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This is a transcript for dialogue with Paulson.


DLC05BridgeInterDoNothing Get a move on it! Neutral 50 Eh. 1
DLC05BridgeTopicPaulsonHeal How are you holding up? Neutral 50 I could use one of those stimpaks if you don't mind. 2
DLC05BridgeTopicPaulsonInitial Would you mind watching our backs? Neutral 50 If it means we all live through this, then yeah. Be happy to. 3
DLC05MZ2PaulsonBackgroundBW Oh, come on. You can tell me just about anything. I'll understand. Neutral 50 Well, I appreciate that, miss. It's just that it's not easy to talk about. 4
Neutral 50 I... I lost my wife and my boy. 5
Neutral 50 One minute, we're riding back from town. Next, we're floating in the sky. Then we're here. 6
Neutral 50 They're screaming and crying, and I can't do a thing to help them. Haven't seen them since. 7
Neutral 50 And now someone's going to pay for it. 8
DLC05MZ2PaulsonBackgroundNM Sorry, forget I said anything. Neutral 50 Fine. 9
DLC05MZ2PaulsonBackgroundSpeech1 You can talk about what happened to you. It's okay. Neutral 50 Okay? Lemme ask you something -- you ever listened to the two people you care most about in this world screaming in pain? 10
Neutral 50 Huh? You ever watched them screaming, looking to you to save them, only you can't do anything about it? 11
Neutral 50 If you had ANY idea what that feels like, you'd know damn well it's not okay. 12
Neutral 50 I lost my wife and my boy to these monsters, and they are going to suffer for it. 13
DLC05MZ2PaulsonBackgroundSpeech2 I found this recording of you. Do you want to talk about your family? Neutral 50 So you... you know? 14
Neutral 50 There's not much more to say. Wasn't just me sucked up into this place... My wife and my boy, too. 15
Neutral 50 I can still hear 'em, crying out to me, begging me to save 'em. And there wasn't a damned thing I could do. 16
Neutral 50 They were... they were everything to me, you know? So now I've got nothing. Nothing at all. 17
DLC05MZ2PaulsonGreet01 The aliens? They're all over the place. That's why I woke you. Neutral 50 Aliens? That what you call 'em? 18
Neutral 50 So you woke me, huh? Who the hell are you? 19
DLC05MZ2PaulsonGreet02 If you're talking about the aliens, you'll see them soon enough. Neutral 50 You call those little weird men aliens? 20
Neutral 50 So you woke me, huh? Who the hell are you? 21
DLC05MZ2PaulsonGreet03 They're called aliens, hayseed. Neutral 50 Aliens... Green Men... hell, you can call 'em piles of horse shit for all I care. 22
Neutral 50 So you woke me, huh? Who the hell are you? 23
DLC05MZ2PaulsonGreet04 I'm trapped on this ship, just like you. Neutral 50 Do I really look that stupid, kid? This ain't a ship. I don't hear water and I sure as hell don't feel us rocking. So tell me another one. 24
Neutral 50 Besides, you don't look trapped to me. How do I know you ain't workin' with those little green bastards? 25
DLC05MZ2PaulsonGreet05 I'm a human, like you. Anger 100 Human like me, huh? And just how do I know you aren't workin' with the little green bastards that stuck me in that thing? 26
DLC05MZ2PaulsonGreet06 I'm not a shit-kicking cowboy, that's for sure. Neutral 50 You got a smart mouth kid. I like that. 27
Neutral 50 What I don't like is I don't know you from a hole in the wall. How do I know you ain't workin' with those little green bastards? 28
DLC05MZ2PaulsonGreet07 Look, all I want to do is work together as a team so we can get home. Neutral 50 The only teams I know are cattle and they get led to the slaughter. That's why I work alone, kid. 29
Neutral 50 Now, you did let me out of that... thing, so it counts for somethin'. 30
Neutral 50 Tell you what... I usually ride solo, but I'll stick with you for now. You try and pull anythin' stupid and I'll bury you. 31
DLC05MZ2PaulsonGreet08 If I were working with the aliens, why would I set you free? Neutral 50 You got a point there, kid. Lettin' me out of that... thing does count for something. 32
Disgust 100 Tell you what... I usually ride solo, but I'll stick with you for now. You try and pull anythin' stupid and I'll bury you. 33
DLC05MZ2PaulsonGreet09 I don't give guarantees. You want out of here, you stick with me. Period. Disgust 100 You got a funny way of talkin', kid. But you know what, I think you're my best bet to get the hell back home. 34
Neutral 50 Tell you what... I usually ride solo, but I'll stick with you for now. You try and pull anythin' stupid and I'll bury you. 35
