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For an overview of this item, see D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine.


The D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine is a skill book in Fallout 3.


Reading this book permanently improves the Medicine skill of the player character by 1, or 2 with the Comprehension perk.


Closest map markerLocation description
Abandoned car fortTo the south, past the wrecked train and radiated zone, in between some ant egg clutches, next to the corpse of a raider. The corpse may not appear in all games, but the loot should still be there, albeit a bit harder to spot.
Anchorage MemorialIn the facility, on the bottom floor in the clinic on a table next to the one above the safe, behind a light
Big TownRed's clinic, in the kitchen
Falls Church/Mason Dst MetroIn a bathroom on top of a first aid box mounted on the wall
Fort ConstantineBomb Storage, on a table next to a Fat Man where you find the T-51b power armor. Can only be accessed with Ted Strayer's, Dukov's and Dave's special keys
Georgetown WestIn DCTA tunnel 014-B Potomac, through a long water-filled tunnel, on a console with two stimpaks. A mirelurk king may spawn in this room
Germantown Police HQUpper floor, on the conference room's table. Note: There is a mine right beyond the door in this room. If you set it off instead of disarming it the book can be sent flying off the table and be difficult to find. Note: there are two rooms with long wooden tables on this floor. The conference room has blue cushy chairs around the table.
Greener Pastures Disposal SiteIn the makeshift shack in the northeastern area
Hallowed Moors CemeteryOn the bookshelf
Jalbert Brothers Waste DisposalIn the office on the top of a bookshelf
Mason Dixon SalvageIn the abandoned shack with the broken refrigerator, sitting on the floor
MDPL-21 power stationTo the north-northeast of the power station is a Wastelander lake hideout. At the very top of the map is an irradiated pool marked by toxic barrels with a shipping crate in the back. Swim through the crater and you'll find a small cave with the book on a desk.
MinefieldIn Benson house, upstairs in the main bedroom on a desk
Museum of HistoryOn a shelf in the kitchen of Museum of History, Lower Halls. Eastern side of the map
OasisAfter you enter the Sunken Chamber in the Oasis Cavern, it is up a path on the left in a crate.
Our Lady of Hope HospitalIn a room of the first floor guarded by a centaur
Our Lady of Hope HospitalSecond floor, cantina (room with the gas leak), on a table
Red Racer factoryNear the cafeteria, on the east side of the map, on top of large machines, under a bucket behind a toolbox on Factory Floor Level. Must drop down from a catwalk.
Relay tower KX-B8-11In a drainage tunnel to the southeast
Rivet CityIn Rivet City bow, in Pinkerton's lab, behind a skeleton. Must be stolen.
RobCo facilityOffices and cafeteria, first floor, computer office room, just southeast of the stairs going up
Roosevelt AcademyNurse's Office on the first floor of the Academy building
The Capitol BuildingIn Hall of Columns, upper level on a railing near a Talon Company sniper
Vault 92In the southernmost room of the Living Quarters, on a table next to a Laboratory terminal
Vernon Square EastIn the crater with the crashed Delta IX rocket, there is a sewer entrance with some super mutants inside. The book is on one of the shelves. Note: You'll need a large amount of RadAway and Rad-X, as this is possibly the second highest concentration of radiation in the game (40 rads/sec).