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This is a transcript for dialogue with Somah.

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DLC05AsmSomahChoice02Negative Yeah, I can see that. I'll get us through. Neutral 50 Okay, okay. Just trying to lend a hand. 1
DLC05AsmSomahChoice02Positive I'm open to suggestions. Neutral 50 Hmmm, maybe we could destroy a section of the assembly line and punch through to the next room. 2
Neutral 50 Other than that, your guess is as good as mine. 3
DLC05BridgeInterDoNothing Get a move on it! Neutral 50 Got it. 4
DLC05BridgeTopicSomahHelm Status report? Neutral 50 Who the hell knows, these controls are just a mess. 5
Status report? Neutral 50 I'm working on it, all right? 6
Status report? Neutral 50 Fuck you and this whole fucking situation. They'll work when they work. 7
DLC05BridgeTopicSomaInitial What's this thing do? Neutral 50 Hmm, looks like I'm at the helm. I'll have these controls figured out in no time at all. 8
DLC05ConvTLSomahRepair Since you seem so familiar with my gear, do you know how to repair it? Neutral 50 Actually, I do. I used to tinker with all sorts of junk back home. 9
Neutral 50 I'd be glad to take a look at what you need fixed, but it's going to cost you some caps. 10
Got some more gear for you to fix. Neutral 50 Sure. Let me see. 11
Are you still insisting on charging me caps for repairs? Neutral 50 Yeah. So, you want to take me up on it or not? 12
DLC05ConvTLSomahRepair01 Well, given the circumstances, doesn't that seem kind of pointless? Neutral 50 Maybe to you it does, but hey... I gotta think about the future. If we get back down there and I'm broke, how am I going to survive? 13
Neutral 50 You know as well as I do that there are no handouts in the Wasteland. 14
DLC05ConvTLSomahRepair02 Yeah, fine, whatever. Just take a look. Neutral 50 Sure, I'd be glad to. 15
DLC05ConvTLSomahRepair03 You've got to be kidding me. Neutral 50 Oh come off it, kid. If and when we get off this ship, I'm going to need something to keep me alive down there. 16
Neutral 50 You and I both know that there's no handouts in the Wasteland. It's every woman for herself. Take it or leave it. 17
DLC05ConvTLSomahRepair04 Yeah, I guess you're right. Neutral 50 Good, I'm glad we see eye to eye. Now, let me see what you need fixed. 18
DLC05ConvTLSomahRepair05 No way, Somah. This is ridiculous. Neutral 50 Suit yourself. Maybe you can ask one of the aliens to help you. Or, when you come to your senses, you can ask me. 19
DLC05ConvTLSomahRepairNo No way. Neutral 50 Fine. I'll be waiting for you to change your mind when your equipment starts to fall apart. 20
DLC05ConvTLSomahRepairYes Fine, I give in. I'll pay. Neutral 50 All right. Let me see what you have. 21
DLC05MZ1SomahAdvantage1 I'm not looking for a sidekick, okay? I just want to get out of here. Neutral 50 Sidekick? Who the hell said anything about a sidekick? 22
Neutral 50 That's a shitty attitude, kid, because unless you're willing to work with me, you're going a whole lot of no place. 23
Neutral 50 It's going to take both of us to get out of this place. 24
DLC05MZ1SomahAdvantage2 What kind of advantage? Neutral 50 They're keeping an eye on us, you know? Watching us. So I say we give 'em a little show. 25
Neutral 50 Give 'em a reason to pay a little extra attention to us. 26
DLC05MZ1SomahAdvantage3 You have a plan, or are you just making this up? Neutral 50 A little of both. It's always worked for me in the past, no reason to second guess it now. 27
DLC05MZ1SomahFight1 You're kidding me. That's the best you've got? Neutral 50 Yeah, that's what I've got. I don't see you coming up with anything brilliant, Mr. I've Been Here Five Whole Minutes. 28
You're kidding me. That's the best you've got? Neutral 50 Yeah, that's what I've got. I don't see you coming up with anything brilliant, Miss I've Been Here Five Whole Minutes. 29
DLC05MZ1SomahFight2 Okay, so we get out of this cell, and then what? Neutral 50 Hell if I know. But at least it's a start. It's better than sitting here waiting for them to experiment on us even more. 30
DLC05MZ1SomahFight3 You really think this will work? Neutral 50 I think it's worth a try. What's the worst that could happen? Nothing changes, only we've got a few more bruises. Big deal. Let's give it a shot. 31
Neutral 50 I promise I'll go easy on you. 32
DLC05MZ1SomahFightB1 This is stupid. There must be another way out. Neutral 50 Are you kidding me? Kid, I've looked. Trust me. Ain't no other way out of this little box they got us in. 33
Neutral 50 You wanna satisfy your curiosity, fine. Go ahead. You poke your little nose around and see what you come up with. 34
DLC05MZ1SomahFightB2 How do I know I can trust you? What if you try to kill me? Neutral 50 You've gotta be kidding me. You always this paranoid? 35
