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Daniel's holotape is a holotape in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update. It is recorded by Daniel.




Chief, High Knob's been compromised... A group of outsiders rolled in, heavily armed, started setting up camp. Only a matter of time until they find me up here. Pretty sure this is it for me. But... listen, Chief, I gotta come clean. I wanna go to my grave with a clean conscience. This whole thing? The reports, the Army? It's a sham, boss. Every single file has gone straight to Mr. Stolz. We're his men first, Chief, not yours. Not really. There's no military contact... Just Hugo. Those of us in the know have been heading out here to play the part, make you think it's real, but this ain't a drop site, it's our smoke break spot. I'm sorry you gotta find out like this, Chief. You're one of the good ones. Don't trust anyone down there. We're all just his... puppets.

[Distant yelling heard]

Oh shit -

[Sounds of yelling and gunshots]

[A thump and labored breathing]

I'm... sorry...