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DLC04AboutLeader How do you lead the tribe? Neutral 50 I know it may seem that I am a brave shepherd to my flock, but the truth is far more humble. {Flattered, but humble (and a little deranged)} 1
Happy 50 I am nothing more than the largest fish in our school, as we swim through the astral seas... exploring, learning, and becoming one. 2
Neutral 50 But we are not swimming aimlessly! No, we have a beacon! The shining mind speaks to me in my meditations, and guides us always. 3
DLC04AboutMansion Why did you attack the mansion? Sad 50 We take no pleasure in violence. Our goal was merely to remove the ghoul. His presence is an offense to the Transcendent Master's astral dominion. 4
Neutral 50 I cannot claim to understand the exact reasons that the mansion's resident caused such disruption, however. To understand fully, ask the Master. 5
DLC04AboutTribals Tell me about your tribe. Neutral 50 We are a family of dreamers, a band of astral explorers, and a church of the mind. 6
Happy 50 In time, we will be free of the horrors of the base physical world. We will play amongst the pure thoughts of the universe! 7
DLC04JacksonMeet1A I was drawn to your eternal wisdom. Happy 50 How wonderful! Perhaps you shall be the one who can clear the holy land of its disruptive presence! 8
Happy 25 Oh, but the Transcendent Master will want to hear of this! And as one so obviously led by visions, it is your right and honor to tell him yourself! 9
Neutral 50 After all, it is he who makes all true decisions about the spiritual growth of our tribe, including the decision to cleanse the mansion. 10
DLC04JacksonMeet1B I just wanted to meet the Tribal leader. Happy 50 I may be the man who leads our physical affairs, but I cannot claim true wisdom. I take my orders from a higher master! 11
Happy 25 Whether it be how to explore higher planes, or the decision to remove the disruptive ghoul, all wisdom comes from the Transcendent Master. 12
DLC04JacksonMeet2A You mean, you're not really the one in charge of the tribe? Happy 50 Would that I was so wise! No, true leadership of the tribe belongs to the higher mind of the enlightened one! 13
Happy 25 Although his mind has moved beyond the need for flesh, his consciousness still returns here to guide our people. I merely interpret his wishes. 14
Happy 50 He manifests here, high on a ledge in the great sea cave's well. Perhaps if you are fortunate, he will choose to share his wisdom with you! 15
DLC04JacksonMeet2B May I meet the Transcendent Master? Sad 50 It is very rare that others are permitted to commune with the master. Many are too foolish to understand the great truths of his higher mind. 16
Neutral 50 But I sense in you a great potential. Perhaps you have what is needed to accept his teachings and grow from his wisdom. 17
Neutral 50 He manifests here, high on a ledge in the great sea cave's well. Seek him out, and all shall be revealed. 18
GREETING Happy 50 Yes, fellow seeker? 19
Happy 50 Be at peace. 20
Happy 50 Rest awhile, friend. 21
Happy 50 Unburden your mind. 22
Happy 50 Relax. 23
Neutral 50 Shh... My meditation requires utmost concentration. 24
Happy 50 Hello? You are... a fellow seeker of the higher planes, perhaps? What brings you here? 25

Conversation Edit

DLC04Scene1 DLC04Scene1 Happy 50 Soon, your sacred land shall be cleared of all obstacles. No longer shall its mystical powers be diminished! 26
DLC04Scene3 DLC04Scene3 Happy 50 Yes, and you will be able to spread your knowledge across the astral plane for all those wise enough to accept it! 27
DLC04Scene5 DLC04Scene5 Happy 50 No need to worry, enlightened one. We shall re-consecrate the mansion, and remove the impurities disrupting your perfect guidance. 28
DLC04Scene7 DLC04Scene7 Happy 50 Yes, we shall be free of all limitations! Thank you, master. We shall be the instrument of your mighty will. 29
DLC04TribalResponse DLC04TribalResponse Neutral 50 And you as well. 30
DLC04TribalResponse Neutral 50 Thank you. Be at peace. 31
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Blessings to you on your journey. 32
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Be well. 33
I have to go now. Neutral 50 May you find your way. 34
I'll go see the Transcendent Master, now. Happy 50 Yes, commune with him, while I see to my tribe. There is much to be done! 35
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Trust in the wisdom of your higher mind! 36
HELLO Happy 50 Submerge your will in the depths of the astral sea! 37
HELLO Neutral 50 Good to see you still here, my child. 38
HELLO Neutral 50 Be at peace. {mumbled, as if half awake} 39
HELLO Neutral 50 Go past the flesh. {mumbled, as if half awake} 40
HELLO Neutral 50 Transcend. {mumbled, as if half awake} 41
HELLO Neutral 50 Mind at ease. {mumbled, as if half awake} 42
HELLO Neutral 50 Escape to the mind. {mumbled, as if half awake} 43
HELLO Neutral 50 <sigh> {quiet, long sigh like someone almost asleep} 44

Combat Edit

Attack Attack Anger 50 Sleep forever! 45
Attack Anger 50 Return to dust! 46
Attack Anger 50 Death to the unenlightened! 47
Attack Anger 50 Impure! 48
Attack Anger 50 You will feed the Punga! 49
Death Death Neutral 50 At last... 50
Death Neutral 50 To dream... 51
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