Neutral 50 Think about it. You been lyin' here a while now, out cold. If I wanted you dead, why wait till now? 36
Neutral 50 I could've just made sure you never woke up. No fuss at all. But I didn't, did I? 37
Neutral 50 So yeah, I'm thinkin' you can afford to show me a little trust. Now are we doin' this, or what? 38
DLC05MZ1SomahFightB3 So if I kill you, that'll bring the guards? Neutral 50 Hey, whoa now. Let's not go down that road, sweetie. 39
Neutral 50 Take a second and think before you start sayin' stuff that'll get you killed. 40
Neutral 50 I'm telling you, we're gonna have to work together. You keep talkin' like this and I'm gonna have to get out of here on my own, after I put you down. 41
Neutral 50 So are you in, or what? 42
DLC05MZ1SomahFightB4 Okay, let's give it a try. Neutral 50 All right, good girl. 43
Neutral 50 Now let's not get too rough here, okay? Gotta make it look good, but don't want to do any serious damage. 44
Okay, let's give it a try. Neutral 50 All right, good boy. 45
Neutral 50 Now let's not get too rough here, okay? Gotta make it look good, but don't want to do any serious damage. 46
DLC05MZ1SomahFightB5 If we're lucky, a friend of mine might show up to help. Neutral 50 Uhh... okay... So, does that mean you're in? 47
DLC05MZ1SomahFightC1 Okay, go ahead and hit me. Neutral 50 All right. I'll hold back on you, make sure you don't get too roughed up, okay? 48
Neutral 50 And you be ready. Soon as they come in to get us, you take 'em down. 49
DLC05MZ1SomahFightC2 No, I'm not going to fight you. Neutral 50 You gotta be kidding me. You've already looked, haven't you? You know there's no way out. 50
Neutral 50 My plan's gonna work. You gotta trust me, kid! 51
No, I'm not going to fight you. Neutral 50 Okay, see now you're getting me frustrated. 52
Neutral 50 You look around here, you tell me there's some other way to do this, and I'll listen. But I'm telling you this'll work. 53
DLC05MZ1SomahGreet1 This has to be a bad dream... Neutral 50 Yeah? Well then wake the hell up, 'cause I'm tired of being stuck in it. 54
Neutral 50 Sorry kid, but this is really happening. You're stuck here, just like me. 55
DLC05MZ1SomahGreet2 Who are you? What are you doing here? Neutral 50 Me? I'm the same as you, I figure. Went pokin' around someplace I shouldn't have, and now I'm payin' for it. 56
Neutral 50 So you and me? We're stuck here, until they decide they want to prod us some more, or worse. 57
Neutral 50 Man, I can't believe this. This is what you call... what is it, irony? Hell, I don't know. 58
DLC05MZ1SomahGreet3 This can't be happening. I mean... aliens? Neutral 50 Crazy, ain't it? I thought I'd seen some shit out there in the Wastes, but nothin' like this. 59
Neutral 50 Not a whole lot of good news goin' around right now. If you're lucky, they'll leave you alone for a while. If not... 60
Neutral 50 Well, then it's been nice chatting with you. 61
DLC05MZ1SomahGreet4 I have to get out of here. Neutral 50 You and me both, kid. 62
Neutral 50 Wish I'd never heard that damn radio signal. Thought I could scav some tech from whatever it came from. Sure as hell wasn't expecting this. 63
DLC05MZ1SomahGreet5 Stay back! Stay away from me! Neutral 50 Whoa, whoa. Settle down there, kid. I'm not gonna hurt you. 64
Neutral 50 Take a second, look around, and you'll notice that I'm stuck in here with you, okay? 65
Neutral 50 You're okay for now. At least until they decide they want to poke at you some more, or worse. 66
DLC05MZ1SomahGreetFree1 You're the one with the plan. Neutral 50 Plan? Yeah, we just used my plan. It got us out of our cell. 67
Neutral 50 Hate to break it to you, but that's all I've got. We have to wing it from here. 68
DLC05MZ1SomahGreetFree2 Do you have any idea where we are, or how to get back home? Neutral 50 Not a clue. I'm hoping we can get some answers once we get out of this place. 69
DLC05MZ1SomahGreetFree3 I'll take over from here. Neutral 50 Oh really? Suddenly you have all the answers? 70
Neutral 50 Listen kid, I'm all ears if you've got an idea, but there's no way you've got any more idea what's going on here than I do. 71
DLC05MZ1SomahPlan1 All right, fine. What's your plan? Neutral 50 They want us alive for... something. Who knows what. Point is, if it looks like one of us is gonna kill the other, they'll step in to stop it. 72
Neutral 50 So that's what we do. We throw a few punches, make it look real, and then jump 'em when they come in to break it up. 73
DLC05MZ1SomahPlan2 Why don't you tell me what you have in mind, and I'll think it over. Neutral 50 Oh, sure. Take your time. No rush, not like we're about to be sliced and diced by... who the hell knows what. 74
Neutral 50 Fine. So they've kept us alive this long for a reason, right? Seems to me they'd want to make sure we stay alive for now. 75
