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The Custom House Tower is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The layout is that of a single room filled with large amounts of gore and skeletons, as well as a number of Halloween decorations, including pumpkins and "Happy Halloween" bunting. There are no usable doors apart from the entrance. Behind the building are the unique wooden, vine-covered arches of Christopher Columbus Park.

Notable loot

  • Captain Ironsides' hat can be found outside of the building by having Dogmeat search for items. Dogmeat will dig it up from a rubble pile in the southwest corner of the courtyard. This is due to him accessing random hats from an invisible source in the rubble pile outside of mannequin display windows, as using console command tcl to clip through the ground reveals no hidden items.
  • A full suit of leveled power armor can be found in a nearby building called 35 Court. The building can be found west of this area. Once you enter the building, use the elevator to get to the top and head outside, where you'll be attacked by an assaultron and a sentry bot. After you defeat them, go into the previously hidden rooms from which they came and press the red buttons on the back walls in each room. This will open the glass cell with the armor inside.

Related quests


  • After entering and leaving, a band of raiders may spawn in front of the building.
  • There are super mutants just outside, and will attack the raiders that may spawn outside.
  • The door leading into the building appears to be made out of solid bricks, however, when activated, a doorknob can be seen clipping through the bricks. If the player character walks up to the bricks, they can clip through them and see a white wooden door on the other side. The bricks seem to lack collision geometry.
  • Part of the tower has no collision geometry and can be traveled through if a jetpack is used.
  • If one uses a Vertibird to get to the tower, it sets down right next to Swan's Pond.
  • The stairs in front of the entrance seem to be too steep to walk up and need to be jumped on.


The Custom House Tower appears only in Fallout 4. A depiction of the Custom House Tower appears in the Atomic Command holotape game in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The building is based on the real-world Custom House Tower, located in Boston, Massachusetts. They are located in approximately the same area, and share many architectural features.