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This is a transcript for dialogue with Elliott Tercorien.

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DLC05BridgeInterDoNothing Get a move on it! Neutral 50 Yes sir. 1
DLC05BridgeTopicElliotInitial What have you got there? Neutral 50 Oh man, I don't know... a teleport jammer, maybe? Right, space ships have those, don't they? 2
Neutral 50 Yeah, sure. a teleport jammer. 3
DLC05BridgeTopicElliotShields How's the jammer holding? Neutral 50 It's holding fine for now, I guess. It should help with the bastards teleporting onto the ship. 4
DLC05ConvTLTercorienCryoWeapons Do you think you can make use of that stuff you picked up in the Cryo Labs? Neutral 50 Yeah, I think so. Before I was shipped out to Anchorage, I was trained in cryoscience. We were hoping to apply that to medicine. 5
Neutral 50 The compounds we used weren't that different from this cryogenic liquid. I'm pretty sure I can make us some improvised weapons from it. 6
Neutral 50 I'm thinking something along the lines of cryo grenades and cryo mines... I don't know yet. 7
Neutral 50 Check back with me in about an hour and I'll see what I can do. 8
Were you able to come up with any cryogenic weapons? Neutral 50 Yeah, sure did. I was able to make a few cryo grenades and cryo mines. 9
Neutral 50 I can make more, but I'll need around three more hours. Keep checking back with me and I'll tinker with it. 10
Any more Cryo Grenades or Cryo Mines ready? Neutral 50 Here you go. Hope you're making good use of them. If you need more, I should have a batch ready in about three hours. 11
Any Cryo Grenades or Cryo Mines ready? Neutral 50 Not yet. Still working on them. 12
DLC05ConvTLTercorienMed Do you think you'll be able to assist us medically if we need it? Neutral 50 I'd really like to, but when I woke up on this ship for the first time all of my medical gear was gone. 13
Neutral 50 I saw that the aliens on this ship have some sort of viscous stuff they slather onto wounds; some kind of biological gel. 14
Neutral 50 Get me some of that, and I might be able to mess around with it, make some sort of Adapted Biogel we can use on ourselves. 15
Could you make me some Adapted Biogel? Neutral 50 Sure, here you go. They should work pretty well... but watch out for side effects. 16
Could you make me some Adapted Biogel? Neutral 50 I'm still going to need more alien biogel before I can make any more of the healing gel. 17
DLC05CryoElliotChoice01 How long can they last if you revive them? Neutral 50 I don't know for certain. I can get them on their feet and moving for maybe a few minutes at best. 18
Neutral 50 There's no way for me to tell what the aliens have already subjected them to. I can't understand these readouts. Their pain could be horrible. 19
Neutral 50 This technology is out of my league so I'm just going to have to improvise. It's the best I can do. 20
DLC05CryoElliotChoice02 We should just put them out of their misery. Neutral 50 Yeah, I was considering that too. We can't let the aliens experiment on them any more. It just isn't right. 21
Disgust 90 But maybe we should give them a chance to fight with us. It's better to die that way than to live through years of agony. 22
DLC05CryoElliotChoice03 We should just leave them here. It's too late for them. Anger 100 Well, we have to do something! We can't just leave them in there like some sort of a lab rat to get poked and prodded and cut open! 23
Anger 90 We have to either let them fight and die like soldiers or at the very least put them out of their misery! 24
DLC05CryoElliotChoice04 I think I've decided what we should do. Neutral 50 Thanks. I'm really not sure what's best for them. What did you decide? 25
DLC05CryoElliotChoiceLeave We have an objective, soldier! We leave immediately. Disgust 100 I... I guess you're right. Let's get the fuck out of here. {choking back anger} 26
DLC05CryoElliotChoiceMisery End it... put them out of their misery. Neutral 50 I suppose you're right. Don't worry, they won't feel a thing. 27
DLC05CryoElliotChoiceRevive Revive them and let them fight with us. Neutral 50 Just remember they won't be alive long so we need to keep moving as fast as we can. 28
Neutral 50 I'm going to need to watch their vitals carefully as I use the medical console to pump them full of the correct fluids and bring them back. 29
Neutral 50 When I give the signal, you open the tubes with that switch. Don't open them until I tell you or the results could be unpredictable. 30
DLC05CryoElliotChoiceThink Let me ask you something before I decide. Neutral 50 All right. What is it? 31
