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Daily Ops is a PvE game mode in Fallout 76, introduced in the One Wasteland For All update. Using the game's instancing technology, Daily Ops aim to provide challenging, randomized and repeatable dungeon-clearing missions for experienced players. Daily Ops rotate every day at 1:00pm EST.


FO76 itv dailyops theburrows
With Daily Ops, we're aiming to bring more repeatable and challenging content to the game that you can jump into on a regular basis, which has been highly-requested by some of our more experienced players.Inside the Vault; September 11, 2020

Daily Ops take place in an instanced dungeon, randomized each day. They can be completed solo or with teammates in groups of up to four. If the mission is successfully completed, the participants will be rewarded according to their completion time. The operation is repeatable, though certain rewards may only be available once per day.

The objectives, locations, enemies and their mutations are randomized each day. Enemy mutations are powerful effects, exclusive to hostiles in Daily Ops, which have a significant impact on gameplay. Some mutations cause enemies to always detect sneaking players, while others grant healing abilities.


The narrative of Daily Ops is light on the details but heavy on the action. Players complete various jobs for Vernon Dodge, a member of Appalachia's original Brotherhood of Steel, while he chats over a radio. Although Daily Ops are introduced into the plot during the quest Breaking Radio Silence, completion of the quest is not a requirement in order to join Daily Ops.


Dailyops uplink 1024 Uplink
Default mutation: Piercing Gaze
Activate a signal repeater and calibrate uplinks before drawing out an enemy leader by eliminating its forces.
Dailyops decryption 1024 Decryption
Default mutation: Savage Strike
Disable radio interceptors by taking down Code Carriers.
  • Player equipment condition is drained 50% slower during a Daily Op.
  • Enemies encountered during a Daily Op cannot be crippled, staggered, or pacified. They cannot spawn as Legendary enemies. Killing an enemy during a Daily Op will grant -50% XP.
  • 76 WL Daily Ops cultist at Watoga High
    Daily Ops enemies drop ammunition matching what is used by the player's ranged weapons at the time of their death.
  • Using the Daily Op Public Team will provide bonus XP during Daily Ops, with +25% bonus XP to start, and +100% bonus XP for a fully bonded, four-person team.
  • Joining an instance is always possible, even if overencumbered. Upon completion of the instance, the player is returned to the last location fast traveled to prior to joining the instance.
  • The uplinks during Uplink fill faster the more players are within the objective area:[verification needed]
0 players 600 seconds
1 players 150 seconds
2 players 120 seconds
3 players 110 seconds
4 players 90 seconds


FO76 itv dailyops banner

Resilient super mutants at Vault 94

Every aspect of Daily Ops is randomized to provide a unique, dynamic experience. On one day, players may be hunting down exploding Mothman cultists with armor penetrating attacks in order to deactivate signal interceptors around the Burrows. The next day may require players to set up uplinks around Watoga High School and survive a constant stream of fast-moving Scorched with automatic detection.

The second expansion, with the Locked & Loaded update, brought the total number of possible combinations to 980 for regular Daily Ops, and introduced Double Mutation Weekends, which offered 1,120 combinations at the time.

The third expansion came with the Mutation Invasion update.[clarification needed]

Arktos Pharma biome labs The Burning Mine The Burrows
Charleston Capitol Building Garrahan Mining Headquarters Morgantown High School
Uncanny Caverns Valley Galleria Vault 94
Vault 96 Watoga Civic Center Watoga High School
West Tek research center The Foundry Aquarium of the Atlantic
Enemy factions
Aliens Blood Eagles Communists
Mothman cultists Mole miners Robots
Scorched Super mutants Fanatics
Enemy mutations
Active Camouflage Enemies will be cloaked when not attacking. [note 1]
Freezing Touch Enemy attacks will freeze players, slowing them down considerably if damaged in succession. [note 2]
Group Regeneration Enemies heal nearby enemies. [note 3]
Piercing Gaze Enemies have greatly enhanced perception of players, and will automatically detect nearby players, regardless of their stealth. [note 4]
Reflective Skin Enemies periodically reflect back damage dealt to them. [clarification needed]
Resilient Enemies can only be killed by a melee attack. [note 5]
Savage Strike Enemies bypass armor resistances. [note 6]
Swift-Footed Enemies have increased movement speed. [note 7]
Toxic Blood Enemies create toxic hazards upon death. [note 8]
Volatile Enemies will explode on death, dealing damage. [note 9]


Each enemy gang encountered during a Daily Op will feature a powerful boss enemy near the conclusion of the mission. They have a large amount of HP and carry unique and dangerous weaponry.