DLC05MZ2TLAbducted Tell me how you were captured by these aliens. Disgust 90 Doesn't matter now. Only important thing is... Well, I guess it's revenge. 36
DLC05MZ2TLAlienIntentions What do you think the aliens want with us? Neutral 50 Doesn't matter. They're not getting it, whatever it is. 37
DLC05MZ2TLBackground Thank you for telling me about what happened to you. Neutral 50 No sense in dwelling on it now. Let's just get out of here. 38
Can you tell me more about where you're from? Neutral 50 Can't say as it matters, or that I'd feel like telling you anyway. 39
DLC05MZ2TLHelpAssembly I need some help in the Robot Assembly area. You in? Neutral 50 Whatever they're assembling in there, I ain't gonna be much good to you. I never was much of a builder. 40
DLC05MZ2TLHelpCryo I need to get through the Cryo Labs. Think you can help me? Neutral 50 Well seein' as I don't even know what a Cryo or a Lab is, I'm guessin' no. 41
DLC05MZ2TLHelpHangar I may need an extra gun in the Hangar Bay. Can you lend a hand? Neutral 50 Now you're speakin' my language. Hell yeah, I'll come with you. 42
DLC05MZ2TLLevelHelp You think anything in here can prove useful? Neutral 50 The only thing useful in here is me and my gun. Now let's keep moving. 43
DLC05MZ2TLNeverMind I think you should remain in the Engineering Core for now. Neutral 50 Fine. If I see any aliens, I'll say hello for you. 44
DLC05MZ2TLSamurai Where's that Kago guy? Neutral 50 Took off. Don't know where to. Don't much care. 45
What do you know about this Toshiro Kago guy? Neutral 50 Some sort of foreigner, obviously. Can't make out a word he's saying. 46
DLC05MZ3GreetDeathRay1 What the hell was that? Neutral 50 No idea. Been in over my head for a while now. Still, I'm thinking whatever that was, it wasn't a good thing. 47
Neutral 50 Probably best if it doesn't happen again, you get my meaning? 48
DLC05MZ3GreetDeathRay2 I have no idea what he said, but he sounded pretty angry. Neutral 50 Yep, it seemed all riled up. 49
Neutral 50 Might end up being a good thing. Lose your cool, you're more likely to make mistakes. 50
Neutral 50 Still, seems we oughta make sure that doesn't happen again. Shut off whatever that thing was. 51
DLC05MZ3GreetDeathRay3 We need to find out what that was, and put a stop to it. Neutral 50 I suppose. Lead the way. 52
DLC05PaulsonHolo1 DLC05NPCHolo1 Neutral 50 {ALIEN} 53
Neutral 50 Where's my wife? Where's my boy? What've you done with them? {furious, raging against restraints} 54
Neutral 50 When I get free, so help me God I'm going to kill every last one of you! {furious, raging against restraints} 55
Neutral 50 {ALIEN} 56
Neutral 50 Agggh! What are you doing? What the hell do you want with us? LET ME GO! 57
DLC05PostGreet3 This has been a hell of a ride, hasn't it? Neutral 50 No offense, but this ain't some sort of game. 58
Neutral 50 My whole life is over. Gone, a long time ago. 59
Neutral 50 Sorry if I can't make light of the situation like you can. 60
GREETING Neutral 50 So, it's done. 62
Neutral 50 I'm not much for talking, so I'll get to it. I owe you. Without you, I'd be dead, or worse. 63
Neutral 50 Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can find a way off this thing. 64
GREETING Neutral 50 Yeah? 65
GREETING Neutral 50 Well now, that was something... 66
GREETING Neutral 50 Don't care for these "teleporter" things at all. 67
GREETING Neutral 50 Let's hope this is over soon. 68
GREETING Neutral 50 Ready when you are. Be right behind you. 69
GREETING Neutral 50 We need to make 'em pay. Every last one. 70
GREETING Neutral 50 This ain't the time for standing around and talking. 71
GREETING Neutral 50 Let's just keep moving. 72
GREETING Pained 100 Woah, hang on a tick. I don't know anythin' about anythin' in this section, so I'm headin' back to the Engine Core. 73
GREETING Neutral 50 Good work. But don't get cocky. 74
GREETING Neutral 50 Still one generator to blow up... Figure you should be off doing that instead of hanging around here. 75
GREETING Neutral 50 You can pat yourself on the back when you've blown up all the generators, not just one of 'em. 76
GREETING Pained 100 Where are they? Where are the little buggers? 77
GREETING Pained 100 Well? What do you want? 78
GREETING Pained 100 Speak your piece. 79
GREETING Pained 100 Yeah? What is it? 80
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you stop worrying about shit that doesn't matter. 81
SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 I said I've got nothing to talk about. Leave it alone. 82


