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The staff would like to remind you, that baseball is for after school, and that any radio found on a student will be confiscated.PA system

D.B. Technical High School is a former Catholic high school within Boston in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located east of Diamond City and south of the Combat Zone.


There are three levels within the main section of the building with various raiders filling the halls and rooms. There are also a few traps such as bottlecap mines and machinegun turrets. Once through the main section and down to the basement level, there is quite a bit of notable loot here.

The raiders' boss, Bosco, in his terminal notes appears to be suffering from rabies contracted after being bitten by one of the raiders' attack dogs. The notes show his slipping into hydrophobia and his rampage in killing his crew for the slightest offenses. Bosco is wearing the mascot costume's headpiece.

Just to the east of the swimming pool room, there is a door to the generator room. This leads down to a small metro station initially filled with raiders. Once they are dealt with, the room loops around to another area with five to six bloodbugs. Depending on the player character's level, these may range from just hatchlings to red widow bloodbugs.

In the basement, there is a metallic door that connects to Medical Center metro. There is a barred room (one door is barred and the other is chained) on the first floor that can be accessed by falling through a hole in the floor on the second floor, in the southern section of the building. It is also possible to shoot the bar on the back of the barred door through an opening in the wall beside the chained door on the right as one enters from the front ground level. There is minor loot including an Advanced locked safe.

Notable loot

  • Mini nuke - On a bookshelf in the library, left of the book return terminal.
  • DB Tech varsity uniform - On top of some lockers on the top floor, central corridor, north of the hanging bodies, on the northeast side of the hall. There is a cat decoration on the wall nearby.
  • Fat Man - Laying on the floor in the northwest corner of the basement, by the raider boss Bosco's bed and terminal.
  • Unstoppables issue #2 - On the table by the Fat Man.
  • Mascot head - Found on Bosco in the school's basement level, this wearable bear head served as the mascot for the high school.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - Ten of them; six are downstairs: One is in a locker in the rubble-filled hallway, another is on a shelf in the library. Two are on tables in the cafeteria, two are on the floor of the cafeteria. Three upstairs, one on a table, another in a locker, and the third is on the floor near the skeleton that is draped over the top of a ladder. One down in the basement in the auto-shop area, set in the 'child seat' of a shopping cart.
  • Two Stealth Boys - One is tucked between two lockers near the same skeleton-on-a-ladder as the lunchbox above, the other is downstairs in a locker located in the hallway with large mounds of rubble on the floor.
  • There are four overdue books:
    • One on the ground floor between two damaged computers in the room with the overdue book return.
    • One on the second floor on a short bookshelf near a large portrait of water lilies in an area near a restroom above the cafeteria.
    • One in the chemistry lab on the second floor, on a long counter near a painting of a farm.
    • One on the second floor on a table lit by a nearby fire in a steel drum.
  • Another overdue book is located in a Pulowski Preservation shelter on the outside of the school. It is on the eastern side next to the basketball court.

Related quests


  • There is a respawning machinegun turret behind the school.
  • The beast that Bosco's terminal mentions ("I see it, hiding in the dark. Catch its one cold eye, watching. It just stares, lying. Waiting.") is just the school's bear mascot head. At some point, after killing several of his men while suffering from rabies delusions, Bosco dons the mask.
  • Bosco and all the raiders will respawn after some time; however, he doesn't respawn with another mascot head, making it unable to be re-obtained.
  • Preston Garvey will make a comment supporting the Bears.
  • There are three wooden blocks in the basement, that are arranged to spell out "FUN."
  • There are three wooden blocks on the top floor, that are positioned to spell "DIE."
  • There is a book return terminal on the first floor, in the room farthest to the southwest.


D.B. Technical High School appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

"D.B. Tech - Proud home of the Bears!"

D.B. Technical High School is based on Don Bosco Technical High School, which closed in Boston in 1998. Lead designer Emil Pagliarulo went to high school there,[1] the raider boss at the school is named Bosco and on the rear wall of the school there is a banner with the words "D.B. Tech - proud home of the bears!" Don Bosco Technical High School's real mascot and school colors are reflected on the banner but the bear picture is a partially re-used asset from Bethesda's earlier game, Skyrim. The bear symbol is identical to the Stormcloak faction but the swirl pattern from the cheek has been removed.


Icon pc.png Killing Bosco doesn't yield XP, despite the fact that he is a leveled opponent (player level x 1.2).[verified]


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