For the Miss Nanny robot companion from Fallout 4, see Curie.

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Thank you for choosing wisdom over violence.

Mother Curie III is the leader of a small cult living in the Holy Light Monastery in Springvale in 2277.


Curie was a former Child of Atom and Megaton local who took Megaton's entire Aqua Pura shipment and began irradiating it and distributing it as "holy water" to fulfill her perceived religious calling to spread radiation. In the basement of her newly adopted home, she preaches to a pair of ghouls, and in the lower part of the basement, she stores vast amounts of Aqua Pura along with a pair of tame feral ghouls: a feral ghoul reaver named Atom's Champion and a glowing one named Sun of Atom.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Holy Water: The Lone Wanderer has the choice of persuading Curie to stop distributing the holy water to others, or stopping her by killing her and her followers.

Effects of player's actions

  • Mother Curie III appears as a hostile feral ghoul reaver if Megaton is blown up after starting the Holy Water quest.
  • Although armed with a weapon, Mother Curie III is an extremely peaceful character and does not become hostile if one kills Brother Gerard in order to enter the Monastery, or even if they flat out tell her that they're going to wipe out her cult. If threatened, she simply states that she expected some form of religious persecution and that she refuses to respond to violence with violence. If the Lone Wanderer initiates combat against the Holy Light cult, Curie will simply cower and flee. Her feral ghoul reaver and glowing one followers, however, are not so forgiving and will attack.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Wastelander outfit Low tier weapon

Notable quotes

  • "Why... you ARE the Prophet of Atom! I didn't recognize you until now... Your eyes are aglow, your very skin radiates with Atom's Heat! I didn't realize... My Lord, now that you have revealed yourself to me, I do... I see the errors of my ways. Forgive me, for I knew not what I was doing... we will spread your word without the use of the holy water... we will return the Aqua Pura to Megaton. It shall be a test: the worthy will seek us out, and finding us they will find the Message of Atom, drinking the Waters of Light in their souls. Yes! I leave you now, Lord. I can not bear to look upon your shining face any longer."
  • "Why, to offer Enlightenment to all those who suffer, of course. No more, no less. Atom came to me with a vision: the starving, the ill, the weak, all being made whole and well by receiving the sacrament of Atom's Glow. And so, with our holy water, we can make this vision a reality. When exposed to Atom's supreme Glow, the ill are reborn in his glowing visage. Those reborn never hunger, never suffer, and never age. All our Enlightened brethren need is to know Atom's Glow, and they are happy."
  • "Thank you for choosing wisdom over violence."


Mother Curie III appears only in the Broken Steel add-on for Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Mother Curie III's name is a reference to Dr. Marie Curie, the discoverer of radiation and two radioactive elements, who eventually died of radiation poisoning.

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