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The Damaged hazmat suit is an armor set in Fallout 76.


The damaged hazmat suit is identical to the standard suit except it has a large crack on the visor. It has reduced Radiation Resistance and weight compared to the standard version. It provides no Damage Resistance or Energy Resistance but provides 500 Radiation Resistance and a hidden 98% radiation damage reduction bonus. No other armor or clothing can be worn with the hazmat suit.



Name Editor ID Form ID
Full armor Armor_HazmatSuitDamaged 0018B214


Damaged hazmat suit
Level Resistance Durability Weight Value
50 500 44-50 4.0 55
45 500 41-47
40 500 38-44
35 500 35-41
30 500 32-38
25 500 29-35
20 500 26-32
15 500 23-29
10 500 20-26
5 500 17-23
1 500 14-20


Damaged hazmat suit cannot be crafted, and may only be found or purchased from vendors.


  • Federal Disposal Field HZ-21:
    • One can be found inside the main building, on a bench in front of a set of lockers in the southwest corner.
    • One can be found inside the main building, on the first floor, on a table under the stairs, to the left
  • Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06:
    • Three hazmat suits can be found in open metal lockers near the decontamination arch leading into the reactor room inside.
  • West Tek research center:
    • Two can be found inside the changing rooms with the yellow curtains.
  • The Crater:
    • One damaged hazmat suit can be found at the crashed space station at the northern edge of the map, inside of the separated section at the south end of the area.
  • Emmett Mountain disposal site:
    • One can be found on a metal shelf just outside the main entrance to the storage tunnels.
    • One can be found at the exterior disposal site, within a large pillbox building, inside a storage room.
    • One can be found in the locker room to the left after entering the initial mine tunnel, on top of a set of lockers next to a locked (Picklock level 0) chem cooler.
  • Unmarked location
  • Can be worn by random people in a Blast zone (unobtainable).


  • Damaged hazmat suit provides only 500 radiation resistance, but has the same hidden 98% radiation damage reduction effect as other hazmat suits.
  • The armor is not affected by Sturdy Frame and Lucky Break perks.
  • Does count as an armor for the Chameleon mutation.
  • Although regular Hazmat suit can be crafted, damaged hazmat suits can be only found or bought.
  • All hazmat suits share model and stats, but they can't be repainted to other versions.
  • Damaged hazmat suit is missing a paint slot.