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Dalton farm is a farm and possible settlement on the Island in 2287.


Once a farmstead owned by the Dalton family, the wealthiest family on the island, it was abandoned after it was attacked by a fog crawler. Cassie's grandfather George Dalton fought the fog crawler to allow his family and farmhands to escape and was killed as a result.


Initially, the area is covered in thick fog and the workshop cannot be used even after clearing it of hostiles. In order to use the settlement, the second part of Blood Tide from Cassie Dalton has to be completed. Doing so will send two settlers and adds fog condensers, allowing the settlement to be used.

Most of the buildings here are severely damaged so that the only option is to demolish them for scrap. However, there are some intact building materials such as floors and walls that can be salvaged and reused for construction. Once cleared, both the area above the ledge and the lower part along the shoreline provides a large area to build on.

The workshop is on a small alcove on the pier.


  • If a trade caravan post is built, traders from the Commonwealth will arrive here.
  • This settlement will be impossible to use (and constantly say that the player character cannot build here due to the fog) if they side against Far Harbor without first claiming it via the appropriate side quest for Cassie Dalton. However, the Sole Survivor will retain control of this settlement if they side against Far Harbor (let the fog claim it) if they already have control.
  • This location is attacked by fog crawlers frequently.


Dalton farm appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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