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You've made permanent enhancements to your body! The Cyborg perk instantly adds +10% to your Damage, Poison, and Radiation Resistances, and 10 points to the Energy Weapons skill.Fallout 3 in-game description

Cyborg is a perk in Fallout 3.


Taking the Cyborg perk will increase Damage, Poison, and Radiation Resistances by 10% as well as give a +10 boost to the Energy Weapons skill.


  • Of the perks that offer damage resistance, Cyborg gives the most to the player character. Compare the 10% resistance for damage, radiation, and poison to Toughness which adds only damage resistance, Rad Resistance which adds only radiation resistance, or Nerd Rage! and Lead Belly which are conditional.
  • No special appearance is gained upon taking this perk.
  • Pulse grenades and pulse mines still do the same amount of damage regardless of having this perk.
  • The image is similar to the Energy Weapons skill image, but with the left side of the Vault Boy being robotic. In addition, the gun is not being fired in the picture.

Behind the scenes

The Cyborg perk image is a nod to the Terminator movies.