Curtis Marsh (born June 14, 2052)[1] was a student at Massachusetts Bay University in 2077.[2]


Curtis was an enrolled graduate degree student at Massachusetts Bay University for the 2077-2078 scholastic year, where he had a 3.8 grade point average.[1] Curtis and Leslie Mathews were the two students who assisted Professor Stuart Campbell in his energy research. Although originally working under his strict supervision, Campbell eventually gave them unrestricted access to the laboratory to compensate for the dean's interference.[3] Their work focused on plasmon containment and increasing energy efficiency in nuclear reactors,[4] and they eventually achieved a breakthrough in October, focusing the electron beam down to around 200 nanometers, achieving improved efficiency and grouping. Although the result was ill-suited for reactor containment, it did promise improved energy consumption for industrial applications and weapons.[5]

However, their research would have no effect on the war effort. On October 23, as Mathews and Marsh were presenting their findings to Sergeant Rivera, the team's point of contact, the nuclear attack on the United States began. The sergeant left the laboratory to investigate, asking the young researchers to stay behind until it was safe. He did not return, and Campbell, originally scheduled to arrive around noon, never reached the laboratory. The two researchers stayed underground for the next several weeks, ignoring the explosions continuing above ground.[6] To pass the time and preserve their sanity, they focused on their research, tightening the electron beam on the laser using modified parabolic reflectors. The stocks of food and water kept on site by Campbell helped, allowing them to survive for weeks.[7] Finally, several weeks after the Great War, the two managed to tighten the wavelength down to around 75 nanometers and achieve an impressive capture rate and tremendous power capacity for each of their prototypes. At that point, however, they were already out of food and almost out of water, forcing the researchers to abandon the lab, after exchanging marriage vows. They left their creation (prototype UP77 "Limitless Potential") behind in the safe.[8]


Curtis Marsh is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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