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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sally.

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DLC05BridgeInterDoNothing Get a move on it! Neutral 50 Aye aye! 1
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyInitial Can we hit that thing with our death ray? Neutral 50 I think I have that ship targeted, but you'll have to find the firing control. 2
DLC05BrigeTopicSallyDeathRayPrep How you holding up Sergeant? Neutral 50 I have these buttons pointing at that big blob, I think that's right. 3
How you holding up Sergeant? Neutral 50 I was scared for a while, but this is awesome! 4
DLC05CaptiveHolo08 DLC05CaptiveHolo08 Neutral 50 Where am I? Where's my sister? {very scared} 5
Neutral 50 {ALIEN} 6
Neutral 50 I can hear some weird noises, but I can't see you. Why is it so dark in here? What's this machine? Please... someone talk to me! 7
Neutral 50 {ALIEN} 8
Neutral 50 I want to go home! Please! Where's my mommy and daddy?! I just want to go home! {crying} 9
Neutral 50 {ALIEN} 10
Neutral 50 OW! That's bright! Ugh... wait... what... OH MY GOD! NOOOOOO! Stay away from me! GET AWAY! {Lights came on and seeing aliens for first time (scared).} 11
DLC05CaptiveHolo17 DLC05CaptiveHolo17 Neutral 50 Hello, Mr. Alien. Yeah, I know... I'll talk into the thing. 12
Neutral 50 I don't know why you brought me back here. We've done this a whole bunch of.... Hey! Giddyup Buttercup! Wow! 13
Neutral 50 I always wanted one of those!... Why do you have one? 14
Neutral 50 I don't understand... What do you want? It's a toy. A TOY. Why are you so excited? You're weird. 15
DLC05ConvTLSallyGenerator So what are these generators? How do they work? Neutral 50 Oh, you'll know them when you see them. 16
Neutral 50 You push this button, and then this big thing is like WOOOSH and it comes out of the floor... 17
Neutral 50 ...and then there are these things you press down and it goes SHHHHHHH and then you'd better get out of the way. You'll see. 18
DLC05FF01GOODBYE Let's get back to the core. Neutral 50 Sure, there's a teleporter nearby that I found. Race ya! 19
I guess we should split up. Neutral 50 Okay, I'll try and find a way to help you get out of there. Otherwise, see you back at the core. 20
DLC05FF01retrospective Thanks for nothing, Sally. Neutral 50 Hey, it's not like this was a wasted trip. Check out the storage closet I found here. 21
DLC05FF01whatNow Well, that was... fun. What now? Neutral 50 Let's get back to the core and never speak of this again. 22
DLC05FF01xBackUp Let's go back the way we came. Neutral 50 You really must have hit your head. Unless you're Captain Cosmos and have a rocket pack we can use, that's not happening. 23
DLC05FF01xIamFine I'm fine. No thanks to you. Neutral 50 I'm sorry, okay!? How was I supposed to know this would happen? 24
DLC05FF01xIamFineNice I'm all right. How about you? Neutral 50 I think I'm okay. You don't look so good, though. 25
DLC05FF01xwhereWeLanded What did you get us into this time? Neutral 50 I think we're in the trash section of the ship. Yucky! 26
DLC05FF01yGetOuttaHere Let's just get out of here. Neutral 50 Yeah, you're probably right. Wait, did you feel that? 27
DLC05FF01yLost We're lost, aren't we? Neutral 50 No way! Well, maybe a little. I bet we can find something neat, though! 28
DLC05FF01ySmellsHere What an incredible smell you've discovered... Neutral 50 Yeah, it is kinda stinky in here... Did you cut the cheese? {it IS kinda stinky...} 29
DLC05MZ1SallyCryoTubes1 What are these things? Neutral 50 I've seen these all over. They put people in them, and the people go to sleep. They stay asleep for a really long time, too. 30
Neutral 50 Be careful if you touch them, though. They're really cold. 31
DLC05MZ1SallyCryoTubes2 Who are these people? Neutral 50 I don't know. I've never talked to them. Sometimes I'd come and look at them, and wonder why they're dressed like that. 32
Surprise 50 You see that one guy? He has this really neat suit on... like armor or something! 33
Happy 50 And that other guy? He looks just like a cowboy! I saw pictures of cowboys in books. I never saw a real one, though. 34
DLC05MZ1SallyCryoTubes3 Why do we need a 'spaceman' to help us? Neutral 50 Well, because he's got a spacesuit! Can't go out in space without one. And if we're going to escape, we need to go outside. 35