DLC05BridgeTopicPaulsonRandom DLC05BridgeTopicPaulsonRandom Neutral 50 I ain't no goddamn space monkey. 83
DLC05BridgeTopicPaulsonRandom Neutral 50 They just keep coming. 84
DLC05BridgeTopicPaulsonRandom Neutral 50 This is almost fun. 85
DLC05BridgeTopicPaulsonRandom Neutral 50 Yippie ki yay. 86
DLC05ConvCargo01 DLC05ConvCargo01 Neutral 50 Now that looks like some tough ridin'. Those things real? 87
DLC05ConvCargo02 DLC05ConvCargo02 Neutral 50 Well I'll be damned...look at all 'em! 88
DLC05ConvCargo03 DLC05ConvCargo03 Neutral 50 Giddyup. 89
DLC05ConvCargo04 DLC05ConvCargo04 Neutral 50 Why look at what we got here. Little girl here ridin' one of those horses. Giddyup Buttercup...kind of catchy ain't it? 90
DLC05ConvCargo05 DLC05ConvCargo05 Neutral 50 What kind of horses are these anyway? I can't see anyone havin' any respect ridin' into town on one of those things. 91
DLC05ConvCargo06 DLC05ConvCargo06 Neutral 50 Hell, my horse never did that... 92
DLC05ConvCargo07 DLC05ConvCargo07 Neutral 50 I wouldn't go jumpin' down there if I were you. {Commenting on an extremely large trash chute found in the cargo hold.} 93
DLC05ConvCargo08 DLC05ConvCargo08 Neutral 50 Nuka what? {Paulson commenting on Nuka bottles, nuka cola machine.} 94
DLC05ConvERoomEngine DLC05ConvERoomEngine Neutral 50 Holy hell. 95
DLC05ConvERoomEngineGasTrap DLC05ConvERoomEngineGasTrap Neutral 50 More gas. 96
DLC05ConvERoomEpoxy DLC05ConvERoomEpoxy Neutral 50 Epoxy over here. 97
DLC05ConvERoomFilthyStructures DLC05ConvERoomFilthyStructures Neutral 50 What a mess. 98
DLC05ConvERoomFirstRoom DLC05ConvERoomFirstRoom Neutral 50 What's going on in there? 99
DLC05ConvERoomGasTrap DLC05ConvERoomGasTrap Neutral 50 Gas. Flammable gas. 100
DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel01 DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Well, yeah. I suppose you could say that. 101
DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 My story? Same as you. I don't know where the heck I am and I want to go home. 102
DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel01 Neutral 50 Yeah? What is it? Spit it out. 103
DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel02 DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Well, I guess if you find the right one, it'll be your friend for life. Find the wrong one, and it'd rather throw you than carry you. 104
DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Good, I aim to keep it that way. I'll work with you, but I'm not here to make friends. 105
DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel02 Neutral 50 Look, you do the healin' and I do the killin'. Besides that, what do we have to talk about? {annoyed} 106
DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel03 DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 You know, for a little lady, you're pretty smart. I just hope you were smart enough to pick the right horse when you broke this stranger out. 107
DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 Just stay out of the way of my bullets when I'm shooting the aliens, and you'll do just fine. 108
DLC05ConvPaulsonResponsesLevel03 Neutral 50 Well, see, that's your problem. You thought, but you're wrong. Now, isn't there some bandages you should be makin' or somethin'? {annoyed} 109
DLC05CoreScene04 DLC05CoreScene04 Neutral 50 No sense discussin’ it now. {matter of fact, after killing a potential alien hostage} 110
DLC05HangarPaulsonEnemyBehind DLC05HangarPaulsonEnemyBehind Neutral 50 Watch out! The damn things are comin' from the generator room! 111
DLC05HangarPaulsonSeesShip DLC05HangarPaulsonSeesShip Neutral 50 Well, I thought I've seen it all... what the hell is that thing? {Paulson observes recon craft theta rising into the hangar bay.} 112
DLC05HQPaulsonBumper01 DLC05HQPaulsonBumper01 Neutral 50 Woah. I dunno what those tall shiny things are, but I'd stay away from them if I was you. 113
DLC05HQPaulsonButtons01 DLC05HQPaulsonButtons01 Surprise 90 Holy hell... those towers made outta lightnin' or somethin'? {Paulson sees the player activate a bumper for the first time. Giant explosion occurs.} 114
DLC05HQPaulsonButtons01 Disgust 90 Come on, come on. You going to play with those buttons all day? We need to keep moving. {irritated} 115
DLC05HQPaulsonComment01 DLC05HQPaulsonComment01 Neutral 50 All righty. Here's how it's gonna go down. You point, I shoot, aliens die. All of the crazy gizmo stuff is up to you. 116
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 The hell if we're dyin' up here... take 'em out! 117
