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Curse of the Wendigo - Part 1 is a holotape in Fallout 76 and is part of the Tales from the West Virginia Hills series of holotapes.


  • On the front desk in the entrance building of the Uncanny Caverns.
  • One copy accompanies the corresponding issue of Tales from the West Virginia Hills, along with one copy of part 2. Issues of the magazine are randomly found throughout Appalachia, including a selection of potential spawn points.


Narrator: Welcome back, dear listeners. It's time again to put aside all you think you know, all you believe to be true. Time to open your mind to the strange, bizarre, and sometimes terrifying world that exists in the shadows and fringes of our own. When myth, legend and rumour are made real. Yes. it's time for more thrilling Tales from the West Virginia Hills.

It has been said that money is the root of all evil. So, when greed knows no bounds, and avarice goes unchecked, what other appetites might take hold? Tonight's gripping tale, Curse of the Wendigo chews over this very question.

We begin at the Corvega assembly plant in Huntersville, West Virginia, where plantowner and operator Richard Moore is known for squeezing every ounce of profitability out of his workforce.


Richard Moore: Mmm, excellent! Dick, mind if I have a word?

Dick: Sure, Bill, come right in.

Richard: These productivity reports exceeded my projections. Get ready for another juicy holiday bonus.

Dick: Sounds swell boss, but I was walking the floor, and noticed the plutonium containment levels are all looking a bit high.

Richard: I ordered that line to be sped up 20%. I think the tolerances can handle it.

Dick: Well, I understand to be more efficient, but if those plutonium cells don't cool properly...

Richard: Calm now. With great risk comes great rewards, eh?

Dick: Still, that's still a lot of risk you're taking with safety of the crew.

Richard: Ho ho, they'll be thanking me come bonus time. After all, money puts food on the table.

<Siren> <Warning: Containment meltdown>

Workman 1: The containment is rupturing! We need to get clear. Come on, let's go!

Workman 2: What about the men on the line?

Workman 1: Nothing we can do for these poor saps now. Just hope you and I can make it!

<Screams> <Frightening music>

Mrs. Moore: Darling, we're home. Are you up?

Godrich: Welcome back, ma'am. Happy to report your husband is on the mend. Radiation levels are decreasing just as the doctor predicted.

Mrs. Moore: Splendid. Thank you, Godrich.

Jimmy: Godrich, look at my new cap gun. Isn't it swell?

Godrich: A marvel to behold, master Jim. By the way, ma'am, I do say mister Richard certainly seems to have his appetite back. He's eaten twice again since lunch, and still appears hungry. A very good sign of recovery indeed.

Mrs. Moore: Yes, I suppose that's good news.

Richard: That you dear? Say, did you buy more steaks?

Godrich: As I was saying, ma'am, he's eaten up every last steak, meatball and banger, I'm afraid.

Mrs. Moore: Oh my. Sorry darling, I'll go to the butcher tomorrow.

Richard: Oww, oww.

Mrs. Moore: Insistent, isn't he?

Godrich: Yes, ma'am... quite.

Narrator: Unfortunately, for the Moore family, all is not as it seems with their recovering patriarch. Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion of Curse of the Wendigo.