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This is a transcript for dialogue with front desk attendant.

DN120[edit | edit source]

1DN120_GreetSynthsScene00187688Ah, more visitors!A1a
2Welcome to Sandy Coves Convalescent Home!A1b
3DN120FrontDeskGreeterScene000A7D06Welcome to Sandy Coves Convalescent Home.A
4How may I help you?Player Default: I'm checking in.A
50011B467Player Default: My family filled out the paperwork earlier.Welcome! We'll put you in Gladys's old room.A1a
6Take the back stair, and it's the first door on your left.FrontDeskGreeter: Have a nice day!A1b
7Player Default: My family filled out the paperwork earlier.I'm afraid I am unable to process your request at this time.FrontDeskGreeter: Have a nice day!A2a
80011B466Player Default: Visiting my grandma.How nice for her! Don't forget to sign in, please.FrontDeskGreeter: Have a nice day!B1a
90011B465Player Default: Just browsing.Please do not disturb our residents, they need their rest.FrontDeskGreeter: Have a nice day!X1a
100011B464Player Default: This place is still in business?But of course!Y1a
11Sandy Coves Convalescent Home runs in continuous operation due to the dedication and attentiveness of our robot staff.Y1b
12Was there anything else?FrontDeskGreeter: Have a nice day!Y1c
1300026AA2Player Default: Take the back stair, and it's the first door on your left.{MARK FOR RE-RECORD. / Friendly} Have a nice day!A1a
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