The cybernetic brain augmenter is a quest item in Fallout 4. It is an advanced cybernetic device created by the Institute for Conrad Kellogg.


The cybernetic enhancement implant is embedded into Kellogg's hippocampus, therefore making it possible to access his life memories. It is assumed that the implant was surgically installed by the Institute. It is required to complete the Dangerous Minds quest. After killing Kellogg, the Sole Survivor removes the implant from Kellogg's corpse. Later on, they take the device to the Memory Den, determined to find the location of the Institute. Amari and Nick Valentine assist the Survivor in setting up the device to allow them to access Kellogg's memories, with the device being installed in Nick's brain. When the memories are accessed within one of the Den's memory loungers, the Sole Survivor is able to "walk through" several events in Kellogg's life. These include his early childhood, marriage to his wife, his wife and daughter's murder, several mercenary jobs and his dealings with the Institute, and his murder of the Survivor's spouse and kidnapping of Shaun. Eventually, the Survivor learns that the Institute uses teleportation to transport themselves in and out of their complex. The Survivor exits out of the memory lounger, and the device is removed from Nick's brain. Upon talking to Nick, Kellogg speaks from him to the Survivor, before turning back into Nick. Nick states that the procedure may have left some of the device's memories in him, but assures the Survivor that there is no issue.


It is found on Kellogg's body after killing him in the Fort Hagen Command Center.

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  • Dangerous Minds - The augmenter is used by the Sole Survivor in order to find the location of the Institute. While travelling through Kellogg's memories, they discover that the Institute uses teleportation to transport themselves in and out of their underground complex.


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