DLC05CryoElliotGreet01 DLC05CryoElliotGreet01 Sad 100 I don't know what to do. These guys are the last of my squad... they're my friends. 32
Fear 80 If I revive them maybe they could help us. I'm not sure they'll last very long, but if we leave them... you saw what the aliens did to the others... 33
DLC05CryoElliotMadAtPlayer DLC05CryoElliotMadAtPlayer Anger 100 I had no choice... I.. I had to do it. You saw. They would have killed us. Damn it! 34
Anger 50 Why couldn't you just wait before you opened their pods? If you don't trust me enough to listen to me, why did you drag me down here with you? 35
Disgust 100 Ah forget it. It's too late now. They're dead and there's no way to bring them back. Let's get the hell out of here. 36
DLC05CryoElliotMadAtPlayer Anger 100 What the hell did you do that for? There might have been a chance to save them! What the fuck is wrong with you?! 37
Anger 50 If you don't trust me enough to listen to me, why did you drag me down here with you? 38
Disgust 100 Ah forget it. It's too late now. They're dead and there's no way to bring them back. Let's get the hell out of here. 39
DLC05CryoElliotMadAtPlayer Anger 100 What the hell did you do that for? I thought we agreed to leave them alone! 40
Anger 60 What if we would have found some way to revive them safely and returned here? Then they may have had a chance! 41
Disgust 100 Ah forget it. It's too late now. They're dead and there's no way to bring them back. Let's get the hell out of here. 42
DLC05CryoElliotTLLabSealed Why are we stuck inside the laboratory? Neutral 50 I think when we opened the door to the operating room we set off some kind of containment alarm. 43
Neutral 50 The room seals itself up and it looks like it's being flooded with some sort of decontamination gases. Pretty high-tech stuff. 44
Neutral 50 Unless I miss my guess, it will cycle itself and unlock the doors in a little bit. We'll just have to wait it out. 45
How long until the laboratory unseals itself? Neutral 50 Not sure. We'll just have to wait for the system to cycle. 46
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet01 It's okay, we're not going to hurt you... We're friends. Surprise 50 What? I've never seen any of you before in my life. Last people I saw were... oh my god! {sudden realization at the end (long pause before it).} 47
Disgust 100 Aliens! I was taken by aliens! You! You must be the aliens trying to get into my mind... well that's not gonna work! 48
Neutral 50 Private Elliott Tercorien, U.S. Army Medic, Serial Number 3477809. That's all I'm telling you. 49
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet02 Your uniform... it looks familiar, but I can't place it. Surprise 100 My what? Who the hell are you... oh my god.... wait a minute! {sudden realization at the end} 50
Neutral 50 Aliens! I was taken by aliens! You! You must be the aliens trying to get into my mind... well that's not gonna work! 51
Neutral 50 Private Elliott Tercorien, U.S. Army Medic, Serial Number 3477809. That's all I'm telling you. 52
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet03 You're a prisoner like the rest of us. Neutral 50 Prisoner? Last thing I remember I was being outside our bunker and then... oh my god! {sudden realization at the end (long pause before it).} 53
Neutral 50 Aliens! I was taken by aliens! You! You must be the aliens trying to get into my mind... well that's not gonna work! 54
Neutral 50 Private Elliott Tercorien, U.S. Army Medic, Serial Number 3477809. That's all I'm telling you. 55
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet04 I can promise you I am not an alien. In fact, I was abducted like you. Fear 70 I dunno, I dunno... maybe you assumed human form. I heard they could do that... or you are human but they took over your mind! 56
Fear 100 We have no idea how limitless their powers are! 57
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet05 You're a doctor and you can't tell from looking at me that I'm no alien? Fear 50 Hey, you could be one of those little green guys in human form... or maybe you ARE human and they just took over your mind. 58
Fear 100 We have no idea how limitless their powers are! 59
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet06 Do I look like an alien? Neutral 50 Ha! That doesn't mean anything! 60
Neutral 50 You could be one of those little green guys in human form... or maybe you ARE human and they just took over your mind. 61
Fear 100 We have no idea how limitless their powers are! 62
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet07 If I were with the aliens, the last thing I would have done is release you. Fear 50 I... I suppose so. 63
