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You're here about the thefts, right? Look, I already told Sergeant Gavil everything I know.— Initiate D. Clarke

Initiate D. Clarke, ID number CL-312I,[1] is a Brotherhood soldier at the Boston Airport. He is part of the BOS logistics division led by Knight Sergeant Gavil in 2287.


Initiate Clarke joined the Brotherhood of Steel roughly the same time as Knight Lucia. The two were part of the Brotherhood for at least two years before 2287 and were friends. However, shortly after the battle to take over the Boston Airport, Clarke started to become more reclusive and distant and started to adopt strange habits, such as searching through Lucia's personal belongings. He was then assigned to logistics and kept count of supplies alongside Lucia. At the same time, supplies, specifically food, were being reported as missing without reason.[2]

It is later revealed that Clarke himself is taking the food crates and feeding them to the feral ghouls infesting the underground section of the Boston Airport in an attempt to not only prevent the ferals from attempting to attack the nearby base, but also to show compassion towards the creatures.[3]

He does this in response to what happened to take control of the airport, as he viewed the killing of these former human beings, even when they were running away, as slaughter.[4] The Sole Survivor, investigating the missing supplies, discovers this and is allowed to decide Clarke's fate. Either they can tell Clarke to run from the Brotherhood to evade punishment, pass a moderate Charisma check and tell Clarke to accept blame for the missing supplies, agree to keep his secret, allowing him to stay in the Brotherhood or kill him outright.

He can later be found incarcerated at Cambridge Police Station if successfully convinced to turn himself in. If he was told to flee he can be encountered randomly in the wasteland being chased by feral ghouls. If saved he will berate the Sole Survivor for killing them.

If he was convinced to turn himself in, but the player character sides with the Railroad, he can be released during the mission Precipice of War. Although he cannot be engaged in full conversation, he will express surprise that the Sole Survivor is a Railroad agent, and ask to be set free, even if he does not understand what is going on. If the player agrees to do nothing about the ghouls and lies to Captain Kells, Clarke will remain in his position in logistics.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Duty or Dishonor: The Sole Survivor has to find Clarke and confront him, either by speaking to or killing him.

Effects of player's actions

  • Clarke will not appear until the quest Duty or Dishonor is started.
  • If Clarke is told to flee, and then the Sole Survivor destroys the Prydwen later in the story, Clarke can be found in the Boston Airport hangar. If he is talked to, he will only respond by nervously saying, "I can do this. I can do this."
  • If Clarke is told to flee, he may be found at a later time during a random encounter. He will then be accompanied by several feral ghouls. These ferals are hostile, and if they are killed (even by an NPC), Clarke will be angry with the player character for their deaths. Clarke may try to initiate conversation while still in combat with the remaining ferals.
  • If Clarke is told to turn himself in to the Brotherhood, he may be found inside a key-locked cell at the Cambridge Police Station. If the player character sides with the Railroad, Clarke can be set free during Precipice of War.
  • If the player convinces Clarke that they will keep his secret and successfully lies to Captain Kells about the thefts, after Blind Betrayal they may meet Initiate Clarke on the Prydwen flight deck, where he will tell them that he is going to become a knight soon.
  • If Initiate Clarke remains in the Brotherhood, he will appear alongside Lucia when escorting Liberty Prime during Ad Victoriam.



D. Clarke appears only in Fallout 4.


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