Neutral 50 So you and me, we have ourselves a little fist-fight. Trick 'em into thinkin' one of us ain't going to last too long. 76
Neutral 50 Make 'em come in here and break it up. And when they do, we turn on 'em. We take out the guards, and get ourselves the hell out of this box. 77
DLC05MZ1SomahTalk1 So how do we get out of here? Neutral 50 I've been here for a little while, but haven't found a way to... 78
Neutral 50 Shit. You hear that? It's coming again... Get back against the wall, now! 79
So how do we get out of here? Neutral 50 Now you're talkin'. 80
Neutral 50 I can tell you there ain't an easy way out of here. I've looked around, and I can't find any panels, wires, circuits... nothing. 81
Neutral 50 I'm thinkin' they did us a favor, putting us together in here like this. And I say we use it to our advantage. 82
Neutral 50 And for the record, the name's Somah. Nice to meet you. 83
So how do we get out of here? Neutral 50 Okay, yeah. Yeah, let's do something about getting out. 84
Neutral 50 Well, there ain't no easy way out. Trust me, I've looked. Can't even find anything to pry open, see what's blocking the doorway. 85
Neutral 50 I'm thinkin' they did us a favor, putting us together in here like this. And I say we use it to our advantage. 86
DLC05MZ1SomahTalk2 Who are you, and why are you in here with me? Neutral 50 You've got it all wrong, kid. You're in here with me. This is my little slice of heaven, not yours. 87
Neutral 50 ...not a good time for jokes, I guess. 88
Neutral 50 Look, I don't know why they put you in here with me. Maybe it's another experiment. Not like I can ask them to find out. 89
Neutral 50 But since you asked, name's Somah. Beyond that, I'm thinkin' not much matters if we're gonna stay stuck in here. 90
DLC05MZ1SomahTalk3 What do they want with us? Neutral 50 Your guess is as good as mine. I can't understand what they're saying. I don't remember half of what they did to me, and that might be a good thing. 91
Neutral 50 I know we ain't the only ones in here; there's a whole bunch of us in here. They'll pluck folks out every now and then. 92
Neutral 50 Sometimes they bring 'em back... Sometimes they don't. Either way, I ain't keen to find out what they're doing. 93
DLC05MZ1SomahTalk4 What the hell was that thing? Where are they taking that guy? Neutral 50 What, you've never seen a giant metal claw scoop somebody up and carry him off to who-knows-where? 94
Neutral 50 I don't know where they're taking him, and I'm not interested in staying here long enough to find out. 95
Neutral 50 We gotta get out of here, kid. Now. 96
DLC05MZ2SomahBackgroundLK Hey, it's okay. You can tell me anything. I won't judge you. Neutral 50 Well listen, it's not like I even wanted to be there, okay? 97
Neutral 50 I'm good with tech. These guys needed someone who knows her way around machines. They just happened to be slavers. 98
Neutral 50 I mean come on, what was I supposed to do? They took care of me, and as long as I didn't think about where the caps came from, it was fun. 99
DLC05MZ2SomahBackgroundNM Forget I said anything. Neutral 50 Already forgotten. Let's just get back to the whole "not getting killed by crazy space men" thing. 100
DLC05MZ2SomahBackgroundSpeech1 There must be a reason you don't want to talk about yourself. What is it? Neutral 50 A reason? Yeah, there's a reason. It's because I worked for slavers, okay? I worked for them, I helped them, and sometimes I liked it. 101
Neutral 50 They needed someone who was good with machines, stripping tech, building shit. That's me. 102
Neutral 50 So I did the work. And look where it got me. Now can we stop talking about me? 103
DLC05MZ2SomahBackgroundSpeech2 I found this recording... Sounds like you regret something you did. Neutral 50 Oh, great. 104
Neutral 50 All right, listen. Not that it's any of your damn business, but yeah. Before I got sucked up into crazy alien land here, I pulled some shady stuff. 105
Neutral 50 Many of my associates may or may not have been slavers, and I may or may not have received payment for helping them in their trade. 106
Neutral 50 Okay? Big secret exposed! Great job! Hope you're happy. 107
DLC05MZ2TLAbducted Tell me how you were captured by these aliens. Neutral 50 Not much to tell. I heard that radio signal, thought I'd check it out. 108
Neutral 50 Thought maybe I could pull some scrap from whatever was sending the signal. Got a little more than I bargained for. 109
DLC05MZ2TLAlienIntentions What do you think the aliens want with us? Neutral 50 Hell if I know. I don't plan on starting a conversation to ask, you know? 110
DLC05MZ2TLBackground Can you tell me more about where you're from? Neutral 50 Does it really matter? {defensive} 111
