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This is a transcript for dialogue with Daniel Littlehorn.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Well, hello there. I assume that you've come about the contract that we're offering. 1
Neutral 50 We're always pleased to see a new associate. Welcome. A most hearty welcome to our little business. 2
Neutral 50 You may darken our doorstep at any time, so long as you bring me what I ask for. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome! Welcome back! What do you have for us today? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Why look who it is! My favorite associate! Have you brought me what I need? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 It's you! We always have time for our favorite employee! 6
PerkCKLittlehornGreeting1 Remind me what this deal is, again. Neutral 50 The deal is this: you are now in the employ of Littlehorn and Associates. We deal in all many of affairs, most of which are not your concern. 7
Neutral 50 Your duties are as follows: you will bring me the ears of the good people of the world. And in turn, I will give you the wealth you crave. 8
Neutral 50 The more you bring, the wealthier you will be and the happier I will be with you. That's not so hard now, is it? 9
PerkCKLittlehornGreeting2 Yeah, I'm here about the deal. Neutral 50 Good, good. Direct. To the point. I like that in an employee. Then you understand what your purpose is. 10
Neutral 50 The ears of the good of the world is all I ask and currency is what you will receive. 11
Neutral 50 And now that we understand one another, what is your business here? 12
PerkCKLittlehornGreeting3 Body parts for money. I like that. Now pay me. Neutral 50 Oh, how we do love enthusiasm in our employees. The deal is quite simple, as you know. 13
Neutral 50 The more ears you deliver to me, the greater your coffers will grow, and the more pleased we will be with your work. 14
Neutral 50 Now, what would you ask of us? 15
PerkCKLittlehornQDoHere What do you do here? Neutral 50 This is the current home office of Littlehorn and Associates. This is where we operate our little business. 16
Neutral 50 We dabble in this, and that. I'm sure you've seen our work around the Wasteland and haven't even realized it. 17
Neutral 50 We prefer to operate quietly, which is why we employ individuals such as yourself. 18
PerkCKLittlehornQEars Why do you want ears? Neutral 50 Now, that's the sort of question which will endanger our relationship. 19
Anger 50 You are providing a service and we are providing payment. It is there our questions end. Understand? 20
PerkCKLittlehornQPeople What do these people do? Neutral 50 They are fellow associates such as yourself. They simply possess a different set of skills than you. 21
PerkCKLittlehornQWho Who are you anyway. Happy 50 I am Daniel Littlehorn. I offer you the currency that you crave in exchange for services aligned to your skills. 22
Neutral 50 And that, friend, is what we are to each other. 23
Happy 50 I've been doing this a very long time, and I find that the less we know about each other, the smoother our relationship will be. 24
PerkCKLittlehornSellEars I have ears to sell you. Neutral 50 Excellent. I had suspected that's why you came to me. 25
I have ears to sell you. Neutral 50 And we will happily take them in trade, friend. 26
PerkCKLittlehornSellEarsAll Actually, I don't have any right now. Happy 50 I would scold you for wasting our time, but I enjoy a practical joke. 27
Anger 50 Just don't do it again. 28
Actually, I don't have any right now. Sad 50 And here out hopes were up. Shame on you. 29
Here. Take all of them. Sad 50 Most excellent. And you have exemplified yourself in the eyes of Littlehorn and Associates. 30
Neutral 50 One with a heart as black as yours deserves to be rewarded for it. We shall include a bonus in your pay this time. 31
Neutral 50 Enjoy it. Might I recommend booze? Or gambling? Or perhaps a nice chem habit? 32
Here. Take all of them. Sad 50 Before our exchange, I should tell you: word has reached my ears of your black deeds in the Wastes. 33
Neutral 50 Acts such as yours fall in line with the goals of Littlehorn and Associates. And we believe you deserve a bonus for going that extra mile. 34
Neutral 50 Enjoy it. But by all means, do not let it stop you from walking the path that you're on. 35
Here. Take all of them. Sad 50 Most excellent. We love a good and loyal employee. 36
Neutral 50 And, as a good and loyal employee, here is your reward. 37
Here. Take all of them. Sad 50 We here at Littlehorn and Associates cannot express our gratitude that your loyalty and service inspires. 38
Neutral 50 Here is your payment per our contract. Spend it... well. 39
PerkCKLittlehornSellEarsEND Actually, never mind. I'll hang on to them. Neutral 50 You'll be back. They always come back. 40
Neutral 50 So, the deal is this: there are a lot of evil assholes out there. Take 'em down, bring us their fingers as proof and we'll pay you for each. 41


PerkLBSonoraGreeting1 I don't care about your cause. I'm here for the money. Neutral 50 Fair enough. We'll still take the help where we can get it. 42
Neutral 50 We'll be watching you until we know you can be trusted, so don't try anything stupid. 43
PerkLBSonoraGreeting2 What are the Regulators all about? Neutral 50 We live to cleanse the Wasteland of the scum and evil that pollute it. We're the only thing that represents any sort of law out here. 44
Neutral 50 We hunt down the worst criminals imaginable and deliver the only justice we have: a bullet. 45
Neutral 50 So, what do you say? 46


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Hard work pays off! 47
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Do good work out there, we're counting on you! 48
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Come back anytime! 49
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 We are pleased to see you again. 50
HELLO Neutral 50 And what do you have for us today? 51
HELLO Neutral 50 If it isn't our old friend... 52
HELLO Neutral 50 So good to see you. Are you ready to deal? 53
HELLO Neutral 50 Come in, come in... 54
HELLO Neutral 50 Ah, yes. We've been waiting for you... 55