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I wheel and deal with all the merchants around here, offer'n my humble services for a low, low price.

Dan, Dan the brahmin Man, or Danny,[1] is a resident of the Hub, located near the entrance around 2161.


The "big three" merchant companies in the Hub (the Crimson Caravan, Far Go Traders and the Water Merchants) all rent wagons and brahmin from him directly. Dan also works closely with many of the smaller caravan outfits in the Hub.

Dan firmly believes in rehabilitation over punishment, believing that killing criminals doesn't "get at the root of the problem." To that ends, he was given custody of Billy by the Hub police as a way of straightening out the child's thieving ways.[2] Dan has put Billy to work guarding his herd of brahmin. He is quick to yell at Billy for slacking off on the job, but otherwise does not punish him harshly.

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Torn old outfit


Dan appears only in Fallout.