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Cyberdogs, also called cyberhounds, are mechanically enhanced dogs found in the wasteland.


Technologically advanced organizations such as the pre-War United States government, the Enclave and Big MT developed the creatures. Big MT created weapons like the K9000 cyberdog gun which used a dog’s brain as its central processor and could sniff out and lock onto targets.[1][2] Denver in particular had a large supply of cyber police dogs, and they still roam the streets.[3]


Cyberdogs are also called "K-9 units." They are not affected by pulse weapons. Their brains are subject to neural degeneration, but can be swapped out. If cyberdogs die, it is possible for them to be reconstructed or fixed, as seen in one of Roxie's endings.[4] Cyberdog models include Mk. II and III, differing in appearance. Unique models include K-9 and Gabe.[5] K-9 was created by the Dr. Schreber in the Enclave outpost of Navarro and based on the "Cyberhound Mk II personal security model."[6]



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Robodog is a cyberdog, more specifically "Cyber-Hound Mk II personal security model." Dr. Henry brought it from the Enclave Oil Rig and settled down in the NCR.[6][7]


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The military cyberdog has a sonic bark used as a weapon, and has a chance to knock down the player character with its melee attack. They also appear to have the ability to repair themselves.


Gameplay article: Old World Blues

A slightly weaker variety of the military cyberdog. They can be distinguished from military cyberdogs by their black and white paint, as well as the red and blue reflective patches on their backs.

Named cyberdogs


In the quest Nothin' But a Hound Dog, the Courier must locate a replacement for the deteriorating brain installed in the cyberdog Rex.


Cyberdogs appear in Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas and the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.



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