Neutral 50 Look, all I want to do is get back home and back to the rest of my squad. 64
Surprise 100 Wait a minute! My men... my unit! Have you seen them? 65
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet08 I promise you, all I want to do is get off this ship and get back home. Neutral 50 You do? Then you're telling me the truth. Those... aliens took you too. 66
Neutral 50 Look, I just want to get out of here and get back to things the way they were. Back with my guys... 67
Neutral 50 Wait a minute! My men... my unit! Have you seen them? 68
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet09 Fine... I'll just put you back in stasis! Fear 100 No! Please don't. It's horrible in there! To think I was just sitting there, frozen like that... I thought I was dead! 69
Neutral 50 Just help me get the hell out of this place. I want to get back home... back to my squad. 70
Neutral 50 Wait a minute! My men... my unit! Have you seen them? 71
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet10 I'm afraid not. All I've found are these people. Fear 50 Oh my god, I'm responsible for them and now they're lost... or dead. 72
Pained 50 Please, if you mean what you say... that we're all in this together... then you've got to help me find out what happened to them! 73
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet11 Nope. Fear 50 What if they're lost... or frozen like I was... or even dead? I'm responsible for them! 74
Neutral 50 Please, if you mean what you say... that we're all in this together... then you've got to help me find out what happened to them! 75
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet12 My guess is the aliens had them for a snack... or worse. Fear 50 No... no. I'm responsible for those men. They were my team. 76
Neutral 50 Please, if you mean what you say... that we're all in this together... then you've got to help me find out what happened to them! 77
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet13 Don't worry, we ARE in this together, and I will help you. Neutral 50 Thank you. Thanks so much. Sorry about all this... I just can't believe this is happening. 78
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet14 Just relax. Let me see what I can do. Neutral 50 Okay... okay. Whew. 79
Neutral 50 Sorry about all this... I just can't believe this is happening. 80
DLC05MZ2TercorienGreet15 I swear, if you don't calm down, I'll stuff you back in the freezer! Neutral 50 No, no! Don't do it... don't do it. 81
Neutral 50 It's just that this whole situation is... unbelievable. 82
Neutral 50 I think I need a few minutes to take a breather... 83
DLC05MZ2TLAbducted Tell me how you were captured by these aliens. Neutral 50 Well, it was getting dark... we had spent the day out in the trenches keeping as many of the guys alive as we could. 84
Neutral 50 Chinese had been pounding on us all day with artillery from these huge guns they had up on the mountains. It was really a mess. 85
Neutral 50 Anyway, we pitched our tents and stowed our gear to try and catch some shuteye. 86
Neutral 50 I woke up suddenly to Private Dawkins screaming... he was bathed in some kind of blue light coming from the sky. 87
Neutral 50 All of us just froze as he just... well... vanished. We didn't know what happened. Did the Chinese come up with some new weapon? 88
Neutral 50 Moments later, all of us were in the blue light too... the rest you know. 89
DLC05MZ2TLAlienIntentions What do you think the aliens want with us? Neutral 50 Isn't it obvious? They're probably using us as guinea pigs, examining our anatomy. 90
Neutral 50 Once they've figured out how to make exact copies of us, they'll send those copies back down to earth to take our places. 91
Neutral 50 When they've copied enough of us, they'll turn on us and take over the world. Come on, how can you not see that coming? 92
What do you think the aliens want with us? Neutral 50 Maybe they're going to take over the whole planet. 93
Neutral 50 Like, maybe they've been coming here for hundreds... no, thousands of years, waiting to hit us when we're not expecting it. 94
Neutral 50 And then they wipe us out, and strip the planet of all its resources. I bet that's it. 95
What do you think the aliens want with us? Neutral 50 What if this is just some horrible misunderstanding? Like, what if some radio waves got beamed into space and made it all the way to their planet. 96
Neutral 50 Only they didn't hear the nightly news or whatever, to them it sounded like a declaration of war. So they decided to attack us first. 97
