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Help! Or mayday! Or whatever it is one says on a radio. My name is Rex Goodman. I'm being held prisoner on the top of Trinity Tower. I think the super mutants plan on eating me soon. I'm setting this to repeat. Oh, shit! Gotta sign off, one of the super mutants is coming!Rex Goodman, calling for help via Trinity Tower Radio

Curtain Call is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Side quest: Curtain Call
Investigate the radio broadcast called Trinity Tower Radio
just north-east of Diamond City, near the Boston Public Library.
Find the broadcast at Trinity Tower.
Fight your way to the top of Trinity Tower.
Free Rex Goodman and Strong.
Take the side elevators down the building to complete the quest.
Reward: 200+ XP
Strong as a companion
Reginald's suit (male) or Agatha's dress (female)

Detailed walkthrough

When the Sole Survivor gets close to Trinity Tower (the tallest building in Boston), they will receive a distress call on their Pip-Boy radio from Rex Goodman, who is trapped on the top of Trinity Tower. Upon listening to the broadcast, they will receive the quest Curtain Call.

Upon entering Trinity Tower, one will be attacked by super mutants and mutant hounds. Over the loudspeaker, the player character will hear Fist taunt them. Continue up the stairs to the elevator and enter to go up the tower.

Once the Sole Survivor heads up the elevator there will be more super mutants in the area as well as mutant hounds. Go up the stairs to be taunted by Fist again. Once they progress up another level they will be confronted by more super mutants. On that level is the next elevator up. There is an elevator shaft that the Sole Survivor can fall down that will bring them down four levels into a room that has a safe with an Advanced lock. This room can also be accessed by going down a level after one exits the first elevator.

Having taken the second elevator up, the Sole Survivor is almost at the top of the tower. Once again one will face more super mutants, however, there will be significantly more on the top. Once the player character gets to the top of the tower they will meet Fist, who will carry a minigun. In the cage at the top Strong and Rex Goodman can be found. They will be locked behind a Master locked door, however the key is in the steamer trunk next to the weapons workbench nearby. The Melee bobblehead can be found in the cage where Strong and Rex Goodman are held.

After freeing the two, one can enter the construction elevator on the side of the building and progress down a few levels. While doing so, mutants will fire at the Sole Survivor and the elevator will stop. Super mutants can throw grenades onto the elevator as well.

Once the elevator stops and opens the platform to exit, one can fight their way down a level onto the next and final elevator. Once the elevator stops, progressing to the bottom floor and exiting the building will allow one to speak with Rex Goodman. He will reward the Sole Survivor with either Agatha's dress or Reginald's suit and Strong becomes available as a new companion.


Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Investigate radio broadcastI heard a radio broadcast by a man named Rex. He was begging to be rescued from super mutants who have taken him captive in Trinity Tower.
200 Unlock cageI've rescued Rex from the super mutants holding him captive on the top of Trinity Tower. More are coming to kill us, and the only way down is on the outside of the tower.
400 Follow Strong
410 Get Rex to Safety
950Quest failedQuest failed - Rex died
1000 Talk to Rex GoodmanI've rescued Rex from the super mutants holding him captive on the top of Trinity Tower.
1100Quest finishedQuest complete


  • The quest can also be started by entering WRVR broadcast station. Rex's plea for help is looping on a radio frequency within.
  • The Sole Survivor can also talk to Rex's colleagues at the station mid-quest for additional dialogue about his situation.
  • Beginning the quest from the roof of Trinity Tower (via vertibird) and freeing Rex and Strong will not trigger any quest completion messages, until they reach the first floor. The lift will stop occasionally if hostiles are detected on the floor it is passing.
  • Strong and Rex may not be able to be interacted with while making their way down the building if starting from the top.


  • PCPC When taking the side elevator down the building, the Sole Survivor's companion will often fall off the building or glitch. However, they should re-spawn as one leaves the elevator.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Rex will get stuck in the building, or even the window washer lift after releasing him, and when you go up to save him he often won't come down. To fix this, active or strike him in some way until he runs to the exit of the building.[verified]
  • PCPC After retrieving the key from the chest, it does not open the metal door that Rex and Strong are behind. The character can walk straight through the metal door, but cannot open it. Strong and Rex are stuck inside.[verified]