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Dalton farm is a location and possible settlement on the Island in 2287.


Once a farmstead owned by the Dalton family, the wealthiest family on the island, it was abandoned after it was attacked by a fog crawler. Cassie Dalton's grandfather George fought the fog crawler to allow his family and farmhands to escape and was killed as a result.


Initially, the area is covered in thick fog, and the workshop cannot be used even after clearing the location of hostiles. Fog condensers are added when the settlement is obtained through the related quest.

The location features two buildings, a small plot of five corn plants, a water pump, and a pier with the workshop to the northwest. The buildings are severely damaged; however, several intact structures such as floors and walls can be salvaged and reused for construction. Once cleared, a large settlement area is available.

Notable loot

  • A full suit of T-51 power armor, painted with the lime green Vim! Refresh paint job and a fully charged fusion core - East-southeast on the main east-west road in a truck. The truck is south of a teddy bear floating on a broken outhouse door which is some distance east of the farm on the shoreline.

Related quests


  • The settlement is obtained through the quest Blood Tide, given by Cassie Dalton. The settlement becomes available upon completing the second part of the quest.
  • One can create supply lines between Dalton farm and settlements in the Commonwealth.
  • One can also build trade caravan posts to attract wandering merchants from the mainland.
  • The settlement will be impossible to use (with a message indicating the player character cannot build here due to the Fog) if one sides against Far Harbor before claiming the settlement via Blood Tide. However, the player character will retain control of this settlement if siding against Far Harbor after claiming control.


Dalton farm appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



  1. Cassie "That's right, the farm is yours. Your own little piece of the island. It'll take work to get it up and running again, but you'll have help."
    (Cassie Dalton's dialogue)