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Dagger's Den, also known as The Cave,[1] is a location in the the Mire region of Appalachia. Previously known as Hawke's Refuge, Dagger's Den was established by the Blood Eagles, who took over the old settlement and converted it into a base.


See also: Hawke's Refuge

The former settlement of Hawke's Refuge was converted into a Blood Eagle camp in 2103, claimed by the gang's regional leader Dagger after having returned to Appalachia. The raiders significantly secured the site, with multiple defensive walls and cabins, turning the area into a heavily fortified stronghold. Ever since, Dagger's Den has been used as their base of operations, attacking travelers and other inhabitants of the Mire.[2] Of note are the villagers of The Retreat, whom the Blood Eagles are extorting to gain supplies and eventually claim their treehouse village.[3]


The main entrance to the location, near the fast travel spawn point, is chained up. Going southwest instead, one passes by a bus that contains a locked safe (Picklock 1). This leads to an alternate entrance to Dagger's Den on the right. Immediately after taking this route, there is a yellow door (Picklock 1) that leads to the former cave entrance. It has since been taken over by the Blood Eagles, and "Dagger's Den" has been graffitied above it.

Dagger's Den has a network of shacks on its ground level; one series of shacks past the yellow door eventually leads to the wilderness and rocks above the cave (to the north). Following the path provides access to a lookout tower and a grilling area with a potential recipe spawn. Further north are more lookout posts.

Doubling back down to the southeast, a red door opens to more shacks. The first level has a brewing station and a recreation area with a pool table and musical instruments. The second level has a steamer trunk and a kitchen area. Continuing east leads one back to the yellow door near the cave.

On the outskirts of Dagger's Den, to the south, is a small bridge and lookout platform complex made out of two large trees. Westward is a final guard tower.

Notable loot

  • Blood Eagle code - Note, on a crate in a southeastern shack, near a chained door.
  • Brianna Hawke's diary - Note, inside the Dagger's Den, in the northeastern booby-trapped shack, on a desk.
  • Dagger's journal - Note, in the throne room.
  • Buffout supply - Quest item, found in the steamer trunk during Supply and Demand.
  • Super mutant head - Inside the Dagger's Den, near the Bloody Pecker's pen, on a wooden shelf on the third row, to the right of a locked wooden crate.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - Inside the Dagger's Den, in the bedroom with a steamer trunk, behind a bottle rack near the southwestern wall.
  • Potential armor mod - On a metal table opposite of the steamer trunk in the northwest large shack.
  • Potential recipe - Near the grilling area to the north, on a table on a rock overlooking the camp, in a surgical tray.


Dagger's Den replaced Hawke's Refuge in patch 22. At the time, the entrance to the cave itself was boarded up, and only the exterior of Dagger's Den could be explored. Patch 24 opened the interior and the throne room.


Dagger's Den appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the One Wasteland For All update. It was expanded upon in Steel Dawn.

Behind the scenes

Level designer Craig Bernardo and environment artist Connor McCampbell contributed to the design of Dagger's Den.[4]


Current layout


Before Steel Dawn