Neutral 50 I mean, we're fighting to stay alive here. Whatever I did before we got to this point doesn't mean a whole lot right now. {defensive} 112
Can you tell me more about where you're from? Neutral 50 Does it really matter? {defensive} 113
Neutral 50 I mean, we're fighting to stay alive here. Whatever I did before we got to this point doesn't mean a whole lot right now. {defensive} 114
DLC05MZ2TLHelpAssembly I need some help in the Robot Assembly area. You in? Neutral 50 Well, I would have been helpful, but seems like you already did plenty of damage in there. 115
I need some help in the Robot Assembly area. You in? Neutral 50 Heck yeah. I can take apart and put together a Protectron with my eyes shut. I'll go with you. Lead on. 116
DLC05MZ2TLHelpCryo I need to get through the Cryo Labs. Think you can help me? Neutral 50 I was never very good at the science stuff. But let me know if you need me to fix anything... that's my specialty. 117
DLC05MZ2TLHelpHangar I may need an extra gun in the Hangar Bay. Can you lend a hand? Neutral 50 Guns were never quite my thing. There were... let's just say there were other folks to take care of that. 118
Neutral 50 Might want to ask somebody else to help with that. 119
DLC05MZ2TLLevelHelp You think anything in here can prove useful? Neutral 50 Well, if this is where they make the robots, we may be able to discover some way to weaken or control them. 120
Neutral 50 Be on the lookout for any gizmos or schematics. 121
DLC05MZ2TLNeverMind I think you should remain in the Engineering Core for now. Neutral 50 Putting me on guard duty, huh? Swell. 122
DLC05MZ2TLSamurai I don't see that Kago fellow. Neutral 50 Huh, how about that. He's gone. I didn't even notice. 123
Neutral 50 Hope he doesn't get himself into trouble. 124
What do you know about this Toshiro Kago guy? Neutral 50 No idea what his deal is. Sounds like that gibberish you can pick up on the radio in some parts of the Wasteland. 125
DLC05MZ3GreetDeathRay1 What the hell was that? Neutral 50 Pretty obvious, wasn't it? They're putting on a big show, trying to scare us. 126
Neutral 50 Means we're getting under their skin. That's a good thing. 127
Neutral 50 Of course, now it looks like we've got a big Death Ray thing we need to take down before they blow up the whole damn planet. 128
Neutral 50 But it's nice to know we're having an effect, don't you think? 129
DLC05MZ3GreetDeathRay2 I have no idea what he said, but he sounded pretty angry. Neutral 50 Oh, come on. You don't need to understand it to get the point. 130
Neutral 50 It's some kind of a threat. And if they're threatening us, it's a good bet we're starting to scare 'em a bit. 131
Neutral 50 Now, you ask me, we need to find out what that was and make sure it doesn't happen again, but at least we know we're getting somewhere. 132
DLC05MZ3GreetDeathRay3 We need to find out what that was, and put a stop to it. Neutral 50 Yeah, sure. No question about that. 133
Neutral 50 But if you ask me, seeing that was kind of good news. Means we're making some headway, you know? Really getting under their skin. 134
DLC05MZ3SomahGreet1 Now we take over the ship. Neutral 50 Okay, if you say so. Lead the way, kid. 135
DLC05MZ3SomahGreet2 I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. Neutral 50 Ha ha. Very funny. 136
Neutral 50 If you've got nothing, then ask the kid. She's been helpful so far. 137
DLC05MZ3SomahGreet3 I was hoping you'd know what to do next. Neutral 50 Kid, I think I made it pretty clear that my advice became irrelevant once we got out of that cell they stuck us in. 138
Neutral 50 I'm happy to tag along and help you out, but I got NO interest in leading this operation. 139
DLC05PostGreet1 Thanks for your help. Couldn't have done it without you. Neutral 50 That's right! If it weren't for me, you'd be sitting in a holding cell or lying on some crazy operating table right now. 140
Neutral 50 You owe me big time, kid. 141
DLC05PostGreet2 What will you do now? Neutral 50 I'm gonna see about getting off this thing. Head back to the Wasteland with some new toys, maybe carve out a place for myself. 142
Neutral 50 Literally, if I have to. 143
Neutral 50 Odds are we won't be bumping into each other again, so I just wanted to say thanks. 144
DLC05PostGreet3 This has been a hell of a ride, hasn't it? Neutral 50 Yeah, that's one way of putting it. Not really something I'm interested in doing again. 145
DLC05SomahHolo1 DLC05SomahHolo1 Neutral 50 {ALIEN} 146
Neutral 50 Oh, no way. NO WAY. This is a bad dream, right? I'm dreaming? Shit... 147
Neutral 50 So what, I'm being held hostage now or something? I'm some kind of prisoner? 148
Neutral 50 Listen, if this is because of what we did... I just worked for those guys, okay? It's not like I enjoyed it. 149
Neutral 50 I was just in it for the caps, all right? Can I go now? 150
