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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lulu.

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DLC01HavenResponse1A What do you mean about Ashur's "keen eyes"? Happy 50 The Lord of The Pitt knows all, and his eyes see promise where others see rubble. {Slightly rapturous, as if speaking of a god} 1
Surprise 25 What does he see in you? A cure? A scourge? Or maybe nothing more than a plaything? 2
Happy 50 Soon, Lulu will see what lies inside you! But first, perhaps Ashur's pet needs to be fed? {Speaking of herself in the third person. Speaking with cadence to rhyme "lulu" and "you"} 3
DLC01HavenResponse1B I'll tell you what's special about me: I kick ass. Happy 50 Ha! That rules out your wit. It must be something else that makes you so interesting to our lord. 4
Happy 25 Lulu will see soon enough. Oh yes. But first, perhaps Ashur's pet needs to be fed? {Speaking of herself in the third person.} 5
DLC01SpecialOption2A Yes, I'll have some food. Happy 50 Then here... Delicious food for you! Eat, and be good. 6
Sure, I'll have some more food. Anger 50 Too bad! Lulu has given you plenty for today. Don't be a greedy pet. Lord Ashur won't like it! 7
DLC01SpecialOption2B No thanks. Happy 50 Then go, and be good. Remember, Lulu has got her eye on you! {Creepy but slightly friendly.} 8
DLC01SpecialOption2C Don't call me a pet, you freak. Happy 50 Oh, but aren't we all pets of our Lord? He built this menagerie, and chose each of us to live in his world. {insane, but rapturous} 9
Happy 50 Good pets do work, find food, build weapons, and kill the unclean. Good pets get food and Lord Ashur loves them. Bad pets get drowned in the rivers. {insane, but rapturous} 10
Happy 50 Lulu knows all about being good. So Lulu is in charge of feeding other good pets! 11
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Well, if it isn't Ashur's newest pet! He doesn't let many mongrels into his mansion. {Slightly giddy, somewhat mocking} 12
Anger 25 Him and his keen eyes must see something special in you. So Lulu's going to keep her eyes on you, too. {Fascinated and a little insane. Speaking of herself in the third person.} 13
GREETING Happy 50 Is Ashur's new pet here to be fed? 14
GREETING Happy 50 Good pets get fed. Bad pets get shot. So, you've come to be fed? 15
GREETING Happy 50 Are you a hungry pet? 16
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