Name Weapon Outfit
Alien Inquisitor Plasma blasts N/A
Assaultron Intimidator  · Assaultron Head: a special Assaultron head with a supercharged laser
 · Left/Right minigun: special miniguns mounted on each arm
Black paintjob; sinister body armor, grim leg armor, brutal leg armor
Blood Eagle Destroyer Auto grenade launcher: a special auto grenade launcher customized with a Blood Eagles paintjob. Blood Eagles skull lord outfit and mask
Communist Commissar Riot shotgun: a special Pepper Shaker which fires 6 black powder pellets per blast Red Scare power armor, communist commander outfit and hat
Cultist Prophet Mothman gun: a special gamma gun which fires sonic blasts Ghillie suit and hood, raider pathfinder mask, Mothman goggles
Mole Miner Juggernaut Mole miner launcher: a special missile launcher which fires mini-nukes Unique blue juggernaut outfit texture; juggernaut backpack
Scorched Exterminator Scorched plasma launcher: a special gauss pistol which fires plasma missiles Unique white exterminator skin texture; jeans underarmor, full light raider armor set
Super Mutant Firestarter Assault rifle: a special assault rifle which fires fireballs Unique orange firestarter skin texture; chest harness, waistcloth, cloth wraps

Double Mutations[]

Double Mutation Weekend community events are special, more challenging Daily Ops featuring enemies with a unique combination of two different Mutations - for a total of three. These Ops will typically be available every other weekend, from Thursday to Monday (1:00 PM EST).

These events offer additional incentives and rewards for the first and all subsequent Daily Ops playthroughs:

Double Mutations
Blistering Cold Freezing Touch + Swift-Footed
Chilling Mend Freezing Touch + Group Regeneration
Clouded Toxins Active Camouflage + Toxic Blood
Relentless Resilient + Group Regeneration
Stinging Frost Freezing Touch + Toxic Blood
Swift Stalker Active Camouflage + Swift-Footed
Unstable Volatile + Swift-Footed
Vaporous Volatile + Active Camouflage


FO76 itv dailyops opreport01

Op Report

Daily Ops will provide greater rewards if they are quickly completed, detailed in the after-action report. There are three tiers based on completion time, each offering its own pool of rewards.

  • Initiate (16 minutes or less)
  • Paladin (12 minutes or less)
  • Elder (8 minutes or less)

Note that attaining a higher tier will reward items from lists of all previous tiers, provided those tiers weren't already earned. For example, earning "Elder" rank on the first Op of that day will reward all 3 pools - Initiate, Paladin, and Elder. The rare Daily Ops item[1] rewards may only be obtained once each per day. Following the release of Steel Reign, completing a Daily Op for the first time within Elder par time unlocks an achievement/trophy.

Note: Items marked with * may only be received if that plan has not already been learned.


  • The supporting enemies that spawn alongside the boss will not respawn.
  • Upon completing a Daily Op, all enemies that are still alive will explode, dying instantly. Once a Daily Op is completed, the dungeon may be explored and looted for 5 minutes before closing.
  • Some Daily Ops maps are altered significantly from their interior cell counterparts, such as altered graffiti and arena layout in the Watoga Civic Center or the crashed UFO in the Charleston Capitol Building.
  • Any Muzak or sound effects which normally play in a dungeon, such as Valley Galleria, are disabled during Daily Ops.
  • In Uplink Daily Ops, stealth is impossible due to enemies having a mutation called "Piercing Gaze." Even with maximum sneakiness, all enemies will always be aware of the player's exact location.
  • In Decryption Daily Ops, enemies ignore 100% of all damage resistances from armor, due to a mutation called "Savage Strike." This allows them to kill players in just a few shots, greatly encouraging the use of stealth. Dodge vaguely warns the players of this at the start of the Daily Op and will encourage them to be sneaky.
    • This mutation does not account for damage reduction. Wearing Power Armor, or armor that has the Overeater's legendary effect, will still reduce the damage taken. The Dodgy perk also works.
  • Attaining Elder rewards from a Daily Op unlocks the Smooth Operator achievement/trophy.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Steve Massey, a lead level designer on Fallout 76, led the development of Daily Ops alongside lead UX designer Don Etgeton.[2]
  • The Vault Raids feature was scrapped in favor of the broader Daily Ops feature.[3]
  • Cut content Mutation: "Vengeful Rage" - killing enemies buffs up to 6 nearby allies for 20 seconds (+100% Damage, +200 Damage Resistance)


