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This is a transcript for dialogue with O-Dog.

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DLC01HavenResponse1A Oh, that's real appetizing. Happy 50 Hey, it's not pretty, but it's the truth. We're all just meat in the grinder out here. Today's hotshot is tomorrow's Trog-chow. 1
Happy 25 Nothing to it but to be the best, and eat our fill before we're next on the plate. 2
Happy 50 Work hard and you might just be a grade-A cut like me! 3
DLC01HavenResponse1B I'm more than just meat. You wait and see. Happy 25 Not hardly. Deep down, we're all meat, and even the best of us is just gonna be Trog-chow someday. {Light-heartedly} 4
Happy 50 No shame in it -- just the way life goes. It's all meat, baby. 5
GREETING GREETING Disgust 25 Saw you earn your ticket Uptown. Don't start thinking that makes you special. You're still just meat. 6
Happy 25 You just got moved up to a higher grade of sausage, is all. 7
GREETING Happy 10 Hey, meat. 8
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