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If we don't ally ourselves with one of the families in New Reno, you can just kiss Redding goodbye. At least any type of Redding that I'd want to live in.

"Dangerous" Dan McGrew is the owner of Redding's Morningstar Mine in 2241.


Daniel McGrew is a short, barrel-chested man with a full, dark beard.[1] His musculature is well-toned and the overall appearance of toughness and confidence is reinforced by the scar on his face.[2] He is an amiable man and a staunch believer in personal freedom, believing that only an alliance with one of New Reno's families can guarantee that his town remains free, as (according to him) NCR will turn Redding into another splotch on the NCR map[3] while with Vault City, Redding will become a slave labor camp. For him, the New Reno families are divided enough to give them a best chance for autonomy.

McGrew competes with the other Redding mine, Kokoweef Mine, which is backed by the NCR. The rivalry between the two is at a stalemate, as the control chips for their excavation machines both burned out and they had been digging gold with human hands only.

The owner of Morningstar also cares deeply about his miners. He keeps in touch with them, but never puts their interests above the mine's, as he has to ensure a smooth operation, so that he will be able to make a tidy profit and eventually control enough of Redding to put it under New Reno protection.

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Dan McGrew appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenesEdit

His name is a reference to "The Shooting of Dan McGrew," a famous poem by Robert Service.


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