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The curved blade is a blade weapon mod for the Ripper in Fallout 4.


The curved blade modification improves the damage of the Ripper, as well as giving it a small chance to disarm an enemy. It is the only modification for the Ripper that does not require any ranks of Blacksmith to install; the alternative, the extended blade, requires rank 3 of Blacksmith to install. Despite the higher requirements for the extended blade, the curved blade is still a viable option for the Ripper, as the damage difference between the mods is negligible, and the curved blade only increases the weight of the Ripper by one pound, whereas the extended blade increases the weight by three pounds. Additionally, the only notable difference is that the curved blade can allow the player to disarm enemies, severely weakening them and allowing them to be open to further attacks, whereas the extended blade allows the player to inflict bleeding damage on the enemy.


Gears (5)
Oil (4)
Screw (5)
Steel (10)
Icon range
Icon level
Curved blade (1)
Weapon Adhesive Gears Oil Screw Steel
Ripper 6 5 4 5 10


  • There is no set location to find a curved Ripper, though they may be sold from time to time by vendors, or rarely found on Gunners.
  • With the correct materials, the curved Ripper can be crafted at a weapons workbench.
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