Neutral 50 If they turned off the elevator things, that's the only other way to go. So we need a suit. See? Simple! 36
DLC05MZ1SallyCryoTubesGoodbye Okay, let's talk to the astronaut. Neutral 50 This is going to be so neat! 37
DLC05MZ1SallyGreet1 Okay, kid. Lead the way. Neutral 50 Great! 38
DLC05MZ1SallyGreet2 You should wait here. It's too dangerous for a little girl. Neutral 50 No it's not. They almost never catch me. You'll see. 39
DLC05MZ1SallyGreet3 I think I've got this under control. Neutral 50 I can help, honest! 40
DLC05MZ1SallyGreetB1 How exactly are you going to help? Neutral 50 Watch, you'll see. 41
DLC05MZ1SallyGreetB2 Sorry for doubting you. Can you help now? Happy 100 Sure! 42
DLC05MZ1SallyGreetC1 Thanks, kid. We're getting out of here -- you want to come with us? Neutral 50 Sure! I love exploring, and it's been a while since I've been out and about. 43
Neutral 50 We'll have to be careful, because they'll be mad that we're out. But it's okay, I know how to get through the steamworks. 44
Neutral 50 We need to get to the big engine room, so I can show you the rest of the ship. Let's go! 45
DLC05MZ1SallyGreetC2 How did you do that? Neutral 50 There's wires and stuff inside the wall there. A while ago I learned which ones to put together to make the doors work. 46
Neutral 50 There's all kinds of stuff in the walls, but I guess you're too big to see. But that's okay, I can get to it just fine. 47
Neutral 50 Come on, we need to get to the big engine room so I can show you the rest of this place. I can help you even more! 48
DLC05MZ1SallyGreetC3 Listen, we're all in danger if we stay here. Neutral 50 Oh, I know. They're always mad when they find out I've been out of my cell. They're gonna be REALLY mad when they see what you did. 49
Neutral 50 But it's okay. I'll go with you! I can show you around some. I've seen a whole bunch of this place already. 50
Neutral 50 We need to go through the Steamworks to the big engine room. From there we can see all sorts of places. Come on, I'll help you get there. 51
DLC05MZ1SallyTLHowKnowSoMuch How do you know so much about this place? Neutral 50 Oh, I've been here a while. A long while. 52
Neutral 50 Sometimes I can sneak out of my cell and go explore. I've seen a bunch of the ship. It's pretty neat, but they always catch me and put me back here. 53
DLC05MZ1SallyTLWhyAlone Are you all alone? Where's your family? Neutral 50 I don't have any family anymore. 54
Neutral 50 My mom and dad died a while ago, before I ended up here. Y'know, back when all the bombs dropped on everything? 55
Neutral 50 Yeah, it was right after that. And then me and my sister, we got pulled up here... Except I haven't seen her in a long time. 56
DLC05MZ1TLSallyWhereNow Do you know where we're going? Happy 100 Sure! 57
Neutral 50 We need to go to the big engine thing, and then from there we can go up to the top of the ship. 58
Neutral 50 That's where the guy in charge is. I've only seen him once or twice, but he's extra mean. 59
Neutral 50 I guess you'll probably have to kill him or something, huh? 60
DLC05MZ2TLLevelKnow Do you know anything helpful about the other sections of the ship? Neutral 50 It's a pretty big place, and I've only seen some of it. They always catch me before I can see the whole thing. 61
Neutral 50 I've seen the Cryo Lab... that's where they freeze people and cut them up and stuff. 62
Neutral 50 And the Hangar... That has the aliens's flying ships and all the stuff they need to fly them. 63
Neutral 50 And the Robot Assembly is where they build the big metal robots they use. 64
Neutral 50 But the real important stuff is on the top of the ship. I've never been there. 65
DLC05MZ2TLSallyCAHStash Hey, you've been all over -- do you have any stuff hidden around here? Neutral 50 Sure I do! I found a secret place they've never noticed. You want some of the stuff I have? Come on, I'll show you! 66
DLC05MZ2TLSallyDoorUnlock Why can't you do your vent trick and open the door to the decompression chamber? Neutral 50 Hey! If I could I would! Some of the vents are so small in there, even I can't crawl through them. 67
Neutral 50 Sorry, you'll just have to blow up those generators and get the door open yourself. 68
DLC05MZ2TLSamurai What do you know about this Toshiro Kago guy? Neutral 50 Ummm, I think he's from the earth's past. There are people frozen all over the ship that the aliens grabbed wearing funny old time clothes and stuff. 69