Neutral 50 Seriously, this whole thing could totally be our fault! Do you realize that? 98
What do you think the aliens want with us? Neutral 50 Hmm... maybe, just maybe, they're responsible for life on earth. Like, they seeded the planet a really long time ago. 99
Neutral 50 And they've been coming back every once in a while to check on the progress... and now they've decided they don't like how it turned out. 100
Neutral 50 Can you imagine? They made us and now they're pissed at us! 101
DLC05MZ2TLBackground Can you tell me more about where you're from? Neutral 50 Me? Well, I was a medic with the 108th Infantry Battalion stationed at Anchorage, Alaska. 102
Neutral 50 I was with a squad of five other medics... our job was to patch everyone up after the Commies gunned them down. 103
Neutral 50 It was pretty bloody... nothing at all like I expected when I gave up my hospital job to enlist in the Army. 104
DLC05MZ2TLHelpAssembly I need some help in the Robot Assembly area. You in? Neutral 50 Never was really good with those tin cans. I deal with blood and guts better than wires and gizmos. That's why I became a doctor. 105
DLC05MZ2TLHelpCryo I need to get through the Cryo Labs. Think you can help me? Neutral 50 What's the point? You already did a good bit of the place. Nah... I'll just stay here and guard the Engine Core. 106
I need to get through the Cryo Labs. Think you can help me? Neutral 50 Hmmm. Sounds like I may be of some use in there. If there are other people in stasis, I could help revive them or something. Just watch my back. 107
DLC05MZ2TLHelpHangar I may need an extra gun in the Hangar Bay. Can you lend a hand? Neutral 50 Gun? No thanks. I've spent enough time patching up the mess that guns make. I'm no killer. 108
DLC05MZ2TLLevelHelp You think anything in here can prove useful? Neutral 50 Well, the cryogenics compound I found will help already, but keep your eyes open for anything else. 109
You think anything in here can prove useful? Neutral 50 I'm not sure. Some of this stuff looks way more advanced than anything I've ever seen. 110
Neutral 50 Let's keep an eye out for any kind of materials or equipment I might be able to adapt for humans. 111
DLC05MZ2TLNeverMind I think you should remain in the Engineering Core for now. Neutral 50 Okay. Whatever you think is best. 112
DLC05MZ2TLSamurai Where's that Kago guy? Neutral 50 Uhh... it wasn't my turn to watch him? 113
Neutral 50 I dunno. He was here before... 114
What do you know about this Toshiro Kago guy? Neutral 50 He looks like a Japanese Samurai. I guess the aliens must have plucked him up from earth a long time ago. I can't understand a word he's saying. 115
DLC05MZ3GreetDeathRay1 You think it was some sort of weapon? Neutral 50 How the hell do I know? It sure looked like it! 116
Neutral 50 That was crazy! What if they use that thing on us! 117
Neutral 50 You gotta find that thing. You gotta find it and get rid of it, before something really bad happens... 118
DLC05MZ3GreetDeathRay2 I have no idea what he said, but he sounded pretty angry. Neutral 50 You think? What clued you in? 119
Neutral 50 It's bad enough that they're trying to kill us, but that was... What, like trying to fry the Earth or something? 120
Neutral 50 We gotta find that... Death Ray, or whatever it is... and stop it! 121
DLC05MZ3GreetDeathRay3 We need to find out what that was, and put a stop to it. Neutral 50 Yeah, no kidding. Wow, they've gotta be really pissed at us. 122
Neutral 50 We better hurry up and find out how to shut that thing down. 123
DLC05PostGreet1 Thanks for your help. Couldn't have done it without you. Neutral 50 Aw, come on. We both know you could have. 124
DLC05PostGreet2 What will you do now? Neutral 50 I don't know... I don't really have a place down there anymore, do I? Doesn't sound like it'd suit me very well. 125
Neutral 50 I think I'll stick around here for a while. See if I can't figure out some of this technology. 126
DLC05PostGreet3 You think they'll ever come back? Neutral 50 Boy, I sure hope not. But at least we know what to do with them, right? 127
DLC05PQTLWeapon I could use some more of these alien weapons. Got any? Neutral 50 Yep, sure thing! 128
I could use some more of these alien weapons. Got any? Neutral 50 Here you go. 129
I could use some more of these alien weapons. Got any? Neutral 50 Here's everything I've got. 130
I could use some more of these alien weapons. Got any? Neutral 50 We don't have anything else stockpiled right now. Sorry. 131
I could use some more of these alien weapons. Got any? Neutral 50 Sorry boss, not right now. Anything turns up, and I'll let you know. 132
