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{{Infobox weapon creation
{{Infobox weapon creation
|games =FO76
|games =FO76
|image =CultBlade76.png
|image =FO76 Cultist blade.png
|type =[[Fallout 76 weapons#Melee|Melee]] one-handed
|type =[[Fallout 76 weapons#Melee|Melee]] one-handed
|base type =
|base type =

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The cultist blade is a weapon in Fallout 76.


An improvised weapon made from an antler piece combined with a piece of metal crudely formed into a serrated blade.

A decent weapon with enough damage early on and requiring level 10 to use, but the lack of mods limit its longevity.


Bone (2)
Steel (1)
Icon range
Icon level
Cultist blade (1)

Repairing this weapon requires black titanium scrap.



  • They can often be found on the corpses of higher-leveled Scorched.
  • Two on a podium at the end of Lucky Hole mine.

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