DLC05MZ3SallyLabTeleporter1 So we're here. Now what? Neutral 50 Well, it looks like they're still keeping some of these turned off. 70
Neutral 50 But there's one that's on, so I guess that's the way we go! 71
Neutral 50 You should probably go through first, in case there's something bad on the other side. And then I can go through after. Okay? 72
DLC05MZ3SallyLabTeleporter2 There's a teleporter to the bridge, but it doesn't work. Neutral 50 Yeah, I think they're trying to keep us from getting there. 73
Neutral 50 Well, we should look for another way to go. There's one more here that works... 74
Neutral 50 You go through first, and make sure it's safe, and I'll be right behind you, okay? 75
DLC05MZ3SallyLabTeleporter3 How are you holding up? Neutral 50 Pretty good, I guess. This is scary, but it's also kind of fun. 76
DLC05MZ3SallyTeleporter1 Okay, you wait here. I'll see if I can find the controls. Neutral 50 Good luck! We'll stay right here and wait for you. 77
DLC05MZ3SallyTeleporter2 Forget the teleporter. Let's just go. Neutral 50 That doesn't seem like a very good idea. 78
Neutral 50 If they turned it off, that means they know we're here, and they're probably waiting on the other side of that door. 79
Neutral 50 It'd be smarter if just one person went and checked it out. 80
Neutral 50 Don't worry, we'll be safe right here. Good luck! 81
DLC05MZ3SallyTeleporter3 You sure this is a good idea? Neutral 50 I think so. Seems like they're getting even more angry at us. 82
DLC05PostGreet1 Thanks for your help. Couldn't have done it without you. Neutral 50 I know. And you're very welcome. 83
DLC05PostGreet2 What will you do now? Neutral 50 I think I'm going to stay here for a while. I don't think I'd like it much down there anymore, and there's still a bunch of the ship I haven't seen. 84
Neutral 50 I'll tell you what. If I find anything really neat, I'll bring it to you, okay? 85
DLC05PQTLReport Anything to report? Neutral 50 Nope, I'll go back out and look for more stuff soon. 86
Anything to report? Neutral 50 No, sir! Nothing new! 87
Anything to report? Neutral 50 Nuh-uh. If I find anything else, I'll let you know! 88
Anything to report? Neutral 50 Oh, yeah! Here, you can have this stuff. I found it when I was looking around the rest of the ship. 89
Anything to report? Neutral 50 Yep, I was able to scrounge up some more stuff for you. Here you go, Captain! 90
Anything to report? Neutral 50 Sir, yes sir! I found some more supplies for you, sir! {giggling} 91
DLC05PQTLSallyWhatsUp How's life in space? Neutral 50 Pretty neat. I'm still exploring some of the rest of the ship using the vents. There's a bunch of places I never saw before. 92
How's life in space? Neutral 50 I saw a shooting star out the window! 93
How's life in space? Neutral 50 I'm okay. It's fun to just sit and look at the earth sometimes. 94
How's life in space? Neutral 50 I told Mr. Elliott this really funny joke earlier, but he didn't get it. He's weird. 95
DLC05PQTLWherePaulson Where's Paulson? Neutral 50 Oh. He left. 96
Neutral 50 He used the teleporter after you did. Said he didn't have any reason to stay... but I don't know where he was going to go. 97
Neutral 50 I'm going to miss him. He was quiet, but I think it's because he was really sad. 98
DLC05SteamSallyTopicGoodbye Don't worry about it. Neutral 50 Oookay... 99
Neutral 50 Well good luck. I'm going to get out of sight. Don't worry, I'll stay nearby and help you when I can. 100
DLC05SteamSallyTopicGrenadeFrag Take this Frag Grenade. Happy 100 Cool! 101
Neutral 50 Give me just a second to get behind them... 102
DLC05SteamSallyTopicGrenadeIdea How about I distract them, and you hit them from behind with a grenade? Happy 75 Wow, really? 103
Happy 100 I get to use a grenade? Neat! 104
DLC05SteamSallyTopicGrenadePlasma Take this Plasma Grenade. Happy 100 Got it! Give me a minute to sneak around them. 105
DLC05SteamSallyTopicPlayerHandle I'll handle this. Sad 100 But I can help! 106
DLC05TLBridgeDoor Why can't I use the door to get off the bridge? Neutral 50 Well, we were just in a really big space battle with a UFO... the ship is probably pretty damaged. 107
Neutral 50 But that's okay, we can just stay on the bridge. And I can try and explore through the vents to see if there's anywhere else to go. 108