Neutral 50 {ALIEN} 151
DLC05TLBridgeDoor Why can't I use the door to get off the bridge? Neutral 50 Probably means the rest of the ship is so badly damaged that it decompressed. My guess is you don't WANT to open that door. 152
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 What do you need? 153
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, that's the last of those turrets. 154
Neutral 50 Looks like we've got a problem though. The aliens have shut down the teleporters and I can't bring them back up. 155
Neutral 50 We may have to look around for another way through. 156
GREETING Neutral 50 All right, now that things have quieted down, I'll see if there's something up here I can push to stop more of those tin cans showing up. 157
Neutral 50 Maybe I can turn off some other stuff too. And maybe I'll find a way back down. You keep looking for that generator! 158
GREETING Neutral 50 I hear there's a way off this boat. I'll let you go first, just to make sure it works, and then I'm outta here. 159
GREETING Neutral 50 Nice work, kid. 160
Neutral 50 If there's more of them out there, that'll make 'em think twice about attacking us again. 161
Neutral 50 And it looks like you're now in charge of your very own spaceship. Well, what's left of it anyway. Congrats. 162
GREETING Neutral 50 What can I do for you, Mr. Hot-shot space captain? 163
Neutral 50 If there's more of them out there, that'll make 'em think twice about attacking us again. 164
Neutral 50 And it looks like you're now in charge of your very own spaceship. Well, what's left of it anyway. Congrats. 165
GREETING Neutral 50 Holy shit... Look at this place. I get the feeling we're in way over our heads. 166
GREETING Neutral 50 Are we better or worse off than we were before? I honestly can't tell. 167
GREETING Neutral 50 Well... at least we're not locked in a cell anymore. 168
GREETING Disgust 50 Listen, I know how this shit works. We all go together, and we all get wiped out at the same time. 169
Neutral 50 No offense, but I'm gonna hang back for a bit. You need someone to keep an eye out behind you anyway. 170
Neutral 50 Don't worry, I'll catch up with you soon enough. 171
GREETING Neutral 50 What are you still doing here? Follow the girl and make some progress, or else we're never getting out of here. 172
GREETING Neutral 50 Come on, kid. You're supposed to be heading towards the engine core, or whatever the hell it is. Get going. 173
GREETING Neutral 50 I already told you, I'll catch up with you. Get outta here! 174
GREETING Neutral 50 You're supposed to be heading for the engine core place, right? So get going! 175
GREETING Neutral 50 What're you waiting for? Let the kid out already! 176
GREETING Neutral 50 Might as well let the kid out. No sense leaving her stuck in there. 177
GREETING Neutral 50 Okay, we've gotta find a way out of here. 178
GREETING Neutral 50 Look, I'm glad we're still alive too, but can we celebrate later? Like, maybe after we actually get out of here? 179
GREETING Neutral 50 How about you pay less attention to me, and more to finding a way to get out of here. 180
GREETING Neutral 50 Man, what the hell is this place? What do they want with all these people? 181
GREETING Anger 50 Come on, come on! We don't have time to waste! Get your shit, and let's get moving! 182
GREETING Neutral 50 Grab anything useful, and let's go. Who knows how long it'll be before they send more after us! 183
GREETING Neutral 50 I'm thinking maybe now you can understand it's a good idea to get the hell out of here. 184
GREETING Anger 50 Stay against the wall, and get the hell away from me! 185
GREETING Neutral 50 Let me guess: you can't find a way out, and so you're ready to go along with my plan. 186
Neutral 50 Am I right? 187
GREETING Neutral 50 'bout time you woke up. I was starting to think maybe they'd fried your brains or something. 188
Neutral 50 You got a headache, right? Don't worry, that'll get better. I don't know if it'll matter, but it'll get better. 189
Happy 50 They must really like you... at least they let me keep my clothes. Looks like they stripped you of everything. 190
GREETING Neutral 50 Glad to see you're holding up. 191
Neutral 50 We didn't get much opposition, so either they don't know exactly where we are, or they're busy with something else. 192
Neutral 50 Looks like they're still trying to keep us out of the teleporters, huh? Only one way to go. Might as well take it. 193
GREETING Neutral 50 Go on ahead through. We'll be right behind you. 194
GREETING Neutral 50 Guess they know what we're up to, so they're shutting off the teleporters. Trying to cut us off. 195
Neutral 50 Which means they're probably waiting on the other side of that door. 196
Neutral 50 We'll hold this point. You go on ahead and see if you can find the controls for this teleporter. We'll make sure they don't sneak up behind you. 197
