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Cyrus's concern is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape can be found at the Palace of the Winding Path, on an office desk in the basement.


Cyrus: Warm greetings, friend!

Simon Gladwell: Yeah, yeah, warm greetings, and wholeness, and all that... You, uh, wanted to see me?

Cyrus: Yes, indeed I did, Disciple Simon. I'm proud of everything you've accomplished here in such a short time, but I'm having concerns about our "new direction."

Simon Gladwell: You mean the uh, "Transitory Disciple Program?" What's the problem? Are the guests complaining?

Cyrus: Quite the opposite. By the time they depart, they appear blissful and enlightened. It's wonderful! No, it's a far more material issue, I'm afraid. The amount of money that you're spending to advertise the Palace has me concerned.

Simon Gladwell: Don't let those sorts of matters worry you, Cyrus. After all, that's why you appointed me as the Palace's business manager. You just go and get naked and run around lighting incense, painting watermelons, or whatever you need to do. Leave the rest to me.

Cyrus: Come now, Disciple Simon. You're beginning to sound similar to when you first arrived at our doorstep. Oh my, perhaps your balance has shifted. Did you wish to be anointed in oils for a cleansing?

Simon Gladwell: No, no. I'm fine, quite balanced. Everything is great. No more anointing please.

Cyrus: Very well. Perhaps I'm worrying needlessly. After all, it is you who has gifted us with this new direction and brought so many people here to achieve wholeness.

Simon Gladwell: Yeah, no sweat there Cyrus. Don't even worry about it. Anyway, uh, since I'm here, I need you to look at these plans for a ventilatio..., uh, I mean " for Spiritual Conduits," I want to have installed.