did our best, but we made mistakes. We paid for them, but they paid more. I'd like to get out from under that debt someday. Until then, it's enough to stop ourselves from getting deeper in the hole."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  11. The Courier: "The White Legs are here already, so what's your plan?"
    Daniel: "To remove the Sorrows from harm's way. I have to give credit to the White Legs for finding their way here, though I imagine many died in the process. But they can't follow us east, not into the Grand Staircase. They don't know how to live off of the land. We head there, we can find some safety."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  12. The Courier: "Why are you so eager to evacuate Zion? You don't seem to be a pacifist."
    Daniel: "There's an old saying that goes, "If you want peace, get ready for war." You've got me figured half-right. I'll shoot dead any White Leg that tries to creep into this camp, but it's only to protect the Sorrows. The Lord helps those who help themselves, but the Sorrows don't know how. Joshua and I do. Since I got them into this mess, I need to get them out."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  13. The Courier: "You're right to leave, but I don't think you should kill any of the White Legs."
    Daniel: "You're free to hold that opinion, but you're not responsible for these people. If I have to kill to prevent their blood from being spilled, so be it."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
  14. The Courier: "If you're willing to defend the Sorrows, why not pursue the White Legs?"
    Daniel: "There is an important difference between killing in defense and waging war. Even a Gentile like you should know that."
    The Courier: "Joshua's a New Canaanite and he's obviously willing to attack the White Legs."
    Daniel: "Joshua is a living bible of all mankind's miseries of war! The debt he has levied through his actions, he repays every day! He is a monument both to God's unending forgiveness and to humanity's unfathomable capacity for cruelty. It's written on every inch of his body! When you look at him, do you only see a man of God? Beneath those bandages, he is burned flesh. As he burns, so does he consume everyone around him. Joshua wants to fight because the White Legs have stoked the naked flame inside of him. You, you see the light, but do not yet feel the heat. I can pray that you never will, but it isn't up to me and it isn't up to God. It's up to Joshua."
    (Daniel's dialogue)
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    Joshua Sawyer: "I wrote Joshua Graham and Daniel."
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