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I guess they're already looking for us... I can sneak past them in the vents, but you're too big to fit. We'll have to figure out how to get around. 109
GREETING Neutral 50 I'll stay here until it's safe, okay? 110
GREETING Anger 50 Shh! We don't want them to hear us! 111
GREETING Neutral 50 The kid's right... this kind of does look a bit like that TV show. 112
Neutral 50 I mean, not that I watched it a lot or anything. 113
Neutral 50 Anyway, uhh, sorry. What should I do? 114
GREETING Neutral 50 Stella Skyfire reporting for duty! She's Captain Cosmos' second in command, at least for the first few episodes... 115
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, guess what? You can go home! 116
Neutral 50 I was looking at the controls on the bridge here, and most of it doesn't make any sense to me because it's in that weird alien language. 117
Neutral 50 But there's this one thing I saw, and I think maybe I accidentally pushed a button while we were fighting that big ship. 118
Neutral 50 And I think maybe the button I pushed sent some kind of a thing back down to earth. I didn't mean to, honest. But this is a good thing! 119
Neutral 50 I think now you can use the teleporter in the Captain's quarters to get back to earth. Pretty great, isn't it? 120
Neutral 50 Anyway, I just thought I should tell you. 121
GREETING Neutral 50 Yay! We won! I knew we could do it, I knew we could beat them! 122
Neutral 50 You're even better than Captain Cosmos! 123
GREETING Neutral 50 Hello there, Captain! What can I do for you? 124
GREETING Neutral 50 What's going on? 125
GREETING Neutral 50 Hi there! 126
GREETING Neutral 50 So, this is it. Pretty neat, huh? 127
Neutral 50 I never had the courage to wake them up, but I think you're going to need to. The spaceman has a suit, and we need him to use it. 128
GREETING Sad 100 Aw, nuts. 129
Sad 100 They turned it off! Last time I was here, I used this to get to the top of the ship. 130
Neutral 50 It's kind of like an elevator, only it doesn't just go up and down. Feels sort of tingly, too. 131
Neutral 50 They must be pretty angry that we're exploring... 132
Neutral 50 Oh, I know! Come on, I know another way up! 133
GREETING Neutral 50 Over here! 134
GREETING Neutral 50 Okay, I'll show you what I found. If you want to get out of here, I think it'll help. Come on, follow me! 135
GREETING Neutral 50 Come on, we're almost there! 136
GREETING Neutral 50 You want to get to the control room, right? Well, then you need to see the engine room first. I know how to get there. 137
GREETING Happy 100 See? I told you I could help! 138
GREETING Happy 50 Thanks! Are you escaping? Do you want to see the rest of this place? I've seen a bunch. I can show you if you want. 139
GREETING Neutral 50 You need my help to get out of here, right? 140
Neutral 50 I told you I can help. I'm super good at helping. 141
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, I didn't know you were exploring, too! You don't know where we are, do you? {she is completely lost} 142
GREETING Neutral 50 Okay, let's get out of this place! 143
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey! Hey, are you okay? Skinned knee or anything like that? 144
GREETING Neutral 50 Let's talk later, okay? We should be careful around here. 145
GREETING Neutral 50 You're really good at this. I hope it wasn't too scary... 146
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh no, they turned this one off too! 147
Neutral 50 You're going to have to find the other end and turn it back on. 148
GREETING Neutral 50 Did you see that? Did you see that big gun they just fired? 149
Neutral 50 We need to turn off that big Death Ray thing before they blow up the whole Earth! 150
GREETING Neutral 50 I knew you'd get it. Good job! 151
Neutral 50 Now we have to get to the bridge, where their leader is. 152
Neutral 50 Wait here. I'll get the door! 153
GREETING Neutral 50 I'm not quite sure where to go, but I think if we keep going this way we'll find what we're looking for. 154
GREETING Neutral 50 This is kind of exciting, isn't it? I've never seen this part of the ship before! 155
GREETING Neutral 50 I sure hope they don't figure out where we are. This time I don't think they're going to put me back in the cell... 156
GREETING Surprise 100 Wow, you did it! 157
Neutral 50 Now you're gonna have to go outside of the ship. I know it looks scary, but that's the only way to the top. 158
