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The Lieutenant with his bionic eye and cybernetic cerebral enhancements

A cybernetic organism, more commonly known as a cyborg is a biological organism, (human, ghoul, super mutant, dog etc.) whose physical or mental abilities are extended beyond normal limitations by either electronic, mechanical or robotic elements built into the body (i.e. implants).


The use of prosthetics and other implants was substantial before the Great War, with prosthetic organs[1] and more extensively with military and police equipment.[2] Pre-War prosthesis and implants were often more detrimental to those being implanted and doctors recommend their surgeries only for life-saving emergencies[3][4] (or sheer necessity)[5] and experimental life extension procedures left little to no autonomy to the end-users.[6] Advancements into organic preservation with bio med gel allowed for more radical full-body prosthesis being possible through brain extraction, though the brain extraction was largely designed for mass-produced Robobrains and cyberdogs, experiments from various scientific and medical facilities would be conducted on the use of human mind preservation with many producing results just prior to the Great War.[7] Prosthesis research would be continued post-War by more scientifically inclined factions such as the Institute, who would make considerable breakthroughs with life extension procedures and less invasive implants, many with combat applications.[8][9][10] While the use of prosthesis has waned because of insufficient surgical knowledge, those with a functional Auto-Doc can still run the operation procedure to perform implant surgery.[11]

While it is possible to replace a limb with a prosthetic, experiments into cloning were being done by Vault-Tec on completely regrowing a new limb negating the need for mechanical attachment surgery.[12][13][14]

Fallout series

  • Cyberdogs - dogs with at least a mechanical part and an organic part. Their physical and mental abilities have been modified robotically and cybernetically, creating a kind of canine-robot hybrid. Unique models include Gabe (enhanced with a huge intake of psycho) and K-9 (with enhancements to the brain and vocal organs). Known cyberdogs include Robodog (pet of Dr. Henry), Rex (pet of The King) and Roxie (temporary companion of the Courier).
  • Robobrains - robots that use the brains of criminals[15] or chimpanzees[16] suspended in bio med gel as their organic central processing unit.[17] CODE Conditioning Protocol procedure would be performed to flush the former sense of self from the extracted brains before implanting.[18][19] Unique models include Masterbrain (control Robobrain of the Vault-Tec Headquarters) and Skynet (advanced AI system). Other known Robobrains include Super-Ego (a powerful Robobrain in Big MT).


Fallout 2

  • Frank Horrigan - fused to a modified version of Enclave power armor specifically made to encapsulate Horrigan's bulk, Horrigan cannot separate from his power armor as it acts as life support keeping him alive by pumping him full of drugs.
  • Skynet - an advanced AI, when placed within a Robobrain. Especially if the Chosen One used the cybernetic brain that Skynet helped develop.
  • John Cassidy - Not necessarily a cyborg, as his implants appear to be simply metal. A metal plate was placed in Cassidy's head as well as a fake eye. He mentions both of these modifications in combat dialogue should he be hit in those locations.[20]
  • The Chosen One - Should they acquire an implant from a doctor in Redding, San Francisco or Vault City. See Gain combat implants for more details.

Fallout 3

Fallout: New Vegas

  • Robert House - kept alive for over two hundred years via a hermetically sealed life support chamber, House controls the computers and PDQ-88b Securitrons through his "command helmet" which is bolted into his skull that directly interfaces with his brain through a cerebral interface.[21][22][23] That is only the surface of House's modifications, as he also has a stomach pump and artificial heart installed to prolong his life and deliver nutrients directly to the body. Another tube is also present around his crotch called the "penis tube."[24]
  • Dead Money Christine Royce - forcefully implanted at the Big MT Research and Development Center, Christine has had several cybernetic modifications implanted to her brain increasing her intellect and processing capabilities and allowing her to do complicated equations and math relatively easily. However, complications during surgery have affected parts of her brain, such as the Broca's area and primary visual cortex, possibly giving her Broca's aphasia as she is unable to comprehend reading or writing and is completely unable to write a simple sentence.
  • Old World Blues (add-on) Think tank - a special type of brain bot and the invention of the Big MT company. A Think Tank consists of hovering, robotic spheres housing a human brain suspended in bio med gel with three monitors coming down from the main body, two monitors depict eyes (that also function as optic sensors) and one below that displays a mouth. There are only six Think Tanks in the world, and those include, Doctors Borous, Dala, Klein, Mobius, 0 and 8.
  • Old World Blues (add-on) Courier - forcefully turned into a cyborg after their visit to Big MT. The brain, heart and spine have been removed and replaced by high-tech artificial mock-ups of the organs adding durability to the Courier. Because of the implants essentially turning the Courier into a lobotomite, the Courier is also under the influence of the Pacification field of Big MT.
  • Old World Blues (add-on) Lobotomites - Humans captured by the Big MT and surgically altered with "enhancements" such as the complete removal of the brain replaced with artificial components, like Tesla coils. This has removed any semblance of the person they were before and left them with only the most base instincts and motor functions. Notably, aggression and the sex drive are extremely heightened.

