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Damn radstorms! is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Steel Reign.


The note can be found at the Harpers Ferry tunnel, on a table above the stairs on the northeastern side of the caravan area, during Out of the Blue.


God damn radstorms! Of all the trips, it's gotta be my turn when the mother of all green glowing death clouds parks itself over the Mire. We're going to need to camp out until it passes...

I'm already exhausted from babysitting this massive group for the past two weeks. Sure, Jo's gonna be thrilled by all the transport fees, but she's not the one that's got to deal with delinquents, uppity merchants, and that weirdo doctor that keeps joining us.

'Least no one's gone missing... assuming I can get them all to stay close by the camp, that is.


Related quest

  • Out of the Blue - This note is one of the three clues that must be inspected in order to discover the fate of the missing caravan.