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This is a transcript for dialogue with Duke.


1-00048521{Annoyed someone is trying to talk to you while you are watching a race} Can't you see there's a race goin on? Quit buggin me.
2{Annoyed someone is trying to talk to you while you are watching a race} I'm tryin to watch the race. Bug off.
3{About to share an idea you are proud of.} I've got this idea, hear me out.
4{So excited about this idea. Pause at the end for reaction. } A suit of power armor with a jetpack on the back.
5{A bit sad you were never able to figure this out. } Well, it's a far out idea, but it would never work...
6There is nothin' like the feeling of strutting around in your suit, Jack.
7Gunners from Quincy are always comin' in here tryin' to get their mitts on our suits.
8I keep tryin' to tell Zeke we just need to go in there and take 'em all out.
9Buncha knuckleheads...
10Want in with the Cats? Get tight with Zeke.
11{with it as in cool, hip. Not condescending, more like braging about how cool you are. } You gotta be with it to hang around here.
12That's a smokin' suit you got there.
13{Complementing the player's fashion} You wear your plates with style, Jack!
14If you're not chrome plated, you're not with it. Cop yourself some power armor, Jack.
15If more of those dead head Gunners show their mugs around here, I'll be really steamed.
16You think you have what it takes to be one of the Cats?
17{Like you just remembered, angry at yourself} Aw nuts, poetry night is coming up again. I'm not ready.
18I knew you were hip the moment you walked in here. Atom Cat material all the way.