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This is a transcript for dialogue with Maurice Turner.

DLC04DialogueHubologists[edit | edit source]

1-0103360D{Angry} For the Hub!
2{Angry} The rim will grind you down!
3{Angry} The wheel will roll over you!
401033601{Awed} Never thought I'd live long enough to see the spaceship working.
5{Impressed} That was quite a battle with the robot. Quite a battle.
6{Impressed} You aren't so bad after all. I kept waiting for you to betray us, but you didn't.

DLC04MS02[edit | edit source]

7MS02DaraJunkyardSpeech0103360ADaraHubbell: Form the wheel! I am the hub.{Awed} I am the rim. The spoke and hub support me.DaraHubbell: We fought a great battle today.A1a
8-010261A7{ a but grumpy. / Irritated} Don't go bothering me. Dara is who you want to see. Wearing that suit of hers.
9{skeptical, a but grumpy. / Irritated} Another new recruit. We'll see if you've got what it takes to be a hubologist.
10{Stern} I've got my eye on you. New recruits have been know to try and steal from us.
11010261A1{InPain} I'll catch up to you. I'm too old to run like this.
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