Fallout 4

  • Conrad Kellogg - a century-old mercenary who works for the Institute had undergone several cybernetic procedures to extend his life, enhance his brain and limbs with a brain augmenter and a limb actuator, as well as a cybernetic pain inhibitor. This is just the surface of Kellog's implants, however. Further updates would include synthetic eyes[25]
  • Far Harbor (add-on) Vault 118 dwellers - inhabited by custom-built Robobrains that have retained their original personalities. These Robobrains are almost entirely made up of self-centered celebrities and wealthy billionaires from before the Great War, however, because of the imperfect nature of extracting a human brain from a body and keeping it in a robot frame has made their personalities become evermore skewed and exaggerated. This includes Santiago Avida, Gilda Broscoe, Keith McKinney, Ezra Parker, Bert Riggs and Julianna Riggs.[26][27]
  • Nuka-World (add-on) John-Caleb Bradberton - once the powerful founder and CEO of Nuka-Cola Corporation, he is now nothing but a cryonically-preserved head kept alive by machines created for the LEAP-X Program. The procedure to keep Bradberton preserved like this has left him with no autonomy and only the ability to talk and operate doors in his personal holding vault. Bradberton views himself as a monster now trapped in a living hell of his own making.[28][29]

Fallout 76

Fallout Tactics

Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and is not canon.
  • B1000 - a unique cybernetic brahmin covered with living brahmin tissue over a metal T-bone.
  • Calculator - the controller and Overseer of Vault 0, composed of several human brains.
  • Dos - a Brotherhood Knight and a potential recruit having a mechanically improved vision and cybernetic implants in his hands. He is always looking for new ways to tweak his body.
  • Reavers - the Reavers make heavy use of cybernetics enhancements and surgical augmentations, often use for their body, mostly scanning sensors that allow at least to sweep an area of twenty feet, detecting even a person who is sneaking. They are also known to use enhanced eyesight, hand surgical implants, central processors and valve-tube augmentation.
  • Simon Barnaky - After being kidnapped by the Calculator, Simon Barnaky became a unique humanoid brain bot. It consists of a large humanoid robotic suit equipped with a cannon on its left arm that a combination of a .50 machine gun and a missile launcher as well as a large claw on its right arm for close combat housing a human brain connected to a robotic program.
Mini-FOT Logo.pngEnd of information based on Fallout Tactics.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

FOBoSLogo.pngThe following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and is not canon.
  • Attis - possesses a mechanical eye instead of his right eye.
  • Psycho ghouls - the high members of the Church of the Lost all have an electronic targeting eye in place of their right eye.
FOBoSLogo.pngEnd of information based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


In Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, the player character can make themselves a cyborg by buying implants from Dr. Lorri in Fallout, from various doctors in Fallout 2 or Dr. Usanagi in Fallout: New Vegas. Also, in Fallout 3, the Lone Wanderer can become one with a unique perk. In Van Buren, the player character would have been able to obtain the NEMEAN and PHOENIX implants.


Cyborgs appear in every Fallout game and most of their add-ons.


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    The Chosen One: "{349}{}{I'm willing to risk it. Can you do it anyway?}"
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    Sierra Petrovita: "You can't kill him! He's a great man! He invented Nuka-Cola, the best thing in the world!"
    John-Caleb Bradberton: "Young lady, you don't know what a torment it is, being trapped here alone and staring at the same wall, decade after decade. Now please shut up while I talk to your more rational friend here I realize that what I'm asking isn't easy, but there's something in it for you.}} When the power is cut, the door to the prototype storage room will open automatically. Take anything you want. I don't care anymore. Just... please... set me free at last. I can't bear this loneliness any longer. Sierra: Wait, wait, wait! I have an idea!"
    Sierra Petrovita: "Wait, wait, wait! I have an idea! Mister Bradberton wants to die because he's lonely, right? Well, maybe I could stay with him. You know, keep him company, give him someone to talk to. He's like a hero to me."
    (John-Caleb Bradberton and Sierra Petrovita's dialogue)
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