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This is a transcript for dialogue with oceanological instructor.


1-0007FF43A single mouthful of seawater may contain hundreds of thousands of Phytoplankton.
2The average depth of the Atlantic Ocean is 3,928 meters.
3{Geoduck is pronounced "gooey duck".} Growing to a length of over a meter, the Geoduck is the worlds largest clam. They can live over 150 years.
4A whale's eyeballs are fixed. To look in a different direction it must turn its whole body.
5Approximately 70%... Information updated. Approximately 97% of all life on the planet is found in the sea.
60007EDCBWelcome to the Nahant Oceanological Society.
70007EDC8Lobsters have blue blood.
8Some species of hermit crabs can live up to 70 years and grow to the size of a coconut.
9The bite of a Great White Shark can exceed fourty thousand pounds per square inch.
10A Swordfish will use its bill to lash out and stun prey and possess a special organ to heat their brain and eyes.
11Belcher's Sea Snake is the most venomous snake in the world. A few milligrams of venom is enough to kill hundreds of people.
12Members of the Scorpaenidae family, such as the Lionfish, possess a sharp dorsal spine coated in a venemous mucus.
13Certain species of catfish are equipped with spines long enough to pierce a human heart or lungs.
14When bifurcated, some starfish can regenerate into two separate starfish.
150007EDC7When threatened, the Puffer Fish will blow itself up to more than twice its original size to scare off predators.