I could use some more of these alien weapons. Got any? Neutral 50 No, but we're still checking the rest of the ship as best we can. 133
DLC05PQTLWherePaulson Where's Paulson? Neutral 50 He took off just after you did. Said there was no reason for him to hang around here, that he might as well go see what it was like down there. 134
Neutral 50 I wasn't about to tell him he couldn't go... 135
DLC05TercorienHolo1 DLC05TercorienHolo1 Neutral 50 Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit... 136
Neutral 50 {ALIEN} 137
Neutral 50 Gah! Look, just let me go, okay? This is crazy, this is like batshit unbelievable crazy. I didn't do anything, I don't know what you want with me. 138
Neutral 50 Is this because of Anchorage? I swear, I didn't even want to be there, man. You've gotta believe me. 139
Neutral 50 I didn't even WANT to be out in the field! I was hoping for a job in Washington, you know? 140
Neutral 50 {ALIEN} 141
Neutral 50 What? What do you want? I don't understand! Why is this happening to me?? 142
DLC05TLBridgeDoor Why can't I use the door to get off the bridge? Neutral 50 I bet it's a safety mechanism, designed to seal off damaged areas of the ship. At least, that's what I'd do if I were designing a spaceship. 143
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Sir? 144
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, I thought you should know... Someone must've hit a button during the fight just now. 145
Neutral 50 If I understood the display correctly, I think we sort of launched a homing beacon of some kind down to the surface. Landed just outside DC. 146
Neutral 50 I wouldn't mention it, except that I think... Like I said, I'm not sure... I think it's a way to get back to earth. 147
Neutral 50 Seems like there's a teleporter in the Captain's quarters... I mean, I guess they're your quarters now. 148
Neutral 50 So I guess you can go home if you want. Don't worry, I'll stick around up here and keep an eye on things. 149
GREETING Neutral 50 We did it! We really did it! 150
Neutral 50 Oh man, I can't believe it! I never thought we'd make it! 151
Neutral 50 You're the best. The absolute best. I'd be dead without you, or worse. Thank you so much. 152
GREETING Neutral 50 Need something? 153
GREETING Neutral 50 Always good to see you. 154
GREETING Neutral 50 I see you're still in one piece. 155
GREETING Neutral 50 Holy shit, did you see that? What was that thing? Some crazy alien Death Ray? 156
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh, great. Another dark and scary part of the ship. 157
Neutral 50 Well at least it's someplace different, right? 158
GREETING Neutral 50 You're going through that next teleporter first, right? 159
GREETING Neutral 50 So we're going to follow you through that next one, huh? Okay. I'll... I'll go through last. 160
GREETING Neutral 50 This is crazy, right? It's not just me? We're actually trying to escape from a spaceship? Crazy... 161
GREETING Neutral 50 You know the odds of getting out of this alive are pretty small, right? I'm just saying. 162
GREETING Neutral 50 Just between you and me, I'm surprised at how well I'm coping. I mean, I think I'm coping. Unless I've just lost my mind already... 163
GREETING Neutral 50 Aliens... who'd have believed it? This is nuts. 164
GREETING Surprise 50 Wait, wait. I have no idea how I'm going to be of any help in this part of the ship, so I'm going to stay behind in the Engine Core. 165
GREETING Neutral 50 Now that all three generators are destroyed, you're going to have to take a walk outside. I just hope that old spacesuit is still sealed properly. 166
GREETING Neutral 50 Hurry up taking out the last generator if you can. I don't feel comfortable staying near that giant engine core for much longer. 167
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, you're doing great... only two more generators and we can move on. Just hang in there, I know this is rough. 168
GREETING Surprise 50 What's... what's going on? Who are all these people? 169
GREETING Neutral 50 What's on your mind? 170
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh hey. What's up? 171
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey there... what did you need? 172
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 No. No, it's not right. I am NOT just leaving them here to their fate. I couldn't do that back in Anchorage, and I am not doing it now. 173

Conversation Edit

DLC05BridgeTopicElliotRandom DLC05BridgeTopicElliotRandom Neutral 50 This is just like the last time. 174
