I never was happier than when I was in the cockpit. I was able to go just about anywhere and everywhere, limited only by the fuel I could carry.

Daisy Whitman is a former Enclave vertibird pilot living in Novac in 2281.


An Enclave veteran and citizen, back when the oil rig and Navarro were still flying familiar colors, Daisy was a pilot assigned to the Devil's Brigade, a squad under the command of Captain Judah Kreger. Piloting the great flying machines left an indelible mark on her personality, becoming her truest passion. Being in the Enclave mattered little, what was important was being able to taste freedom while airborne. She loved it so much that she was willing to risk her standing by taking the scenic route back to Navarro each time she flew on a mission.[1] Out of 71 mission, she suffered only one Vertibird loss, barely walking away from a crash in Klamath that claimed the lives of her two fellow crew members.[2] Out of these 71, a dozen were flown for Mark Gannon, Arcade's father, including the one where he fell in combat.[3]

Her career ended when the Chosen One destroyed the oil rig in 2242 and Navarro fell to the New California Republic. Judah Kreger, Orion Moreno, Cannibal Johnson, and the little Arcade Gannon with his mother flew out of Navarro on one of the last Vertibirds, at first south, into the NCR. They tried to integrate into Republic's society but were forced to flee east as the NCR cracked down on Enclave members living in their lands. In the end, Daisy brought the Devil's Brigade to the Mojave Wasteland, where they put their power armor and Vertibird in storage, then went their separate ways to find a new life on the frontier. Being grounded broke Daisy's heart, buoyed only by the young Arcade. Having no children of her own, she became an ersatz mother to him and one of the only two women in his life.[3]

She found a measure of happiness as a scavenger and by 2281 is living in Novac, helping prospectors take apart engines and isolate parts worth reselling.[4] She still misses her time in the air,[5] and would give everything to fly just one more time, even if she might wind up on the bottom of Lake Mead due to her age.[6]

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Rattan cowboy hat
Settler outfit
Hunting rifle
Case, .308 (5)


  • She flew 71 missions for the Enclave at the cost of one vertibird, which crashed near Klamath after a rotor malfunction. This is the crashed vertibird seen in Fallout 2, and is where Lily Bowen found the parts for her vertibird blade sword.
  • Daisy's word for the Remnants bunker is "dear."
  • In the Italian version of the game, she will say that her word for the bunker is "tesoro," which means "treasure," but in the bunker, the Courier enters "caro," which means "dear."


Daisy Whitman appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


Daisy is able to detect the player character from anywhere in her apartment, even when she should not be able to, such as while sleeping, facing the other direction or in a different room. However, it may still be possible to steal some items by crouching and almost simultaneously stealing the item.[verified]



  1. The Courier: "How did you like flying Vertibirds for the Enclave?"
    Daisy Whitman: "I never was happier than when I was in the cockpit. I was able to go just about anywhere and everywhere, limited only by the fuel I could carry. There were more than a few missions where I took the scenic route home just so I could stay in the air. Caught hell for it every time, but worth it! Some of the things we did were questionable, I know. That's just how it was back then. Figure I've done enough good to make up for any sins, anyhow."
    (Daisy Whitman's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "You were a pilot?"
    Daisy Whitman: "Vertibird pilot. Seventy-one missions and only lost one chopper. Rotor malfunction over Klamath. Hard landing, but I walked away."
    (Daisy Whitman's dialogue)
  3. 3.0 3.1 Arcade Gannon: "Since my mother died, Daisy's been the only woman in my life. She was the only other woman close to my father, too. She flew him out on over a dozen missions, including his last. I've always been close to Daisy. There have been some good men along the way, but lovers make poor confidants. Daisy never had children of her own, so she was always there to listen. Being in the Enclave didn't mean much to her. She just loved to fly. It broke her heart to be grounded."
    (Arcade Gannon's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "What do you do in Novac?"
    Daisy Whitman: "I help folks strip down the more complicated bits of salvage they bring in - engines, mostly. The bits and pieces we take out are usually worth more than the whole thing put together."
    (Daisy Whitman's dialogue)
  5. Daisy Whitman: "Fine weather for flying. It's times like these that make me miss it all."
    (Daisy Whitman's dialogue)
  6. The Courier: "Arcade asked me to find you. I'm reuniting the Remnants, and they'll need your piloting skills."
    Daisy Whitman: "Told you everything about us, did he? Well, it's been a while since I've had my hands on the controls of a Vertibird. There's a chance I could crash us in the middle of Lake Mead - that place seems to attract aircraft, for some reason. But, if I'll get one more chance to fly, count me in. I'll be there. My part of the pass phrase is "Dear.""
    (Daisy Whitman's dialogue)
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