GREETING Neutral 50 We're kind of pinned down here until you find the other end of that teleporter. You might want to get working on that. 198
GREETING Neutral 50 Wow... did you see that? 199
Neutral 50 Scary, but also kind of a stupid move on their part, don't you think? 200
GREETING Neutral 50 Well hey there, fancy meeting you here! {casual, joking} 201
Neutral 50 Nice work. Now what? 202
GREETING Neutral 50 Quite a little band of misfits we've got here, huh? 203
GREETING Neutral 50 If I get out of here, no one's going to believe this. Hell, I'm not sure I believe it. 204
GREETING Neutral 50 I think we're getting close. Just gotta keep moving. 205
GREETING Neutral 50 So if we do manage to get off this ship, then what? We just go back home like nothing happened? I don't know if I can do that. 206
GREETING Neutral 50 I don't really think I'm going to be of any use here, so I'm heading back to the Engine Core. 207
GREETING Neutral 50 Just do what the girl says... get them out of those things. 208
GREETING Neutral 50 I guess it's time for your space walk. Lucky you. {sarcasm} 209
GREETING Neutral 50 One more generator and we can get to the top of this ship. Then we can hit the aliens where it really hurts. 210
GREETING Neutral 50 Nice work taking out that generator. Only two more to go. 211
GREETING Neutral 50 Hope this is important. 212
GREETING Neutral 50 If you got something you want to say, spit it out. 213
GREETING Neutral 50 Yeah? Something bugging you? 214

Conversation Edit

DLC05AsmSomahComment01 DLC05AsmSomahComment01 Neutral 50 This place is incredible. Can you imagine having stuff like this in the Wasteland? You'd even be a match for the Brotherhood of Steel. 215
DLC05AsmSomahExploded DLC05AsmSomahExploded Neutral 50 Wow! That thing really blew up! I'm going to hang back here until you clear out the next room. 216
DLC05AsmSomahGeneratorComment01 DLC05AsmSomahGeneratorComment01 Neutral 50 That's got to be the generator. Let's destroy it and get back to the engine core. 217
DLC05AsmSomahGeneratorComment02 DLC05AsmSomahGeneratorComment02 Neutral 50 There! That ought to give the aliens something to think about. Now let's get the hell out of here. 218
DLC05AsmSomahGeneratorUpComment DLC05AsmSomahGeneratorUpComment Neutral 50 Once that core gets exposed, blast it! 219
DLC05AsmSomahInit DLC05AsmSomahInit Neutral 50 Well, isn't this fancy, all these shiny machines and such. Gotta find a generator, huh? Let's see... How about we start with that teleporter thing? 220
DLC05AsmSomahTeleFix DLC05AsmElliottTeleFix Neutral 50 I'm not totally sure what I'm doing here, but I'll try and tinker with it. You just make sure I don't get shot, okay? 221
DLC05BridgeElliotDown DLC05BridgeElliotDown Neutral 50 They hit something big! Shields and Elliott are down! 222
DLC05BridgeEmpHit DLC05BridgeEmpHit Neutral 50 One of those shots must have hit the core, all power is down! 223
DLC05BridgeEMPHitAlt DLC05BridgeEMPHitAlt Neutral 50 Shit, they hit the core and sapped our power. Look around for some buttons or something to restart the generators. 224
DLC05BridgeEMPHitAlt Neutral 50 That looks like it's working, keep up whatever you're doing. 225
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 70%, we need to end this fast. 226
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 This ship's half dead and if that death ray isn't online soon we're dead right along with it. 227
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 20% and plummeting, we're losing systems like crazy. 228
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 Can't be sure if I'm reading this right, but it looks like they're hitting us pretty hard. Hull integrity is at about 90%. 229
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 Hull integrity looks to be about 80% and falling. 230
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 The hull's at around 60%, we need that death ray online now. 231
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 40%, do something. 232
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 Ship's at 30%. I hope you have something up your sleeve. 233
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 10%, we're about to lose life support systems! 234
DLC05BridgeTopicSomahRandom DLC05BridgeTopicSomahRandom Neutral 50 Holy shit. Where did that come from? 235
DLC05BridgeTopicSomahRandom Neutral 50 Why won't you work! 236
DLC05BridgeTopicSomahRandom Neutral 50 Work damn you! 237
DLC05BridgeTopicSomahRandom Neutral 50 I push this, it doesn't do anything, I push THAT, it doesn't... oh hey that did something. 238
DLC05BridgeTopicSomahShipHelp DLC05BridgeTopicSomahShipHelp Neutral 50 It looks like they're dropping shields to prepare for a big shot. 239