  • Upon release, there were 48 possible combinations for Daily Ops. The first expansion increased the count to 588. The second expansion brought the total combinations to 980 during regular Daily Ops, and 1,120 during Double Mutation Weekends.
  • Prior to Patch 25, the Elder reward tier only had an 80% chance to grant a Daily Op item as opposed to being a guaranteed drop.
  • Patch 30 introduced a countdown timer to track when Daily Ops rotates its challenge.
  • Prior to Patch 30, Group Regeneration would incorrectly apply its heal due to server latency.
  • Prior to Patch 30, Active Camouflage occasionally would not properly activate or deactivate the stealth field when enemies change attack states.
  • Prior to Patch 30, the explosion created by the Volatile mutation had hit box issues. In addition to correcting the bug, the explosion was reworked to deal 15 Fire Damage (reduced only by Damage Reduction) and to subtract 5% of the player's max HP.
  • Prior to Patch 30, alien blaster rounds did not drop as contextual ammo.


  • PCPC Once a Daily Op is completed, the countdown timer to leave the instance may sometimes not appear.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Enemies with Active Camouflage may occasionally attack while stealthed, or may decloak while reloading or not attacking.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Enemies may occasionally spawn out of bounds in the Burrows, Watoga Civic Center, and Vault 94, often making the mission impossible to complete without the use of exploits.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 The following are not considered "melee attacks", and will not finish off enemies with the Resilient mutation:
    • Minigun shredder (unreliable) - if the enemy is being hit before their HP reaches 1, they will be killed as expected. If they are not hit by the shredder until after they reach 1 HP and begin glowing, they will not be killed by the shredder.[verified]
    • Even when the Resilient modifier is in effect, it is still possible to kill super mutant suiciders with ranged attacks.[verified] Possibly intentional game design.
    • Trampling with the Pain Train perk. This was patched with Mutation Invasion and now works correctly.[patched]
    • Throwing weapons - throwing knife, meat cleaver, tomahawk and Sheepsquatch shard. This was patched with Mutation Invasion and these weapons now properly finish off Resilient enemies.[patched]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 As of patch 30, 5mm rounds will not drop when using miniguns or Gatling guns. This was later patched.[patched]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Prior to patch 30, the Volatile explosion hitbox prevented it from correctly dealing damage at all angles. This has since been patched.[patched]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 More often than not, after completing a Daily Op, the timer will continue to count up. However, this doesn't actually affect the final time; the time that was recorded at the exact moment the final objective was completed is always the final time that will be shown.[verification overdue]


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Mutation technical notes
  1. Active Camouflage:
    BUG: They may be revealed while reloading, and may occasionally attack while cloaked.
  2. Freezing Touch:
    Freezing stacks wear off gradually after a few seconds, although taking additional hits will increase the duration as well as the magnitude. All animations are slowed, including stimpaks, attack rates and reload rates.
    • Stacks per hit: 1
    • Max stacks: 9
    • Stacking reset: 6 seconds
    • Slow Duration: 11 seconds
    • Stage 1: Chilled (max 2)
      • -15% speed
    • Stage 2: Frosted (max 2)
      • -30% speed
    • Stage 3: Frozen (max 2)
      • -45% speed
    (Note: slow-effects are not mitigated by Cryo Resistance)
  3. Group Regeneration:
    Regenerating foes may heal themselves.
    • Heals: 20% HP per second until max HP
    • Radius: 15
  4. Piercing Gaze:
    Enemies will automatically detect any player within a set radius.
  5. Resilient:
    Once down to their last hit point, they will glow orange to indicate that only a melee attack can finish them off.
    Melee attacks are:
  6. Savage Strike:
  7. Swift-Footed:
    • +40% swing speed and reload speed
    • +60% movement speed
  8. Toxic Blood:
    Spending time in a hazard will increase the rank of the detrimental effect
    • Rank 1: (after 1 second, upgrades to Rank 2)
    • Rank 2: (after 1 second, upgrades to Rank 3)
      • 35 Poison Damage per second for 1 second
    • Rank 3: (after 1 second, repeats damage)
      • 40 Poison Damage per second for 1 second
    • Hazard radius: 9.0
    • Duration: 15 seconds
    • Max active hazards: 8
  9. Volatile:
    Human enemies, such as Blood Eagles or Super Mutants, will burst apart into gibs similar to the Bloody Mess perk
    • Damage: 15 Fire Damage, -5% player Max HP
    • Blast radius: 500 outer, 150 inner
    (Note: Fire damage is not reduced by Fire Resistance
    Note: this information reflects patch 30 PTS)