DLC05BridgeTopicElliotRandom Neutral 50 I think I'm actually getting the hang of this thing. 175
DLC05BridgeTopicElliotRandom Neutral 50 When you really look, it doesn't seem that hard at all. 176
DLC05ConvCargo01 DLC05ConvCargo01 Neutral 50 Hey look, Giddyup Buttercups! All the rich kids had them. Waste of money if you ask me. 177
DLC05ConvCargo02 DLC05ConvCargo02 Neutral 50 Look, even more of them. Buttercups that is. 178
DLC05ConvCargo03 DLC05ConvCargo03 Neutral 50 OK, this is getting a little ridiculous now. 179
DLC05ConvCargo04 DLC05ConvCargo04 Neutral 50 Oh wow. I remember these posters plastered all over the place back home. 180
DLC05ConvCargo05 DLC05ConvCargo05 Neutral 50 What are they doing to the Buttercups? 181
DLC05ConvCargo06 DLC05ConvCargo06 Neutral 50 Our situation didn't get any better by the looks of what happened here. I say we get the hell out of here. 182
DLC05ConvCargo07 DLC05ConvCargo07 Neutral 50 Well, that's one way to take out the garbage. {Commenting on an extremely large trash chute found in the cargo hold.} 183
DLC05ConvCargo08 DLC05ConvCargo08 Neutral 50 Nuka-Cola! You know, they came out with this stuff called Nuka-Cola Quantum way back. Now that was some powerful stuff. I can still taste it now. {Tercorien commenting on Nuka bottles, nuka cola machine.} 184
DLC05ConvERoomEngine DLC05ConvERoomEngine Neutral 50 What is that thing? 185
DLC05ConvERoomEngineGasTrap DLC05ConvERoomEngineGasTrap Neutral 50 They're trying to gas us again. 186
DLC05ConvERoomEpoxy DLC05ConvERoomEpoxy Neutral 50 Grab some of that epoxy, our weapons could use the field repair. 187
DLC05ConvERoomFilthyStructures DLC05ConvERoomFilthyStructures Neutral 50 This place is filthy. 188
DLC05ConvERoomFirstRoom DLC05ConvERoomFirstRoom Neutral 50 Those guys in there look busy. 189
DLC05ConvERoomGasTrap DLC05ConvERoomGasTrap Neutral 50 They're flooding the room with gas. 190
DLC05ConvTercorienAltResponsesLevel01 DLC05ConvTercorienAltResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 So they don't know who started it or who won? 191
DLC05ConvTercorienAltResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Your sister's up here? Have you seen her? 192
DLC05ConvTercorienAltResponsesLevel02 DLC05ConvTercorienAltResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Then I don't really have anything to go back to, do I? I mean, my family's gone, my friends are gone... everything I knew is gone. 193
DLC05ConvTercorienAltResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Hey, don't worry. If she's up here, we're going to find her. Okay? 194
DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel01 DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Yeah... all the time. I was a doctor, so it was my job to try and make everyone feel better. 195
DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 I guess so. I can't believe they went ahead with the nukes. I mean, they wiped everything out! How stupid could they be? 196
DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Well... I just thought, ummm... we should get to know each other. I mean after all, we're watching each other's backs. So... {nervous, meek} 197
DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel02 DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Well... I mean... sometimes they're hurt so bad, there's nothing I can do. The human body is very hard to, um, hard to "fix." {trying to reason with a child} 198
DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Join? I was forced into service. I worked in a hospital before I was in the army. They put the gun in my hand. 199
DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Well, I just thought... 200
DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel03 DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 No, no, no. Don't worry. Nothing's going to happen to you. Everything's going to be just fine. {Trying to divert subject} 201
DLC05ConvTercorienResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 Once. I had no choice. It was either him or me. I hope I never have to do it again. 202
DLC05CoreScene01 DLC05CoreScene01 Surprise 50 He’s not going anywhere. Why don’t we just hold on to him, and try to negotiate? Y’know, like a hostage? {about a near dying alien captive} 203
DLC05CoreScene03 DLC05CoreScene03 Neutral 50 I don’t know, but maybe we should... there must be something... {coming up short for a good argument in his favor} 204
DLC05CryoElliotDontPress DLC05CryoElliotDontPress Neutral 50 What the hell are you doing?! Don't press that! 205
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 Wait! I think that's some more of my squad! {Notices that the actors in the pods are his squad mates.} 206