Fear 100 Oh! Make sure you wear a spacesuit before you go out there or you could die! Don't forget! 159
GREETING Surprise 100 Yay! Only one more of those generators is all you need to take care of and we can get to the bridge and kick some alien butt! 160
GREETING Surprise 100 I knew it! I knew it! 161
Neutral 50 The lights went out for a few seconds and I just KNEW you took out one of those generators. All you have to do is two more and we can leave. 162
GREETING Happy 100 Here it is! This is the stuff I hid in here. You can have all of it, okay? 163
GREETING Happy 100 Come on, I'll show you where the stuff is! 164
GREETING Happy 100 Didja need something? 165
GREETING Happy 50 Whatcha want? 166
GREETING Anger 50 Hang on, hang on! I can't get the doors unlocked THAT fast. Sheesh! 167
GREETING Sad 90 Oh no! That poor astronaut! Those freezers are so dangerous... sometimes people don't wake up. 168
Neutral 50 I guess you'd better take his suit. You're going to have to go if he can't. But first you have to get to the door to the outside. 169
Neutral 50 They'll be waiting for you, but you can suck out all the air in part of the ship so they won't get in your way. 170
Neutral 50 They have these generator things that power parts of the ship and make sure it has air. You'll have to turn some of them off. 171
Neutral 50 There's one in the Cryo Lab, one in the Hangar Bay and one where they make the robots... the Robot Assembly area. 172
Neutral 50 Once they're all broken, you can get through that door to the outside. 173
Neutral 50 And then once you get to the top of the ship, you can turn the teleporter thing back on, and I can catch up to you! 174
Happy 50 I guess it's time for me to get those doors unlocked for you now. This is fun! 175
GREETING Neutral 50 You need to wake up the spaceman there. We can't get up to the top of the ship unless he uses his space suit. 176
GREETING Neutral 50 Come on, follow me! I'll show you what the generators do. 177

Conversation Edit

DLC05BridgeElliotDown DLC05BridgeElliotDown Neutral 50 They just took out our shields! 178
DLC05BridgeEmpHit DLC05BridgeEmpHit Neutral 50 Lights out! They must have hit something and now nothing is working! 179
DLC05BridgeEMPHitAlt DLC05BridgeEMPHitAlt Neutral 50 Lights out, they killed our power! Maybe there's some buttons or something around here to restart this hunk of junk. 180
DLC05BridgeEMPHitAlt Neutral 50 Things are flashing again! We got flashing things! You must be doing something right. Keep it up! 181
DLC05BridgeTopicDeathRay DLC05BridgeTopicDeathRay Neutral 50 I got it! The deathray is working and will be fully charged in 30 seconds! 182
DLC05BridgeTopicDeathRay Neutral 50 All right, it's all ready to fire! Push your big blue button and lets end this. 183
DLC05BridgeTopicIntro DLC05BridgeTopicSallyIntro Neutral 50 And I'll go over here. I can be Stella Skyfire! She was Captain Cosmos' weapons specialist, back in season 2. This is great! 184
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyIntro Neutral 50 Look, that must be the Captain's chair! You should sit there -- you can be Captain Cosmos! 185
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyIntro Neutral 50 Wow, look at this place! It looks like the ship in Captain Cosmos! 186
DLC05BridgeTopicMainScreen DLC05BridgeTopicMainScreen Neutral 50 187
DLC05BridgeTopicMainScreen Neutral 50 188
DLC05BridgeTopicMainScreen Neutral 50 189
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyCommands DLC05BridgeTopicSallyCommands Neutral 50 Wow! This looks just like the bridge on Captain Cosmos! I know what to do! 190
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyCommands Neutral 50 Somah, you go stand over there... 191
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyCommands Neutral 50 Mr. Elliott, you're there... 192
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyCommands Neutral 50 Paulson... you can be Jangles the Moon Monkey... 193
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyCommands Neutral 50 and I get to aim the Death Ray! 194
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyHelp DLC05BridgeTopicSallyHelp Neutral 50 Try hitting some buttons, one of them has to do something. 195
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyHelp Neutral 50 Try hitting that button down there. It's flashing, it probably does something good. 196