DLC05BridgeTopicSomahShipHelp Neutral 50 Damn it. Their shields are back up at max. 240
DLC05ConvCargo01 DLC05ConvCargo01 Neutral 50 You've got to be kidding me... I saw posters like these all over the ruins. Never actually saw one 'til now. 241
DLC05ConvCargo02 DLC05ConvCargo02 Neutral 50 Huh, I wonder what they're doing with them. 242
DLC05ConvCargo03 DLC05ConvCargo03 Neutral 50 This is kind of disturbing. 243
DLC05ConvCargo04 DLC05ConvCargo04 Neutral 50 They even have some of the posters I've seen scattered about the Wastes. Looks like they're studying them...or idolizing them, not sure. 244
DLC05ConvCargo05 DLC05ConvCargo05 Neutral 50 Oh OK, now it all makes sense... {said very sarcastically} 245
DLC05ConvCargo06 DLC05ConvCargo06 Neutral 50 Curious, but I don't think I want to know the answer judging by what happened here. Let's not stay long, this place gives me the creeps. 246
DLC05ConvCargo07 DLC05ConvCargo07 Neutral 50 Now that's what I call a trash chute. I wouldn't get too close, don't wanna fall in or anything. {Commenting on an extremely large trash chute found in the cargo hold.} 247
DLC05ConvCargo08 DLC05ConvCargo08 Neutral 50 Thirsty? Heh, I wonder if the aliens love this stuff as much we do down below. {Somah commenting on Nuka bottles, nuka cola machine.} 248
DLC05ConvERoomEngine DLC05ConvERoomEngine Neutral 50 I wonder what a well placed grenade could do to that thing. 249
DLC05ConvERoomEngineGasTrap DLC05ConvERoomEngineGasTrap Neutral 50 Check your weapon, they're venting in gas again. 250
DLC05ConvERoomEpoxy DLC05ConvERoomEpoxy Neutral 50 All right, some epoxy! 251
DLC05ConvERoomFilthyStructures DLC05ConvERoomFilthyStructures Neutral 50 Welcome to the bowels of this shit hole. 252
DLC05ConvERoomFirstRoom DLC05ConvERoomFirstRoom Neutral 50 Looks like they're repairing something in there. 253
DLC05ConvERoomGasTrap DLC05ConvERoomGasTrap Neutral 50 Smells like they're pumping in flammable gas. 254
DLC05ConvSomahAltResponsesLevel01 DLC05ConvSomahAltResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 You seem like you know your way around this ship. Have you been looking for something? 255
DLC05ConvSomahAltResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 I dunno... all I heard was that one side or the other started dropping bombs and it just all went to shit. 256
DLC05ConvSomahAltResponsesLevel02 DLC05ConvSomahAltResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Your sister? How do you know that? 257
DLC05ConvSomahAltResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 You don't get it 'cause you've never been down there! It's all gone, Tercorien. Doesn't matter who won or who started it. 258
DLC05ConvSomahAltResponsesLevel03 DLC05ConvSomahAltResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 Well then, I'll help you keep an eye out for her. Okay? 259
DLC05ConvSomahAltResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 Yeah, yeah I guess so. Sorry. I keep forgetting this is different for you. I grew up in the ruins and you didn't. 260
DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel01 DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Same as when you were down there you mean? 261
DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 No, I mean what's your deal? Where are you from? We don't know anything about you. 262
DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 You don't seem the soldier type, Tercorien. Why the heck did you join the army in the first place? 263
DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel02 DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 That about sums it all up. The world is still a huge mess. 264
DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Look, cowboy. We need to work together to get out of here. So like it or not, you're stuck with us. You can drop the "lone gunman" routine. 265
DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Ever pull the trigger on that gun? You know, ever kill someone? 266
DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel03 DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 There isn't anyone left to fix anything. Everything's in ruins, people are still fighting to survive and I don't see anything that can change that. 267
DLC05ConvSomahResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 Fine, fine. I get the message. You know, you were warmer when you were frozen. 268
DLC05CoreScene02 DLC05CoreScene02 Anger 50 And how are we supposed to do that? We can’t understand what the hell they’re saying! {wanting to kill the alien and get it over with} 269
DLC05MZ1GeneratorConversation DLC05MZ1GeneratorConversation Neutral 50 What the hell is this thing? What are we supposed to do with it? 270