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 It's Daniels and Beckett! 207
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 There's got to be a way to revive them with their memories intact so they won't attack us on sight. {Said as he runs toward a terminal and investigates.} 208
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 I think I may be able to use this medical equipment to bring them out of stasis properly. {Scanning the terminals nearby} 209
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 The aliens have already injected them with all sorts of compounds I don't recognize... I don't know how it will affect them when they awaken. {Scanning more terminal screens} 210
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 The tubes are filled with an oxygen compound to sustain them. If I just shut it down, they won't feel a thing. {Putting the soldiers to sleep.} 211
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 That's it then. They're... they're gone. {Choking back tears... lump in throat.} 212
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 Rest in peace men. You deserve it. 213
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 Okay, let's see. This must initiate the thawing process. Blood pressure looks normal. Heart rate...normal enough. {Monitors the squads vitals just before telling the player to open the pods} 214
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 Whew. I hope to god this works... Open the tubes. If I did everything right, they'll still be alive. {As he runs toward the pods he tells the player to open them} 215
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 All right squad, listen up. I know you have no idea what's going on, but you'll just have to trust me. {Tells the squad what they need to know} 216
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 We were captured by the aliens... the things that grabbed us from Anchorage and now we're free. {Tells the squad what they need to know} 217
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 Here, take these weapons and follow me. Let's show them what some motivated U.S. soldiers can do! {Tells the squad what they need to know} 218
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 On me, squad! Let's go! {Tells the squad to take action} 219
DLC05CryoElliotFoundSquadSpeak Neutral 50 Okay. Lets put these guys to use. {Says this when returning to follow the player.} 220
DLC05CryoElliotSpeak DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 What the hell are those aliens doing in there? {Responding to seeing Aliens, through a window, patrolling a room and monitoring something.} 221
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 Look at all these cryogenic chambers. They must be planning to fill them all with specimens from our planet! {Responds after just entering a room full of cryo pods. Keep in mind he will soon enter a room with 10x this many pods.} 222
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 Is that some kind of operating room? Wait a minute... what the... no... NO! {Responds after looking through the window to see some aliens performing some type of procedure on some bodies on medical beds.} 223
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 That's my squad in there! What the hell are the aliens doing to them? {Runs up to the glass and says this.} 224
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 You green bastards! Get your hands off them! {Says this as he backs up and fires at the glass.} 225
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 There has to be a way to release their containment seal! Maybe there's a button or something on this console. {Says this as he runs up and presses the button in front of the window.} 226
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 How do you like that, you fucks!? How's it feel to be on the other end for a change! {Says this as gas fills the room the aliens are in and he notices they are dying.} 227
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 Experiment on this, you sons of bitches! {Says this after he enters the room and is firing at one of the dead aliens bodies. Could be something like, "For the Corps!" or something.} 228
DLC05Cryo Sad 100 Oh my god... no... I can't believe they did this to you. Why wasn't I here sooner? I could have stopped them. {Says something emotional while standing over one of his soldier's bodies.} 229
