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With Daily Ops, we're aiming to bring more repeatable and challenging content to the game that you can jump into on a regular basis, which has been highly-requested by some of our more experienced players.Daily Ops Preview

Daily Ops are a gameplay feature in Fallout 76, introduced in the One Wasteland For All update. Using the game's instancing technology, Daily Ops aim to provide challenging, randomized, and repeatable dungeon-clearing missions for experienced players.

Uplink was the first and is currently the only Daily Op to be released.

Details[edit | edit source]

Each Daily Op takes place in an instanced dungeon, with variable objectives depending on the Daily Op mode. If the objective is successfully completed and enemies within the location are defeated, the player character will be rewarded with ammo, loot, XP, and in-game currency. Daily Ops can be completed solo or with teams of up to four. They can also be completed as much as one wishes, though certain rewards may only be available once per day.

Daily Op locations, enemies, and enemy mutations are randomized each day. Enemy mutations are unique effects applied to hostiles in Daily Ops that can affect gameplay.

Tier system[edit | edit source]

Daily Ops will provide greater rewards if they are completed within certain time limits. There are three tiers for each level of rewards:

Tier Time Reward
FO76 dailyops lock.png
Base tier
Completion XP
FO76 dailyops initiate.png
Initiate tier
16 minutes or less low chance of rare reward, additional XP
FO76 dailyops knight.png
Knight tier
12 minutes or less better chance of rare reward, additional legendary item
FO76 dailyops elder.png
Elder tier
8 minutes or less best chance of rare reward, additional currency

To attain Elder Tier, teaming up with other players is recommended, though not a requirement, and it is possible to solo a Daily Op and achieve Elder Tier. Each rank can only be achieved once per day.

Once a Daily Op is completed, an after-action Operation Report is provided, showing how fast the mission was completed, as well as which rewards were granted, and the possibility of a rare reward. If no rare reward is received, even after attaining Elder Tier, no additional opportunities are available until the next day when it resets.


Initiate Tier Paladin Tier Elder Tier
  • (1) Daily Ops item (very rare)
  • (1) Low level reward
  • (1) Rare reward (rare)
  • (1) Uncommon reward
  • (500) Additional XP
  • (1) Daily Ops item (rare)
  • (1) Low level reward
  • (1) Rare reward (rare)
  • (1) Uncommon reward
  • (1) Daily Ops item (common)
  • (1) Low level reward
  • (1) Rare reward (rare)
  • (1) Uncommon reward
  • Note that attaining a higher tier will reward items from lists of all previous tiers provided those tiers weren't already earned. For example, earning "Elder" rank will reward Elder, Paladin, and Initiate rewards, if those tiers haven't already been earned.

Game modes[edit | edit source]

Mission Led by Locked mutation Description
FO76 icons uplink01.png
Initiate Dodge Piercing Gaze Activate a signal repeater and calibrate uplinks before drawing out an enemy leader by eliminating its forces.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Mutations[edit | edit source]

  • Piercing Gaze: Enemies have greatly enhanced perception of players, and will automatically detect nearby players, regardless of the stealth.
  • Volatile: Enemies will explode on death. Human enemies, such as Blood Eagles or Super Mutants, will burst apart into gibs similar to the Bloody Mess perk.
  • Active Camouflage: Enemies will be cloaked when not attacking. They may be revealed while reloading, and may occasionally attack while cloaked.
  • Resilient: Enemies can only be killed by a melee attack. Once down to their last hit point, they will glow orange to represent only a melee attack can finish them off. Melee attacks, Hack and Slash and weapon bashing qualify as melee attacks.
  • Freezing Touch: Enemy attacks will freeze players, slowing them down considerably if enough damage accumulates. Freezing stacks wear off gradually after a few seconds, taking additional hits will increase the duration as well as the magnitude. All animations are slowed, including stimpaks, revives, attack rates and reload rates.

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