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyRandom DLC05BridgeTopicSallyRandom Neutral 50 I never thought I'd get to do something like this! 197
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyRandom Neutral 50 Yeah, teach them a lesson! 198
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyRandom Neutral 50 This is like playing a holo-game, only better! 199
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyShipHelp DLC05BridgeTopicSallyShipHelp Neutral 50 I've got a lock on their ship, fire when ready! 200
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyShipHelp Neutral 50 The squiggles around their ship are going away, but there's more appearing by their gun. 201
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyShipHelp Neutral 50 Their shields are at full. 202
DLC05BridgeTopicSallyShipHelp Neutral 50 The enemies shields are down! Fire! Fire! Shoot 'em! 203
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 We're at about 70%. 204
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 Ship's at 50%, we can't take much more of this. 205
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 20%. I hope you've got a plan. 206
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 Looks like they're doing a number on the ship, hull is at 90% and falling. 207
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 80%, you should try one of these consoles, it might be shields or something. 208
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 At about 60%. Do something. 209
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 The ship's at 40%, we're goners. 210
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 30%. This is not good. 211
DLC05BridgeTopicShipHealth Neutral 50 10% and the ship's failing! 212
DLC05ConvSallyAltResponsesLevel01 DLC05ConvSallyAltResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Sure, what did ya want? 213
DLC05ConvSallyAltResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Naw. Just me and my sister. I dunno what happened to my parents. 214
DLC05ConvSallyAltResponsesLevel02 DLC05ConvSallyAltResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Yeah. My sister. I think she's on this ship somewhere. 215
DLC05ConvSallyAltResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Well, I saw her once. When I first woke up on this ship, but I haven't seen her since. 216
DLC05ConvSallyAltResponsesLevel03 DLC05ConvSallyAltResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 We were together when the aliens took us from home. I saw her on the table next to mine when I woke up on this ship. 217
DLC05ConvSallyGenWalkthruTopic DLC05ConvSallyGenWalkthruTopic Neutral 50 Then you stand WAY back, because it gets really hot and goes 'kaboom'! 218
DLC05ConvSallyGenWalkthruTopic Neutral 50 Then, you push down these other things here. See? The ones that keep it cool. 219
DLC05ConvSallyGenWalkthruTopic Neutral 50 First, you push the button to make the generator come up from the floor. 220
DLC05ConvSallyGenWalkthruTopic Neutral 50 I've seen the aliens use these a bunch of times, so I'm an expert. 221
DLC05ConvSallyGenWalkthruTopic Neutral 50 Okay, here it is. Neat, huh? 222
DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel01 DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Wow! So you got to ride horses? Real, living horses? I've never even seen a real living horse. What are they like? 223
DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Yeah. I mean, everything was all blown up and really dirty. There were lotsa sick people everywhere too, and lotsa people crying. 224
DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 How come people still die then after they get hurt even when a doctor is around? 225
DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel02 DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 That's funny, sounds like the way people can be too! 226
DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Sigh. I wish that they could fix that. I hated being down there. 227
DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 So if I get hurt, will I die? 228
DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel03 DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 Aw, don't worry. I always pick good friends. 229
DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 Maybe we should just stay up here then! I hated when it was like that! 230