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 That's it. I'm sick of running. Let's finish these aliens off and get the hell home. {Says this as he returns to the players side.} 230
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 No... it can't be. Is this their plan? To capture THIS many people from earth? Oh my god. {Said as he enters the huge cryo warehouse.} 231
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 They're flanking us from behind. Quick, find some cover. {Says this toward the end of the cryo warehouse when he notices they are coming in from behind where the player just came from.} 232
DLC05Cryo Neutral 50 So that's the generator. Now how the heck do we destroy it? {Says this as he enters the generator room and sees the generator.} 233
DLC05CryoWeaponsFound DLC05CryoWeaponsFound Neutral 50 Hmmm. Let me take some of this cryogenic compound back to the engine core. I might be able to make some use of it. 234
DLC05CryoWeaponsFound Neutral 50 Wait just a second... 235
DLC05MZ3ExLabDeathRayLines DLC05MZ3ExLabDeathRayLines Neutral 50 Pretty effective threat, if you ask me. 236
DLC05MZ3ExLabDeathRayLines Neutral 50 Holy SHIT. What was that? 237
DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneLines DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneLines Neutral 50 That's really something. Almost enough to make you forget we're running for our lives up here... {awed} 238
DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneOpeningLine DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneOpeningLine Neutral 50 Get a load of this! {amazed} 239
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Yep, not like I'm going anywhere. 240
I have to go now. Neutral 50 We'll be here if you need us. 241
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Be careful down there. 242
I have to go now. Neutral 50 They know we're coming, so be careful. 243
I have to go now. Neutral 50 We might actually make it... 244
I have to go now. Neutral 50 I hope we can find that Death Ray before they use it again. 245
I have to go now. Neutral 50 First aliens, now Death Rays. This is like a crazy TV show. 246
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Just hurry up and find us a way off of this ship before we all end up frozen again. 247
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Sure, just watch my back and I'll watch yours. 248
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Okay. Tell me if you need medical assistance. 249
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Sure, sure. Don't worry. Don't worry... {Veiled uncertainty.} 250
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Yeah, uh... well, glad we talked. I know I feel better... ummm... ok... {nervous meek, trail off at the end} 251
I have to go now. Neutral 50 It's okay, Somah. It's my problem... I'll deal with it. 252
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, good to see you again. 253
HELLO Neutral 50 I don't even want to know what it's like down there. 254
HELLO Neutral 50 Welcome aboard. 255
HELLO Neutral 50 Anything I can help with? 256
HELLO Neutral 50 Are we there yet? 257
HELLO Neutral 50 At least I'm still in one piece... 258
HELLO Neutral 50 All right, get that suit on and get outside. The sooner we get out of here the better! 259
HELLO Neutral 50 Only one more of those damn generators to go and we can get the hell out of here. 260
HELLO Neutral 50 One down! Way to go! 261
HELLO Neutral 50 Huh... wha? Where am I? {in a daze} 262
HELLO Neutral 50 I don't know about you, but I'd like to find that generator and get back to the engine core. 263
HELLO Neutral 50 Freezing people then bringing them back to life. Amazing. 264
HELLO Neutral 50 These aliens... why are they experimenting on us? What do they want to do to us? 265
HELLO Neutral 50 If we would have had access to this kind of medical technology back on earth, so many people wouldn't have died in the war. 266
HELLO Neutral 50 Oh... hi. {in a daze} 267
HELLO Neutral 50 This place... it's giving me the creeps. {in a daze} 268
HELLO Neutral 50 Gah! Don't sneak up on me like that. {startled} 269
HELLO Neutral 50 I hope we get out of here soon. I don't know how much more of this I can take. 270
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, little one. So, are your parents anywhere aboard this ship? 271
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey Somah, can you tell me how it all ends up? You know, what happens down there? 272
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, ummm... I don't mean to bother you and all... ummm... {meek, nervous} 273
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