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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vikia.

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DLC01HavenResponse1A Don't be so cold, Vikia. Don't you want a piece of this? Disgust 25 Perhaps your "assets" appeal to the degenerate women you're used to, but I'm quite immune. 1
Disgust 75 I would never lay with a beast of burden, no matter how impressive it is. 2
I assure you, I'm more than your equal. Much more. Disgust 25 I'm sure you think so. The delusion of equality is part of what makes your kind so pitiful. 3
DLC01HavenResponse1B Why are you such a bitch? Disgust 25 It's the price I pay for perfection. 4
Disgust 50 And a fair price it is, if it means I can avoid things like you. 5
GREETING GREETING Disgust 50 Oh, look. Another worker who thinks they can address their betters. {Icy cold and dismissive} 6
Disgust 50 I'm sure everyone's impressed that you killed a pig in the Hole. Don't think it makes you an equal. {Icy cold and dismissive} 7
GREETING Disgust 50 Oh. It's talking to me again. 8
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