DLC05ConvSallyResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 So you promise to fix me if I get hurt? 231
DLC05FF01xcartAliensLookout DLC05FF01aliensLookout Neutral 50 Aliens! Look out! 232
DLC05FF01xcartCows DLC0FF01cows Neutral 50 Cows? We got cows! 233
DLC05FF01xcartFirstComment DLC05FF01xcartFirstComment Neutral 50 Oh, I get it! We're in one of their trash cans that move around the ship. I always wondered where these things go... 234
DLC05FF01xcartGetGoing DLC05FF01xcartGetGoing Neutral 50 Hey, we're moving... Cool! 235
DLC05FF01xcartGettingOut DLC05xcartGettingOut Neutral 50 We're stuck. Let me see if I can figure something out. 236
DLC05FF01xcartSawUs DLC05FF01xcartSawUs Neutral 50 Do you think we were noticed? 237
DLC05MZ1GeneratorConversation DLC05MZ1GeneratorConversation Neutral 50 Well, not really shut it off... More like blow it up. If you turn off the coolant, it'll get really hot and then explode, so be careful, okay? 238
DLC05MZ1GeneratorConversation Neutral 50 You have to shut that off to open the door here. 239
DLC05MZ1SallyRelease DLC05MZ1SallyRelease Neutral 50 Hello? Hi! Hi there! Listen, can you let me out of here? 240
DLC05MZ1SallyRelease Neutral 50 Please let me out. I can help, honest! 241
DLC05MZ1SallyRelease Neutral 50 Can you let me out of here? Please? 242
DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneLines DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneLines Neutral 50 Sorry, I should get the door. Hang on, okay? 243
DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneLines Neutral 50 It's so pretty, isn't it? 244
DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneOpeningLine DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneOpeningLine Neutral 50 Wow! 245
DLC05MZ3SallyLabTriggerTopic DLC05MZ3SallyLabTriggerTopic Neutral 50 Looks like this door's locked, too. Hang on, I'll see if I can get it from the other side. 246
DLC05MZ3SallyLabTriggerTopic Neutral 50 I'll get the door! 247
DLC05SallyVentSay DLC05SallyVentSay Neutral 50 Okay! That should do it! I'll be back out in a minute! {from inside wall vent} 248
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Fear 50 Wait, did anyone hear that? 249
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Fear 50 Wait, did you hear that? 250
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Fear 50 There it is again. Is that an Alien? 251
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Happy 100 Oh, it's the Samurai! We should let him in! {excited} 252
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Surprise 100 Actually, I think he's from Japan. {correcting a prejudiced error} 253
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Happy 100 Hello Samurai! Glad you're still alive. {upbeat despite chaos around her} 254
DLC05SteamSallyComment DLC05SteamSallyComment Neutral 50 Nice one! 255
DLC05SteamSallyComment Neutral 50 Good job! 256
DLC05SteamSallyComment Neutral 50 Wow, you must really hate them. 257
DLC05SteamSallyComment Neutral 50 Over this way! 258
DLC05SteamSallyComment Neutral 50 Yay! We made it. That wasn't so bad, was it? 259
DLC05SteamSallyDoor DLC05SteamSallyDoor Neutral 50 Wait! I think there are more coming down the hall. Just stay here, and I'll try and get this door open for you. 260
DLC05SteamSallyDoor Neutral 50 Hmm, maybe it's this other wire... 261
DLC05SteamSallyDoor Neutral 50 There it is! Go on, get in! 262
DLC05SteamSallyDoor Neutral 50 Whew, that was a close one. 263
DLC05SteamSallyDoor Neutral 50 Be careful when you come out, there are still a few to your right. If you can, sneak through the door on your left. 264
DLC05SteamSallyEncourage DLC05SteamSallyEncourage Neutral 50 Okay, you're doing good! Just keep going. 265
DLC05SteamSallyEncourage Neutral 50 We'll be at the engineering core in no time! 266
DLC05SteamSallyFinal DLC05SteamSallyFinal Neutral 50 Hi, I'm back again! 267
DLC05SteamSallyFinal Neutral 50 I'll catch up once it's safe, okay? 268
DLC05SteamSallyFinal Neutral 50 Hurry up, we're almost there! 269
DLC05SteamSallyFinal Neutral 50 You go ahead. I'll wait here until it's a little safer. I don't want to get hurt. 270
DLC05SteamSallyGuide DLC05SteamSallyGuide Neutral 50 Wait here for a second... There's more of them coming. 271
DLC05SteamSallyGuide Neutral 50 Thanks! 272
DLC05SteamSallyGuide Neutral 50 Okay, go get their attention. 273
