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Some settlers require help with their thrill-seeking activities.

Event: Dangerous Pastimes is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update. It has a recommended player level of 50.

The event has been temporarily disabled as of June 25, 2024, citing unspecified issues surrounding the event.[1]

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Speak to David Shuffleworth via the intercom at Thunder Mountain substation TM-03 (Duration 2m)
  • Collect 40 parts to repair the lightning harvester (Duration 4m)
  • Fend off waves of attacking Lost. Kill the electrified, power-armored Lost champions to boost the lightning harvester (Duration 7.5m)
  • Upon fully charging the lightning harvester, a legendary thunder crab attacks (Duration 3m). Kill it to complete the event.

Detailed walkthrough[]

First, speak to David Shuffleworth at Thunder Mountain substation TM-03 via an intercom. He is running a con on some sightseeing Settlers, and needs the lightning harvester repaired.

Repairs must be made to the central structure of the substation, where the lightning harvester has been set up. The parts required are found in metal boxes scattered throughout the location. Bring the parts (40 are needed in total) together to the middle to the lightning harvester. In the process, numerous Lost will attack, which can cause heavy energy damage in close combat. Many of them also spawn on the street, so players must also watch from the nearby walls for incoming Lost.

After the lightning harvester is repaired, more Lost will attack. As David discovers, killing the power-armored Lost champions will power up the now-repaired lightning harvester; filling a progress bar by killing these electrified Lost is the next objective. The Lost will continue to attack in waves, though only the power-armored Lost champions will count towards progressing the objective. The Lost champions appear to mainly spawn on the upper catwalks of the substation's central structure.

Once the lightning harvester is fully charged, a giant legendary thunder crab emerges as the final boss. Kill the thunder crab (a guaranteed three-star legendary encounter) to complete the event. Afterwards, David will remark that it is now safe outside for the Settlers to exit (although none of them are ever seen). He thanks the players for their assistance.


  • Dangerous Pastimes default rewards (1)
  • Rad-X (2)
  • Misc non-contextual ammo
  • Stimpak (1)

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak into the IntercomA radio broadcast requesting assistance is coming from a nearby power substation. I should investigate.
? Wait for the Harvester Parts scan to completeA man named David has asked me to help him repair the nearby Lightning Harvester. He is scanning the area to see if there are enough parts for his repairs.
? Find Harvester Parts & install them on the Lightning Harvester(#/40)I must find & install Harvester Parts to get the Harvester operational. I should be careful; the parts scan also indicated Lost signatures in the area.
? Wait for the Lightning Harvester to come onlineI have found and installed the parts the harvester required. I need to wait while David powers it up.
? Charge the Lightning Harvester by killing the LostI must help charge the harvester by killing nearby Charged enemies.
? Destroy the Thunder CrabThe storm has woken a giant dormant Hermit Crab! It must be destroyed, as its presence is preventing the Harvester from dissipating the storm it created, which will kill the settlers inside the bunker!
? I failed to repair the harvester in time.
? I failed to charge the Harvester up to its required power level.
? I failed to destroy the Thunder Crab interfering with the Harvester controls.