DLC05MZ1SomahAttackGuard DLC05MZ1SomahAttackGuard Neutral 50 Okay, now's our chance! GET 'EM! 271
DLC05MZ1SomahClawLine DLC05MZ1SomahClawLine Neutral 50 Well, at least it wasn't coming for us... 272
DLC05MZ1SomahDoorLine DLC05MZ1SomahDoorLine Neutral 50 Great. No way to open this that I can see. What do we do now? 273
DLC05MZ1SomahInitGreet DLC05MZ1SomahInitGreet Neutral 50 Hey! Hey, you okay? You all right? 274
DLC05MZ1SomahPostFight DLC05MZ1SomahPostFight Neutral 50 Grab anything useful, and let's go. Who knows how long it'll be before they send more after us! 275
DLC05MZ1SomahPrisonerLine DLC05MZ1SomahPrisonerLine Neutral 50 Nothing we can do for this guy now... 276
DLC05MZ1SomahPrisonerLine Neutral 50 Goddamn Raiders. Last thing I need up here is more of them. 277
DLC05MZ1SomahPrisonerLine Neutral 50 Oh, she's toast. Forget it, there's no one home. 278
DLC05MZ1SomahPrisonerLine Neutral 50 Come on, this is a waste of our time. 279
DLC05MZ1SomahWaitForSally DLC05MZ1SomahWaitForSally Neutral 50 What the hell? Where's she going? 280
DLC05MZ1SomahWaitForSally Neutral 50 Oh, great. Well, so much for that idea. She suckered you good, huh? 281
DLC05MZ3ExLabDeathRayLines DLC05MZ3ExLabDeathRayLines Neutral 50 Are you kidding me? That was stupid of them. Now we know they're getting desperate. 282
DLC05MZ3ExLabDeathRayLines Neutral 50 It's obvious, isn't it? They're threatening us. You could tell just by the way he sounded. 283
DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneLines DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneLines Neutral 50 Didn't think I'd ever see something like this. {awed} 284
DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneOpeningLine DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneOpeningLine Neutral 50 Would ya look at that... {amazed} 285
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Surprise 50 What did you hear, Sally? 286
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Sure thing. 287
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Let's hope they don't figure out where we are. 288
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Just keep cool, and we'll get through this. 289
I have to go now. Neutral 50 All right, I'll make sure they don't cut us off. 290
I have to go now. Disgust 70 Go on, don't let me stop you. 291
I have to go now. Disgust 70 Yeah, sure. I'll keep your spot warm. 292
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Yeah, yeah. Just don't think about ditching me... we're in this together. 293
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Hey, at least down there we're free... well, most of us anyway. So let's just get the hell out of here. {Say second part of first sentence almost to self. She's an ex-slaver, so her statement is irony. Perk up on last sentence.} 294
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Sorry, you'll just have to learn to deal with it like the rest of us. 295
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Tell you what. I'll do the shooting, and you do the patching. It's the only way we're gonna make it out of here alive. 296
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 This is a fine mess we're in, isn't it? 297
HELLO Neutral 50 Don't lose it, okay? We can get through this. 298
HELLO Neutral 50 We've gotta get out of here. 299
HELLO Neutral 50 Hope we find what we're looking for soon. 300
HELLO Neutral 50 I can't get off this ship fast enough. 301
HELLO Neutral 50 Got all the generators, huh? Time to take a walk outside. 302
HELLO Neutral 50 Nice work... one more generator and we can get the heck out of the engine core. 303
HELLO Neutral 50 One generator down and two to go. Keep it up, kid. 304
HELLO Neutral 50 Wow, I'd love to get my hands on some of this equipment. I could make a fortune back on earth. 305
HELLO Neutral 50 Those assembly lines remind me of the pens we kept our slav... ummm, I mean our prisoners in. {slaves being cut off (catch herself)} 306
HELLO Neutral 50 I've never seen anything like this place. Everything builds itself... crazy. 307
HELLO Neutral 50 Holy shit. If I'd had even a few of these robots back home... 308
HELLO Neutral 50 Yeah? Need something? 309
HELLO Neutral 50 I hope that little girl knows what she's talking about, or we're in for some serious trouble. 310
HELLO Neutral 50 This ship is huge. How did they build something this big? 311
HELLO Neutral 50 I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually miss those old Salisbury Steaks back home. 312
HELLO Neutral 50 Wow, so you were down there when all this started. Right before the bombs fell. That's crazy. 313
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey sweetie, can I talk to you a second? 314
HELLO Neutral 50 So, what's your story, tough guy? 315
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