DLC05SteamSallyGuide Neutral 50 BOOM! 274
DLC05SteamSallyGunTut DLC05SteamSallyGunTut Neutral 50 I've seen them use those arch things to heal themselves. I don't know if it'll work for you, but you could try it. 275
DLC05SteamSallyGunTut Neutral 50 Those are some of their guns over there. You should get one. Or even a bunch of them, just in case. 276
DLC05SteamSallyGunTut Neutral 50 There's some alien goo tubes on that table over there. I've seen them use it to fix guns and stuff. I bet it'll work for you too. 277
DLC05SteamSallyIgnored DLC05SteamSallyIgnored Neutral 50 You know, I could have done that for you. I'm only trying to help! 278
DLC05SteamSallyIgnored Neutral 50 Or don't. 279
DLC05SteamSallyIgnored Neutral 50 Fine, be that way. 280
DLC05SteamSallyIgnored Neutral 50 I'm just trying to make your life easier, but whatever. 281
DLC05SteamSallyIgnored Neutral 50 No, your other left! 282
DLC05SteamSallyWorks DLC05SteamSallyWorks Neutral 50 Oops! I didn't see those two. There's a door on the left I can open though. You should try and go that way. Sorry! 283
DLC05SteamSallyWorks Neutral 50 Wait here for just a second. I can do something to distract them. When you hear the noise, go to your left, okay? 284
DLC05SteamSallyWorks Neutral 50 Go go go! 285
DLC05SteamSallyWorks Neutral 50 Use that door on the left! Hurry! 286
DLC05SteamSallyWorks Neutral 50 They're not looking. Run down the stairs and out the door at the bottom. 287
DLC05SteamSallyWorks Neutral 50 Don't worry about those aliens, they won't hurt you. You should just leave them alone, okay? No reason to be mean to them. 288
DLC05SteamSallyWorks Neutral 50 This vent goes a different way, so you'll be by yourself for a while. Don't worry, I'll catch up! Be careful! 289
DLC05SteamSallyWorks Neutral 50 I can't believe you killed him, he has it just as bad as us. I'll see you later. 290
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Sir, yes sir! 291
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Okay! 292
I have to go now. Neutral 50 See you later! 293
I have to go now. Neutral 50 I'll keep an eye on the ship for you! 294
Let's keep moving. Neutral 50 I'll stay right with you! 295
Let's keep moving. Neutral 50 Okay, come on! 296
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Be careful! 297
I have to go now. Neutral 50 You're doing a great job. Really. 298
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Remember to wear the spacesuit before you go outside or you could die! 299
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Don't go alone... those generators are in scary places. Take one of the grown-ups with you! 300
I have to go now. Fear 100 Don't worry, I'll be safe with these guys. They seem pretty neat. 301
I have to go now. Fear 100 Oh, I hope we can find my sister somewhere. 302
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Be careful, lady. 303
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Be careful, mister. 304
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Aw, thanks Somah! You're the best! 305
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Thanks, Mr. Tercorien. I knew you'd help. 306
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Almost there! 307
HELLO Neutral 50 Is it safe yet? 308
HELLO Neutral 50 Captain on the bridge! 309
HELLO Neutral 50 All systems normal, Captain! 310
HELLO Neutral 50 Hi there! 311
HELLO Neutral 50 Welcome home, Captain! 312
HELLO Neutral 50 Astronaut Sally, at your service! 313
HELLO Neutral 50 Thanks for letting me out! 314
HELLO Neutral 50 This is exciting, isn't it! 315
HELLO Neutral 50 Be careful, okay? 316
HELLO Neutral 50 I sure hope we don't get caught! 317
HELLO Neutral 50 I think we're getting closer. 318
HELLO Neutral 50 Is everything okay? 319
HELLO Happy 100 You did it! You did it! Whoohoo! 320
HELLO Happy 100 Only one more of those generators to go! Wow! 321
HELLO Happy 100 You blew up one of the generators! We might actually get out of here! 322
HELLO Neutral 50 Hiya, Mister. 323
HELLO Neutral 50 Hiya, Lady. 324
HELLO Neutral 50 Did you have to help a lot of people who were hurt when you were in the war? 325
HELLO Neutral 50 Somah, what's it like down there? Is it still the same? 326
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, mister? Are you a real cowboy? 327
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