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The DC guard armor is a type of armor in Fallout 4.


The set has a regular or heavy helmet and a chest piece, along with having arm pieces that can cover the forearm, shoulders or entire arm. This set has no leg pieces as the guards uniform also consists of the athletic outfit, which has no leg armor slots. The DC guard helm and DC guard heavy helm both provide a Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance of 5 each. The umpire's pads provide a DR of 15 and an ER of 10. The DC guard forearms provide a DR of 4 and ER of 2, the DC guard shoulders provide a DR of 5 and ER of 2 and the DC guard arm armor pieces provide a DR of 10 and ER of 5.

The highest resistances this set can provide is a Damage Resistance of 50 and an Energy Resistance of 35 before being put over clothing enhanced with ballistic weave.


Images Name Damage Resistance Damage resistance Energy Resistance Energy Weight Value Base ID
DC guard helmets
FO4 DCGuardArmor helm.png DC guard helm 5 5 1 5 000AF0F6
FO4 DCGuardArmor heavy helmet.png DC guard heavy helmet 5 5 1 5 000AF0F7
DC guard chest
FO4 DCGuardArmor umpire's pads.png DC guard umpire's pads 15 10 4 10 000AF0EE
DC guard arms
FO4 DCGuardArmor shoulder.png DC guard left arm armor 10 5 4 10 000AF0F1
FO4 DCGuardArmor shoulder.png DC guard right arm armor 10 5 4 10 000AF0F2
FO4 DCGuardArmor shoulder.png DC guard left shoulder 5 2 1 5 000AF0EA
FO4 DCGuardArmor shoulder.png DC guard right shoulder 5 2 1 5 000AF0ED
FO4 DCGuardArmor forearm.png DC guard left forearm 4 2 1 5 000AF0EB
FO4 DCGuardArmor forearm.png DC guard right forearm 4 2 1 5 000AF0EC



  • Icon ps4.png Icon xboxone.png Following the release of Patch 1.5, both variants of helmet take on an appearance similar to that of the Brotherhood of Steel hood when worn, although slightly glitched with a patch of the head appearing around the rear. However, when inspecting them in the inventory menu, they still have their proper appearance.[verified]
  • Icon xboxone.pngUpon creation of a new character the guards for that savegame might be missing their helmets for that entire playthrough, wearing only hoods as the helmets have disappeared from their inventory. There is currently no known fix.[verified]


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