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 Keep hittin' those buttons and take 'em down when you can! 118
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 Come on you alien sons-of-bitches! 119
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 I'm trying to hold 'em off! 120
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 Damn aliens got up here again! 121
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 Here comes another one off of those shiny discs! 122
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 Heads up, more aliens comin' in! 123
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 Tricky bastards are comin' outta the woodwork! 124
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 Watch it! They're comin' up here! 125
DLC05HQPaulsonEnemyUpstairs Neutral 50 How many of these things are there? 126
DLC05HQPaulsonExplodeGenerator DLC05HQPaulsonExplodeGenerator Neutral 50 Scratch one generator machine. That oughta piss those aliens off! If we're done here, we should get back to the others. 127
DLC05HQPaulsonGenerator DLC05HQPaulsonGenerator Neutral 50 Finally. Let's get rid of that machine and then get the hell outta here. {Paulson walks into the generator room.} 128
DLC05HQPaulsonGeneratorUpComment DLC05HQPaulsonGeneratorUpComment Neutral 50 Woah... I've never seen anything like that in my life. 129
DLC05HQPaulsonGotYourBack DLC05HQPaulsonGotYourBack Neutral 50 I'll stay up here to draw a bead on the aliens as they rush us. If they get near those towers... hit the buttons and fry 'em! 130
DLC05HQPaulsonHole DLC05HQPaulsonHole Neutral 50 Hold on there... don't take another step. No telling how far down that goes. {player gets too close to the hole where the hangar door is.} 131
DLC05HQPaulsonIncoming DLC05HQPaulsonIncoming Neutral 50 I dunno what that sound is, but it can't be good. Watch yourself, I think we're about to have company. {Player just set off an alarm, siege fight about to start.} 132
DLC05HQPaulsonTele01 DLC05HQPaulsonTele01 Neutral 50 Damn, looks like that thing isn't working. We'll have to find another way to get up to the top. {The player approaches a teleporter that's off. Paulson states the obvious.} 133
DLC05HQPaulsonTeleSwitch DLC05HQPaulsonTeleSwitch Neutral 50 Now, let's see. One of these buttons has to turn those shiny discs back on... then we can zap ourselves around. {If it's already known that the teleporters are off, Paulson gives a more detailed suggestion.} 134
DLC05HQPaulsonTeleSwitch Neutral 50 There's a whole bunch of important looking gizmos up there. That's gotta be where the generator machine is. 135
DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneLines DLC05MZ3ExLabSceneLines Neutral 50 Not really the time for gawking... 136
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Neutral 50 Little busy here, darling. {sarcastic} 137
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Disgust 50 Fine. Let the Chinaman in. Could use his arm in here if it gets rough. {begrudging} 138
DLC05SamuraiScenesBridgeTopic Anger 50 As you say. Kindly invite the Oriental gentleman with the sword to join us... NOW! {annoyed and sarcastic.} 139
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 All right. 140
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Good idea. 141
I have to go now. Neutral 50 You know where to find me. 142
I have to go now. Neutral 50 You go do what you have to do. 143
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Fine... I'll be here. 144
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Suit yourself. 145
I have to go now. Neutral 50 I sure hope so, for all our sakes. 146
I have to go now. Neutral 50 No one asked you to thaw me out. 147
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Where are they? I'll kill those little bastards! 148
HELLO Neutral 50 I guess we're done down here. Time to take the fight to the aliens. 149
HELLO Neutral 50 Not too shabby, kid. 150
HELLO Neutral 50 Got one, eh? Well, it's a start. 151
HELLO Neutral 50 Flyin' ships... now I've seen everything. 152
HELLO Neutral 50 That generator has to be around here somewhere. 153
HELLO Neutral 50 There's more aliens in here... I can smell 'em. 154
HELLO Neutral 50 I wish we knew how to use of these flyin' ships. Would have been a lot easier than sneakin' around. 155
HELLO Neutral 50 What's troublin' ya? 156
HELLO Neutral 50 Somethin' on your mind? 157
HELLO Neutral 50 Yeah? 158
HELLO Neutral 50 What are you lookin' at? 159