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D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine is a book in Fallout 3.

It is a book containing information about medicine.

Known Locations (25/25)

Fallout 3:

Number Location
1 South of Abandoned_Car_Fort next to a dead raider. (east of Shalebridge, green waste-pit)
2 Big Town- Red's Clinic, in the kitchen.
3 RobCo Factory- Offices and cafeteria, second floor, computer office room, just before stairs going up.
4 In the Abandoned Shack with the broken refrigerator, Mason Dixon Salvage sitting on the floor.
5 Another is in Germantown Police HQ, upper floor, on the conference room's table. Note: There is a mine right beyond the door in this room. If you set it off instead of disarming it the book can be sent flying off the table and be difficult to find.
6 Our Lady of Hope Hospital, in a room of the first floor guarded by a Centaur.
7 Our Lady of Hope Hospital, second floor, cantina (room with the gas leak), on a table.
8 Greener Pastures Disposal, Silo Door to Makeshift Shack in the northwest area.
9 At Hallowed Moors Cemetary, near Germantown, on the bookshelf.
10 Oasis cave. After you enter first door in the cave, it is up a path on the left in a crate.
11 Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal in the office on the top of a bookshelf.
12 In the Anchorage Memorial Facility bottom floor in the clinic on a table.
13 Nurse's Office on the first floor of Roosevelt Academy.
14 Benson House, Minefield. Can be found upstairs in the main bedroom on a desk.
15 One in Vernon Square East, in the crater with the crashed spaceship, take the sewer entrance. Kill the super mutants inside their small hideout and you're free to take it. Note: You'll need a large amount of RadAway and Rad-X, as this is possibly the second highest concentration of radiation in the game (40 rads/sec).
16 DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac in the room with Mirelurk King.
17 In a drainage tunnel southeast Relay Tower KX-B8-11.
18 Bomb Storage of Fort Constantine, on a table next to a Fatman where you find the T-51b Power Armor.
19 In the Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro in a bathroom on top of a first aid box mounted on the wall.
20 One can be found in Vault 92 in the Southern most room of the Living Quarters on a table next to a Laboratory terminal.
21 In Pinkerton's room in Rivet City Bow.
22 On a railing near a Talon Company sniper, on the upper level of the Hall of Columns area in the Capitol.
23 On a shelf in the kitchen of Museum of American History, Lower Halls.
24 Under a bucket next to where the Dean's Electronics book was found on Factory Floor Level in the Red Racer Factory.
25 North-northeast of MDPL-21 Power Station, at the very top of the map is an irradiated pool marked by toxic barrels with a shipping crate in the back. Swim through the crate and you'll find a small cave with the book on a desk.
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